Rodeo De Santa Fe

Throw on your cowboy boots and saddle up for the Rodeo De Santa Fe. This four-day event in New Mexico is one to check out on your RV road trip.

Event information

Known as a big-time rodeo with a small-town feeling, Rodeo De Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is not an event you’ll want to miss. Not only is it held over four days in June to make it the perfect vacation destination, but an action-packed schedule awaits.

When you attend Rodeo De Santa Fe at 3237 Rodeo Road, you are treated to a professional rodeo like no other. It’s has been one of the top 60 PRCA rodeos in the country and brings in almost 500 contestants every year. While you can expect all your favorite rodeo competitions and events, there is also a kids’ rodeo for the keen youngsters, barrel racing, and mutton bustin’. Blink, and you’ll miss some of the action.

For the motorhome enthusiast who wants to venture out of their comfort zone, the rodeo is just the tip of the iceberg. Santa Fe, New Mexico, offers plenty of fun things to see, do, and experience, and summer is the best time of the year to visit.

You can head along to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, get your photo taken at Loretto Chapel, or take your campervan over to the Santa Fe National Forest. Go cycling on the Santa Fe Rail Trail, or even go climbing at the Santa Fe Climbing Center.

Rodeo De Santa Fe will lure you to New Mexico, but the many other attractions will show you that there’s more going on in Santa Fe than you may have first thought.


It doesn’t matter what day of the week you attend; you will find that daily ticket prices to the Rodeo De Santa Fe remain the same. You can also purchase tickets for every member of the family online for general admission, grandstands, chute area, box seats, or reserved chairs with backs. In the past, ticket pricing has ranged from between $10 for 65+ through to $40 for box seating.

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Rodeo De Santa Fe is mere minutes from downtown Santa Fe at 3237 Rodeo Road. If you’re traveling from the south in your motorhome, I-25 may be the best road to get you to your destination. Coming from the north, however, may take you down US-285 with your GPS leading the way. You may also like to get a helping hand from a traffic app such as NM Roads.

Summer driving conditions are relatively reasonable for motorhome travels, with vast, open roads and plenty of signage to guide the way. I-25 runs along the southern end of Santa Fe and skirts the Santa Fe National Forest.

Parking areas

Whether you bring a pilot vehicle or your motorhome to Rodeo De Santa Fe, you will be able to enter the venue through two entrances. There is one off of Richards Avenue (from Rodeo Road), and another from Paseo De Los Pueblos. These dirt lots are unmarked, which means size limitations for RVs are unlikely to apply. However, to be on the safe side, you may like to arrange alternative transport or contact the organizers.

Public Transportation

While there are several bus routes and rail services, many of these operate on set schedules that may not align with Rodeo De Santa Fe. If that’s the case, you have a few options. You can ask your RV accommodation provider about shuttle availability, book a private ride service or taxi, or drive your pilot vehicle. You can then enjoy the convenience of having your RV set up permanently for your stay.

Where to stay


At any other time of the year, RV camping is available at Rodeo De Santa Fe. However, with so many day visitors and competitors, it’s not an option once the rodeo season arrives. There is an excellent chance that you will be able to park on site in your RV during the rodeo, but you will have to move on once it’s over for the evening. Fortunately, you won’t have too many problems finding where to stay with an RV in Santa Fe.


Even though you can’t camp at the rodeo, that doesn’t mean you can’t find an RV campground nearby. Santa Fe welcomes motorhome travelers with open arms and has resorts, parks, and campgrounds within a short ten-mile driving distance of the rodeo. Some are even within two miles. You never have to be too far from both the inner city and rodeo grounds.

Getting around

Rodeo De Santa Fe forms a full block of Richards Avenue down to Rodeo Road, but it’s still entirely achievable to navigate on foot. You can pop your scooters and skateboards back in your motorhome once you reach the carpark. Upon entering the grounds, you can take a seat, view the rodeo action, then make quick trips to the nearby vendors. Everything is well-appointed for effortless access.

What to pack


Temperatures might be hot during the day, but you may also need to pop on a few extra layers once night falls. The rodeo kicks off in the early evening, which means the day’s heat should be beginning to dissipate.

Put on your favorite pair of cowboy boots, flannel shirt, and a cowboy hat to both remain comfortable and look the part. Don’t forget to bring light, breathable layers and appropriate footwear for all the other fun activities you’re going to do in Santa Fe during your vacation.


With no pets, food or outside beverages, or professional cameras allowed, you’ll easily be able to pack light. All you will need is your wallet with cash and credit card, maybe some sunscreen, and a few other convenience items. You can leave all your camping and cooking equipment in your RV. Remember, the more you bring with you, the longer it will take to get through security.

Health & Safety

As the afternoon sun starts to disappear, you might decide that sun safety products are no longer necessary. However, as you’re out in the elements, it’s still a good idea to be sun smart. Lather on sunscreen, wear your best cowboy hat and even pack a lip balm to prevent chapped lips. Don’t forget to put any prescriptions and medical supplies, along with a first aid kit and toiletries, in your RV for convenience during your trip.

Where to eat


Summer temperatures and arid landscapes may put the brakes on your dreams of campfires, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself a little. Make sure you stop at the market along Rodeo Road for all the supplies you require for loaded potatoes and other divine camping treats. Some accommodation providers may even offer communal cooking so you can get to know your fellow RV-goers.


Not only is the rodeo close to many high-quality eating establishments, but so too are many RV accommodation providers. You will never be too far from a full stomach if you stick around the Rodeo Road vicinity. Italian, Mexican, American, and New England cuisine are just a few of the many choices ready to tantalize your taste buds.


When you see the quality of the vendors at Rodeo De Santa Fe, you’ll be pleased you weren’t allowed to bring sandwiches into the venue. There are many different options to satisfy your hunger, and it's all within proximity to the rodeo’s center. Make sure you carry both a credit card and cash in case payment methods differ from one vendor to the next.



At both entrances to Rodeo De Santa Fe, visitors will be asked to present their ticket for entry. If you are carrying a bag with you, security officials may ask to see inside it. You can speed up the screening process by ensuring you pack light. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to voice them to the staff, or make your way to the Santa Fe Sheriff's Posse adjacent to the Santa Fe County Fair Board building at O’Bannon Field.


Rodeo De Santa Fe is held at the perfect time of year in Santa Fe, for it’s when the weather is at its best. It’s on the cusp of the rainy season, which begins in July and misses the intense heat of July and August as well.

You can enjoy balmy temperatures of around 66 degrees, but it’s not uncommon for the odd curveball of high 80-90 to be thrown your way as well. Make sure you top up your RV with all its necessary fluids and that your AC is in peak working condition. You’re more than likely going to need it.


Rodeo can be a dangerous sport, which means there is bound to be a first aid team on site. While they are there to tend to competitors, they are also more than happy to help with any visitor injuries, too. If you have a medical emergency, however, dial 9-11 for assistance. The closest hospital is under four miles from the rodeo.