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Rock Lake Provincial Park


Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, on the shores of Rock Lake, with scenic mountain views and a beautiful natural lake area, Rock Lake Provincial Park is one of Canada's outdoor gems.

Located in Alberta, Canada, east of Jasper National Park, this park is a brilliant destination for outdoor lovers. It has comfortable camping opportunities, natural attractions, as well as, brilliant outdoor activities for people of all ages.

From hiking and fishing to swimming and educational programmes, the Park offers visitors a wide range of outdoor adventures. Rock Lake is also an excellent birding spot; Alberta has several migration corridors, with over 150 bird species nesting or passing through the park annually.

Visitors can also view some of the park's unique wildlife. Bears, cougars, and elk are just a few of the amazing wildlife species native to the region. RV campers will have an amazing time at Rock Lake. There are 93 modern RV campsites available with amenities and services nearby to ensure campers have the best stay possible, making this park a must-visit for all outdoor lovers.

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RV Rentals in Rock Lake Provincial Park



Rock Lake is easily accessible off Rock Lake Road on Hinton Highway 40. A graveled road leads from the highway to the park entrance, all the way to the campground. The roads up to the gates are not regularly maintained so drivers should exercise caution and maintain speed limits while using them.

A permit is required to gain entrance and can be purchased from the Rock Lake Campground Office. The roads within the park are much smoother and take you to the campground and lake area. Vehicles are to stay on designated roadways and park only in the specified area at Willmore Staging Area.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Rock Lake Provincial Park

Campsites in Rock Lake Provincial Park

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Rock Lake Campground

The campground at Rock Lake Provincial park has 93 RV campsites open to reservation from visitors. There are also four large equestrian sites alongside 14 smaller ones and a corral all at the campground.

The campsites have firepits and picnic tables. Water pumps are also available at the campground as well as pit and flush toilets and a bathhouse. There is also a kiosk nearby where campers can buy provisions like firewood and toiletries.

Reservations can be made through the park's site or campground office. Unreserved sites will be given out on a first come first served basis.

Seasonal activities in Rock Lake Provincial Park



Rock Lake is a popular fishery as anglers from all round the community come to catch the diverse species of fish that thrive in the clear waters.

Mountain whitefish and lake trout are some of the primary catches, with northern pike, rainbow trout and bull trout also common catches. Fishing regulations are enforced to protect the fish population, so ensure you have the right license before fishing at the lake.


Bring your hiking boots down to Rock Lake as there are numerous hiking trails to choose from. There are back country and front country trails available, all giving visitors a unique view of the region's unique natural life.

Some popular trails include The Old Railway Bike Trail which runs from the campground and spans 16km (10 miles). The Booth's Rock Trail is also close to the campground and spans 5km (3.1 miles), giving you a scenic view of the lake.


The large lake area at Rock Lake is the park's main attraction. The lake is a few hundred feet from the campground, and the warm lake water is perfect for a host of water sports.

Swimming is common at the lake as well as boating and fishing. There is a boat launch by the lake and equipment can be purchased at the campground office. Water skiing is prohibited at the lake for safety reasons.



Rock Lake and its surroundings have a rich natural landscape ranging from swamps to marshlands and tall trees, making it premium bird habitat. The province of Alberta is also a major corridor for bird migration all year.

Rare species like eared grebe, Wilson's snipe and dusky grouse can be spotted close to the lake late in the year. Hikers can also bring binoculars to spot sharp-tailed grouse and piping plover when hiking the trails.

Wildlife Viewing

The diverse habitat and landscape at Rock Land also supports a diverse range of wildlife species which have inhabited the region for centuries.

The park is home to moose, elk, black bear, cougars and foxes. Hikers can also spot smaller mammals like beavers, hares, badgers and raccoons. Hunting is strictly prohibited in the park.

Horseback Riding

Horse back is a brilliant way to explore the beauty of Rock Land in the off season. There are many smooth, horse-friendly trails at the park with brilliant lake views and wildlife viewing opportunities.

There are equestrian campsites in the park, as well as a horse loading ramp, and horse corrals all near the campground. Horse riders must keep to designated trails and stay off road ways.