Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area


Besides the red and cream-colored sandstone cliffs and fossilized dunes that make Red Rock Canyon NCA a beautiful masterpiece, the unlimited chance to experience the natural wonders of the Mohave Desert is why this BLM land has to be your next vacation destination. This Bureau of Land Management property lies west of Las Vegas, Nevada, just thirty minutes away, and is easily accessible by motorized and recreational vehicles.
There are so many ways to stay active at Red Rock Canyon NCA so that campers and visitors never run out of things to do. You can choose to clamber across the dunes, find your way through the spaces between the rocks, climb the rock walls, or stroll along the park’s roads. If your interest is horseback riding, you’ll find your place within the park. Hikers, mountain bikers, hunters, and picnickers also have the chance to pursue their varied interests within this BLM park’s areas. Events such as weddings are also popular in the park. What’s more, the fun doesn’t stop in the park as Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, and Lake Mead National Recreation Area are nearby attractions for adventurers to visit.
Designated as the first National Conservation Area in Nevada, this BLM park offers dry camping, tent camping, and RV camping options for vacationers.

RV Rentals in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area



Located 17 few miles west of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a thirty-minute drive away and easily accessible by recreational vehicles, trailers, as well as other motorized vehicles. US Highway 159 is the major route that leads to this BLM land, while other paved and unpaved roads also lead to the park’s areas.

Within this BLM property, there are several paved roads that lead to various places of interest, including the BLM campground. As a result of the ease of navigation on the park’s roads, various vehicles are accommodated and guests are not limited to the use of high clearance four-wheel-drive vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and off-highway vehicles. If you’d like to visit certain parts of the park, like the mountain peaks, bikes and vehicles that can handle the rough terrain will be needed.

There are plenty of parking spaces available within the park at the Visitor Center, campground and other designated areas.

No direct public transportation services are available at this park; however, it is possible to get tour buses and commercial tours to the park.

RV rentals are available at Las Vegas.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Campsites in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Reservations camping

Red Rock Canyon Campground

Located two miles east of the visitor center, Red Rock Canyon Campground is a pet-friendly campground open between September and June and available by reservation. Peak seasons are between October and November as well as March to April.

There are 53 campsites that can accommodate RVs and tents within the campground. 14 of these campsites are tent-only. Group camping options are also available within the campground. There are no hookups for RVs and trailers. However, amenities such as vault toilets, potable water, picnic tables, fire rings, and grills are available.

This BLM campground can accommodate RVs and trailers up to 45 feet in length. The speed limit within the campground is 5 mph. Quiet hours are from 10 pm - 6 am during which time generators, radios, music players are not allowed.

Seasonal activities in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area


Visitor Center

Your first stop on your visit to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area has to be the Visitor Center. Not only is it the perfect place where you’ll get tips on how best to make your visit memorable, but it’s also where you will learn about the Mohave Desert, Red Rock, and pick up souvenirs for your adventure.

Innovative interpretive exhibits are presented just outside the Visitor Center in four elements – earth, air, fire, and water, each of which tells a story about the park.


Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area features numerous trails that present campers and visitors with extraordinary hiking experiences. These trails are designated and cover the majority of the park, thereby offering hiking enthusiasts the unique opportunity of exploring the park’s full extent.

These trails vary in length and difficulty, so you are required to exercise caution while strolling along the trails to avoid injuries. It’s best to stay on the designated trails so you don’t get lost.

Scenic Drive

The 13-mile Scenic Drive at Red Rock Canyon NCA is one of the most attractive features of the park. This scenic drive that doubles as a backcountry byway takes campers and visitors through arid desert landscapes, beautiful sandstone and limestone cliffs up to 7,000 feet high, as well as red and buff-colored rock formations.

Cyclists, hikers, joggers, and photographers have as much fun on this scenic drive as do visitors in their motorized vehicles. Traffic is one-way, and the road is paved. Parking lots are available along the route.


Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is an old activity in the Red Rock Canyon area. Once the main means of transportation in the area, this activity is now a wonderful way to enjoy and explore the various wilderness areas within the park and get a taste of how the pioneers lived life in the past. There are designated equestrian trails within this BLM land in Nevada, accessible from four trailheads.
It is interesting to note that not bringing your horse with you to the park need not stop you from partaking in the fun, because guided equestrian tours are available. In addition, riders of all skill levels are welcome.


Road biking and mountain biking opportunities are available at Red Rock Canyon NCA. Road bicycles are allowed on all the paved and unpaved roads in the park and present camp explorers with unique adventures through the park’s areas.
Biking on Highway 159 and the Scenic Drive is undoubtedly a must-do if you came along with your bicycle. Mountain biker riders also have their designated trails within the park, all accessible from two main trailheads and the dedicated parking areas for mountain bike riders.


At Red Rock Canyon NCA, there are four picnic areas where campers and visitors enjoy meals alone or with family and friends - Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center Picnic Area, Willow Springs Picnic Area, Red Rock Scenic Overlook Picnic Area, and Red Spring Picnic Area.
These picnic areas present picnickers with scenic views of the park and have access to some of the easy trails in the area so that guests can take strolls after enjoying their meals. The picnic areas are equipped with facilities and amenities such as grills, picnic tables, trash receptacles, and toilets.