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Rochon Sands Provincial Park


Ready for your next RV adventure? Plan a stay at Alberta's Rochon Sands Provincial Park. It's a great place for a relaxing getaway.

Situated near to the town of Stettler, Rochon Sands Provincial Park is nestled within a rural section of Alberta, in the heart of the Canadian Prairies. The park sits on the shores of Buffalo Lake and is centrally located within the province. The village of Rochon Sands is just a short drive away, making it easily accessible to families seeking to pick up some groceries, enjoy a game of tennis, or snack on some treats from the drive-up grill.

Rochon Sands Provincial Park was originally a colony where Blackfoot Indians suffering from scarlet fever made their encampment. In 1858, Father Lacombe, a young missionary, travelled for two full days in extremely cold weather conditions to reach the area to assist with the recovery of the Indians dwelling there. After 20 days of caring for the people he came to serve, Father Lacombe became very ill himself. In time, he made a full return to wellness and later became a central figure in the history of the province of Alberta.

This park and camping facility is quite rustic in nature but is full of charm with its abundance of heavy marsh, sand and pebble beach, and rich forest. Outdoor activities are plentiful at Rochon Sands Provincial Park. Families may choose from such popular activities as swimming, canoeing, sailing,. wildlife viewing, birdwatching, geocaching, and waterskiing. Buffalo Lake is also an excellent spot for doing some fishing.

If you've been looking for a relaxing spot for your next RV vacation, you won't want to miss out on a trip to Rochon Sands Provincial Park. The camping is divine!

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The trip to Rochon Sands Provincial Park from Stettler, AB, covers 29 km (or 18 miles). To begin the route, make a right hand turn onto AB-12 W. At the exit for AB-835 N, turn right. Continue from this stretch of highway onto Sands Street. Continue along to the left and note that this road becomes Ritter Avenue. At the sign for Rose Street, make a right hand turn. Take a left onto Lakeside Boulevard, and you will spot the park just ahead. The journey to the park from Stettler travels along well-maintained roads that consist of two lanes. Construction does occur during the summer months, so be prepared to experience delays occasionally. Traffic generally moves along uninterrupted and at a moderate and consistent pace.

Travelling to Rochon Sands Provincial Park from Red Deer, AB, consists of a drive of 80 km (50 miles.) Follow AB-11 E to AB-601 N in Lacombe County. Continue along this highway until you reach the exit for Lakeside Boulevard in the village of Rochon Sands. The park can be found just up this road. The roads along this route are comprised of two lanes and are kept in good condition. Road construction is infrequent. Traffic moves at an excellent pace.


Parking can be found in the lot at the entrance to Rochon Sands Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Rochon Sands Provincial Park due to its remote location.

Campgrounds and parking in Rochon Sands Provincial Park

Campsites in Rochon Sands Provincial Park

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Rochon Sands Campground

Rochon Sands Campground offers rustic camping from May 13th through October 15th yearly by reservation. There are a total of 69 unserviced campsites suitable for RV use and 5 for walk-in tenting. At the time of reservation, you will need to supply the total length of your RV to ensure an adequately sized space is available for you.

Generator use is permitted on the grounds. Dogs are welcome to join their families but must remain leashed.

A more primitive camping facility, Rochon Sands Campground offers the following amenities: a boat launch, a fishing cleaning station, pit toilets, tap water, firepits, a playground, firewood, a playground, a beautiful lookoff point, and a sewage disposal station.

The most popular activities include swimming, beachcombing, picnicking, geocaching, sailing, hiking, and fishing.

Seasonal activities in Rochon Sands Provincial Park



Rochon Sands Provincial Park rests on the eastern shores of Buffalo Lake, a popular spot for power boating and canoeing in the summer months. The boat launch is the ideal spot for paddling out into the lake in your canoe or for speeding off in your pleasurecraft. It is important to note that park officials do mandate that powerboats are not to exceed a speed of 10 km per hour when within 30 meters of the shoreline.

The fishing is excellent at Buffalo Lake, so while you are out on the water, you can try your hand at catching a haul to fillet then enjoy with your family and friends.

Bring along drinking water and snacks to keep hunger and thirst at bay.


The beach at Rochon Sands Provincial Park is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. Nestled along the banks of Buffalo Lake, this pebble and sand-lined beach offers the perfect place for families to enjoy some fun in the sun in a beautiful Canadian rural retreat.

Take a dip in the refreshing and clear lake waters or meander along the coast in search of seaside treasures. Don't forget to pack some sunscreen, drinking water, and a picnic lunch to enjoy.

Your dog may join you at the beach but must remain leashed at all times.


For those who enjoy a little adventure, geocaching might be just what the doctor ordered. Rochon Sands Provincial Park houses a challenging geocache trail which winds through rich forest, heavy marshland, and along the banks of Buffalo Lake, treating participants to beautiful scenery along their quest for treasure.

Bring a camera to capture photos of the landscape along the way. Don't forget to pack some drinking water as well as some snacks to nibble on. Bring your dog along for the fun but please keep them leashed at all times.


Wildlife viewing

Rochon Sands Provincial Park is a haven for wildlife including many species of animals and birds. The property is home to many bays containing shallow waters. These spots are the ideal nesting environment for different varieties of birds including great blue herons, Canada geese, ducks, black-crowned night-herons, common terns, ring-billed gulls, and American avocets. Other types of birds commonly seen here include American white pelicans, Ross's geese, northern orioles, western wood pewee, and piping plovers.

But it's not just birds that you'll see during your travels through the woods at Rochon Sands Provincial Park. There are many different animals that make the forested areas their home including white-tailed deer, coyotes, and mule deer. Occasionally, bears are seen, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules regarding bears and safety.


Rochon Sands Provincial Park offers many hiking trails of varying lengths and intensities with something sure to suit the needs of every member of the family. Many of the trails meander through areas of rich forest as well as along the shores of Buffalo Lake. The land is varied in its terrain and can be hilly in spots.

Wear appropriate footwear for hiking and be sure to carry drinking water to consume to prevent dehydration.

Bring along your dog if you like, but please keep them leashed and be sure to clean up after them.


Avid fishermen will enjoy spending a day out on the water at Rochon Sands Provincial Park. Buffalo Lake is full of many different varieties of fish. Cast your line out from the bow of your canoe or pleasurecraft or from the banks of the lake and see what surprises await you in the water!

When you've caught your fill for the day, bring your bounty to the on-site fish cleaning station for filleting. After the dirty work is done, you can grill up a seafaring feast to enjoy back at your campsite with your family and friends around the fire.