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Beautiful Ricker Pond State Park is located within the limits of Groton State Forest, and it is one of several parks in the area. By coming to one, you'll have access to all of the parks in the area, so you're sure to find plenty of things to keep you occupied. Ricker Pond State Park is located on the shores of Ricker Pond.

Ricker Pond State Park has plenty of activities available. Why not check out the water? There's boating and fishing to be had, and you can also go swimming. If you're new to fishing, the park participates in the Reel Fun program, where park employees teach you how to fish and provide the equipment you need, if you don't already have you own. After you've cooled off on the water, take a bike ride or trek on the numerous trails around the park. There are nature activities within the nature center that you can partake of, as well.

Ricker Pond State Park offers multiple camping sites. There are cabins and cottages for rent, as well as 26 tent and RV sites for you bringing your RV to. There are also 23 lean-to sites. None of the sites have hookups, although there are restrooms and coin-operated showers that campers can use.

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Ricker Pond State Park is located in Groton, Vermont. You can access the park by driving two miles west from the city of Groton on US 302. You'll then travel three miles on VT 232 going northwest. You'll then reach the park at Ricker Pond Campground Road. Once you get to the state park, you'll want to check in and find out where your campsite is. This is especially important because there are multiple camping loops. Most of the sites have a view of Ricker Pond, but some are more idyllic than others.

You'll want to choose your campsite carefully. While the campground lists that 26 sites are for tents and RVs, several of these sites are tent-only or will only fit a camping trailer rather than a full RV. You'll want to make careful note of which holds which when you're making your reservations.

When you are at Ricker Pond State Park, you can bring your boat with you to launch into the pond. If you don't have a boat or didn't bring yours with you, don't worry - you can rent boats from the park for use in the pond, including canoes and kayaks.


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When you come to camp at Ricker Pond State Park, you'll have the choice from a variety of options. There are two cottages and five cabins that you can rent if you want a less "outdoorsy" experience, and these come with access to canoes. There are also 26 tent and RV sites, as well as 23 lean-to sites, that are located within several camping loops around Ricker Pond. The sites lack hookups, so you will have to be prepared for rustic camping.

There are three campground restrooms at the campground. Two of these have coin-operated showers that you can utilize after spending a day exploring Groton State Forest. There is also a dump station located on site that you can use when camping with an RV. While camping, you'll have access to go swimming. You will also have access to the boat launch for boating purposes, so bring your kayak or canoe.

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Make sure you bring your swimsuits with you when you come visiting in your camping trailer at Ricker Pond State Park. The park features a designated swimming area, which has with it a small, sandy beach. You will want to make sure to stick within the designated swimming area, as there is also boating on the pond. Pets are not allowed at the beach, so you'll want to make sure they stay at your campsite.


When you come camping at Ricker Pond State Park, make sure you bring your fishing gear with you within your RV. You'll have the opportunity to fish for a variety of species, including perch, bullhead, and pickerel. The park also participates in the Reel Fun program, which helps introduce fishing to people who are unfamiliar with the sport. You can even borrow the equipment you need while you're learning to fish, such as a rod and tackle.


If you have a boat, such as a canoe or kayak, make sure to bring it with you when you come camping in your RV at Ricker Pond State Park. You can utilize the park's boat launch while you're there. If you don't have a boat or didn't have room to bring it with your rig, you can rent boats from the park. They have canoes, kayaks, and a row boat for rent that you can check out and take on the pond to enjoy a bit of rowing.



When you camp with your rig or tent at Ricker Pond State Park, you'll have access to all of the trails within Groton State Forest to go hiking. There are over 17 miles of trails that range in difficulty for you to enjoy. These range from the Devil's Hill Trail that is considered an easy hike to the more difficult Big Deer Mt. Trail. You can enjoy native flora and fauna while you explore the area on foot.


Make sure you bring your bike in your RV when you come to Ricker Pond State Park. You will be able to enjoy a variety of trails that will take you throughout areas of Groton State Forest, the second largest land holding in Vermont. You will find that there are miles of multi-use trails that you can explore by bike when you're in the state park. However, you can't ride on the foot trails with your bike; they are for foot traffic only.

Nature Activities

While you are camping with your RV at Ricker Pond State Park, you can enjoy the activities that take place at the Groton Nature Center, which serves all of the Groton State Forest. Educational and entertaining activities take place here. You'll want to check out what events are occurring while you're there as there are at least four per week, which include lectures and demonstrations, as well as concerts.