Savannah Stopover

Spring into the new season with an RV trip to Savannah Stopover! Don’t miss three days of talented musicians in the heart of Savannah, Georgia.

Event information

Savannah Stopover is an annual three-day music festival in the Savannah Historic District in Savannah, Georgia. It first began in 2011 as a way for bands to play in a small southern city on their way down I-95 to South by Southwest Music Festival.

Since its inception, it has become a popular event with thousands of visitors who want to discover the latest and greatest in the music scene.

Up to 100 bands play in Savannah over the three days in a range of venues in Savannah’s historic district. Some of these venues are suitable for children and adults, but many only allow those over the age of 21 with a government-issued ID.

In past years, Savannah Stopover has played host to some incredible musicians who have made a name for themselves. From artists like Susto and Esther Rose to Deerhunter and Tallies, there’s all manner of up-and-coming talent. While vacationers love attending Savannah Stopover, so too do the musicians. They adore the city’s country hospitality, burgeoning music scene, and southern gothic ambiance.

If you’re looking for any excuse to avoid spring cleaning, then why not plan an RV vacation? This annual event in March boasts an atmosphere like no other, so view the line-up, book your tickets, and get Georgia-bound.


General admission tickets go on sale in the few months before Savannah Stopover is set to begin. This window gives you plenty of time to book them online, arrange your nearby RV accommodation, and plan your itinerary. These tickets allow you access into the event venues, but you will also need your ID for those that do not allow people under the age of 21.

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Savannah, Georgia, is a beautiful city on the state line of Georgia and South Carolina, separated by the Savannah River. It’s the oldest city in Georgia and the third-largest as well.

Savannah is an attractive city that’s both a pleasure to visit and drive around. It has two historic districts, numerous parklike squares, and several landmarks that add to the appeal. You can gain access to this city from several directions, with well-planned interstates and U.S. routes leading the way, but be mindful of rush hour traffic times near the downtown areas.

Allow time for congestion and have spare change to pay for parking once you arrive in the Savannah Stopover’s general vicinity. If you have a traffic app, such as Georgia 511, at your disposal, you will have an easier time making it to the Savannah Historic District.

Parking areas

Given Savannah Stopover’s location in the middle of a busy historic precinct, parking is a premium and often limited. There is a paid parking lot adjacent to the historic district, but have a plan B up your sleeve for if the large RV parking spaces are full. You may like to set up your motorhome at an RV campground near the Savannah Stopover venues and arrange for public transport to get you there.

Public Transportation

Not only is the public transportation network in Savannah, Georgia visitor-friendly, but there are also numerous options to suit your schedule and preferences. Travelers can look up the local trolley and bus times, with a bus stop directly outside Battlefield Memorial Park by the Savannah Historic District. Otherwise, you can hire a taxi or book a rideshare service through a mobile app.

Given the prevalence of tourist attractions in this area, such as the Georgia State Railroad Museum and SCAD Museum of Art, you may even find taxis are already in the area waiting for people to hire them.

Where to stay


Savannah Stopover is a music festival that incorporates a collection of venues, not a single one. Therefore, there will not be onsite camping available for RV-goers. When you buy your event tickets, use the opportunity to look for the best RV campgrounds as near to the historic district as you can find. You will be surprised at what’s available.


Whether you would like to do a bit of primitive RV camping or you prefer service hookups such as water, electricity, and sewer, you are spoiled for choices in Savannah and surrounding areas. There are RV resorts and campgrounds within a six-mile distance of Savannah’s historic district, as well as several more within 20 miles.

If you are taking an RV trip to this Georgia city for Savannah Stopover, make sure you secure accommodation weeks in advance to ensure your first pick. Savannah South KOA may be on your route to the area if you plan to travel on US-17 or I-95 to the south.

Getting around

Savannah Stopover organizers were smart thinkers when they planned out the venues for each musician. All of them are within walking distance of each other. You can organize public transportation into the district or park your RV somewhere close, then enjoy a full day and night of entertainment without the need for bicycles, scooters, or skateboards.

What to pack


Spring is only just beginning when Savannah Stopover rolls into town, which means it can either be colder or hotter than you expect, with seldom a happy medium. Bring layers that you can strip off or pile on, and prepare to bring a full wardrobe of options to ensure you’re comfortable at all times of your visit.


When you begin planning your RV trip to Savannah, Georgia, think about what you will need for your entire RV trip, not just while you’re soaking up the atmosphere of a three-day music festival. Bring your event tickets, ID, and plenty of water, but don’t skimp on camping and cooking supplies as well. Make sure you also bring cash with you as it could be more convenient for purchases than payment cards.

Health & Safety

If you decide to venture out into the greater Savannah area, don’t forget to travel with sun safety supplies, any prescription medication you might need, toiletries, and a first aid kit. While you’re exploring local attractions, such as Savannah National Wildlife Refuge and Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge, it pays to be as organized as possible for your health and safety.

Where to eat


When you’re taking an RV trip, it can be quite exciting to think of all the different ways to prepare a meal with family and friends. You can use your onboard RV kitchen appliances, but, at some RV campgrounds, you can also use fire rings, pits, and campfires. Many RV resorts even offer communal cooking spaces so you can get to know your vacationing neighbors.

If you haven’t yet stocked up on supplies for loaded potatoes, S’mores, and other treats, you will find a myriad of different markets within walking distance of Savannah Historic District.


Before, during, and after Savannah Stopover, you will be in for a real surprise when it comes to dining experiences. The area surrounding Savannah Historic District is bursting at the seams with quality eateries. You can enter a music venue, dance with your friends, then take a break at a local café or restaurant. Most convenient eateries are within walking distance of Savannah Stopover.


Savannah Stopover brings around 100 musicians to the Savannah Historic District, which means there are a lot of hungry mouths to feed. Many music venues are well equipped to handle hungry bands and patrons. In the past, there have also been doormen at some venues handing plastic cups for those over 21 years of age with a valid ID.



Security will be positioned at the doors of each music venue to ensure everyone who visits is sober and safe to enter and have a good time. If you feel unsafe at any time, you can locate security guards within each venue. You can also visit the Savannah Police Department near the Historic District if you have any questions or concerns.


Average highs in Georgia, during spring often land around 71 degrees-Fahrenheit. Typically, the days are mild with sunny afternoons, but nights can turn cold in the spring. Bring plenty of extra blankets in your RV and make sure your heating and cooling unit is working as it should. Spring rainstorms are possible, so monitor the weather in your travels near shores of the Atlantic Ocean.


With any music event, it’s not uncommon for people to feel unwell due to dehydration, too much fun, or not enough rest. Drink water, take a break when you need it, and carry a first aid kit in your RV. If you require emergency medical assistance, dial 911. There is a hospital within a mile of the venues of Savannah Stopover, and a pharmacy for supplies within the same distance.