Rock Fest

Head to Rock Fest this year to enjoy some incredible live rock music, camp under the stars, and soak in the vibe with fellow music lovers.

Event information

Rock Fest is one of the oldest and most popular rock music festivals that’s been held annually since the early nineties. Some of the best metal, classic, and modern rock artists have performed at the event over the years. Over twenty of the best national and international music acts are featured every year.

The festival takes place over four days and is held annually in the town of Cadott, Wisconsin. It all takes place on 320 acres of picturesque land in Central Wisconsin. The massive amphitheater becomes the venue for thousands of campsites for guests with RVs or campers. There are some great food and beverage options on offer as well as camp-friendly convenience stores.

Artists and bands that have performed at Rock Fest in the past include Avenged Sevenfold, Incubus, Godsmack, Bad Remedy, My Memory Remains, Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Soul Asylum, and Puddle of Mudd. While the featured bands perform on the central stage, some great regional acts bring the side stages alive in between the main performances. Thanks to its excellent live music and incredible vibe, Rock Fest has become one of the most iconic outdoor rock music festivals held in the United States.


For Rock Fest tickets, guests will find general admission passes, reserved lawn passes, and VIP passes on offer. You can purchase single-day tickets or tickets for all three days. The prices range from $80 for single-day general admission passes to close to $4000 for top tier VIP tickets.

To camp out in your RV, you’ll need to purchase a VIP campsite pass, a general campsite pass, or an electric campsite pass. You will be able to park one vehicle, and up to six people can stay on one campsite. These passes include a parking pass for your vehicle, a camper pass, and a campground access pass.

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Out of town guests may drive to the festival grounds through one of the nearby cities of Eau Claire, Minneapolis, La Crosse, Wausau, and are likely to encounter I-94 or WI-73 (also seen as WI-29) at some point. Be sure to check your vehicle for any prohibited items and make sure you’re carrying all of the required passes needed for you and your crew.

Parking areas

Parking for your RV is included if you purchase a camping pass. If you need to park an additional vehicle, you’ll need to buy a general admission or VIP parking pass. Buying a pass will get you a spot close to the venue on all the days of the festival.

Public Transportation

If you’re not camping out on the festival grounds, It’s a good idea to take public transport or a taxi service to get there. Private transportation apps may also offer rides to and from campgrounds located nearby the venue.

Where to stay


General campsites are open to everyone, while VIP campsites are reserved for VIP guests. If you would like to have power hookups, you’ll need to purchase an electrical campsite pass. These come with 15- and 30-AMP plug-ins, and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For an additional fee, you have the option to purchase a 50-AMP upgrade. Water and dumping services are available for a separate fee on site. RV drop-off options may also be something to consider if arrangements can be made.


If you’d prefer to camp out away from the festival grounds, there are a couple of campsites in the vicinity that may be of interest like O'Neil Creek Campground less than ten miles away. If your vehicle is larger than the specified size allowed on the festival venue, you may want to opt for a nearby campground. Wisconsin RV parks and campgrounds offer extra space and some additional facilities like sewer hookups and waterfront access where you can fill up tanks on the way if needed.

Getting around

Once you’re at the festival grounds, you’ll need to get around on foot. Vehicles like ATVs, dirt bikes, mopeds, golf carts, or go-carts will not be permitted on the festival grounds. If you bring any of these with you, they will be confiscated until the end of the festival. Most parts of the venue are wheelchair accessible.

What to pack


If you’re going to be camping for a number of days, it’s best to keep your clothing casual and comfortable. Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and wear clothes that allow you to move freely. It also a good idea to bring a rain poncho and a jacket in case the weather shifts.


Sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and a hat are a must since you’re going to be out in the open all day. Also, bring any other essentials you may desire to stay comfortable and ready to go like toiletries, electronics, and portable chargers. There will be convenience stores on site, in case you need to pick up any items you’ve forgotten.

Health & Safety

Rock Fest reminds guests to stay hydrated and drink alcohol responsibly. Freshwater stations and free showers will be located on the campgrounds. Be sure to stick to the suggested showering hours to avoid long lines. Carrying a few basic first aid supplies can also come in handy.

Where to eat


If you’d prefer to cook your own meals and snacks, you can do so on the stove in your RV or a portable stove. Campfires are only allowed if they are self-contained and attended at all times. Digging fire pits is not allowed, but above ground fire pits are permitted. Open ground fires and bonfires are not permitted.


Cadott is a small town, but you’ll find a few local gems if you decide to eat out. You can choose from eateries offering well-loved cuisines like Thai, Mexican, and Japanese. Travelers can also find supper clubs in the area. Don’t miss out on getting dessert at one of the popular ice cream shops.


Rock Fest guests will be able to enjoy a number of food, drink, and merchant vendors selling their wares at the venue. You can choose from festival staples like corn dogs, barbecue, or try something new. You can grab a drink at one of the bars or beer carts. Don’t forget to sample the famous Wisconsin cheese curds!



Security teams will be present at the venue, and your vehicle will be checked before entry. Make sure you’re not carrying anything that goes against the event rules. Guests are encouraged to report any unsettling incidents or illegal activity to security. Anyone seen breaking the event regulations will be escorted out of the venue.


In July, the weather in Wisconsin is generally pleasant. However, severe conditions can occur with little warning. In such cases, a weather alert will be issued, and you will be directed to move to a designated area. Rock Fest is a rain or shine event so no refunds or exchanges will be given.


Medical response crews will be present on site around the clock during the festival. EMTs will be circulating the venue to provide first aid to anyone in needs. ADA accessible seating, camping, and parking will be available. A Rock Fest map will show where the medical tent is located.