Sedona Mtb Festival

Bike enthusiasts are flocking to Sedona to enjoy its famous red trails. Camping among the majestic backdrop is an ideal way to enjoy the festivities.

Event information

The Sedona Mountain Bike Festival is an incredible opportunity to join mountain bikers in a beautiful outdoor setting. Sedona is famous for its incredible single-track (mountain biking) trails and offers over 200 miles of riding. The surrounding forest lands and community environment make Posse Grounds Park the perfect setting for this three-day festival, which usually takes place at the beginning of March.

Residents of Sedona, curious travelers, devoted cyclists, and those who aren’t bikers themselves can all enjoy this annual event. In addition to mountain bike related activities, guests can look to enjoy featured bands, food trucks, and a beer garden. Casual bikers and those looking to get into the sport will appreciate skill clinics, vendors, and bike demonstrations to learn more and network with those in the field.

The Arizona scenery provides a scenery layered with color and dimension that outdoor lovers can soak in on the way through the area or enjoy for the full time of the festival. Whether you plan to camp next to the action or at a distance, the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival is one event for the whole crew.


Tickets are purchased by registering on the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival website and selecting either a single-day or three-day pass. All passes are available for purchase at the door the day of the event.

Three-day, two-night camping passes must be purchased separately from event tickets and may include breakfast. If multiple adults will be in an RV, only one person has to register for the RV Spot and others can purchase a Tent Spot camping package if desired.

All tickets are nonrefundable, and the event will happen regardless of the weather. Single-day passes are very affordable at less than $100 per day while a three-day pass is just a little over $100, even when purchased at the door.

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The easiest way to reach Sedona is from Flagstaff (approximately 30 miles north) or Phoenix (116 miles south). Traffic out of Phoenix can be congested, especially on the weekends, but the highway heading north is straight and easy to drive on with an RV. Coming from Flagstaff, however, State Route 89A is a beautifully picturesque drive but features hairpin turns, and tight winding switchbacks so drive with caution. Remember to check Arizona’s road and weather conditions via AZ 511 online or by phone when planning your route.

Parking areas

There is limited parking and, because this is a biking event, transport via bike is encouraged by providing a free bike valet. Once you arrive at your campground, try to take one of the local shuttles or bike wherever you need to go.

Public Transportation

Located at Posse Grounds Park, there are free shuttles to help people get to and from the event. Several sponsoring hotels also provide shuttles and have various pick-up and drop-off locations throughout Sedona, making it easy to get around the area. Check the website for a full list of locations to catch the shuttles closer to the event dates.

Where to stay


Organizers usually reserve the Chavez Crossing Group Campground, conveniently located five miles away from the event. However, spaces here are limited to a handful of medium-sized RVs. Check in advance if you wish to secure one of these prime spots. The campground has vault toilets and drinking water available but no showers. Fire pits, cooking grills, and picnic tables are also available. Smaller RVs and trailers are allowed, but you may want to inquire with the campground if you need specific dimensions before arriving.


Sedona has several RV parks and campsites, which will make it easy to park your RV and get around using your bike or utilizing one of the free shuttles. Several campgrounds are located in the heart of the city or approximately a mile away. Those who want to go further afield for a more rustic experience can head north toward Oak Creek Canyon where there are campgrounds in the Coconino National Forest which will provide plenty of privacy along with stunning views, water, and wildlife.

Getting around

Most festival attendees get around by biking. Downtown Sedona is easily accessible by bike and the culture and community here encourage riding for sport as well as for transportation. Just make sure to bring your bike lock and a helmet along with you. Free shuttles are available for times when you’re too tired to ride or the weather is not ideal.

What to pack


Layering up is the key to staying comfortable in Sedona’s shifting weather. The sun is quite strong here too so wearing comfortable clothes that will keep you cool while protecting you from the warm rays will be key. Closed-toe shoes and appropriate gear are important when participating in the biking events or riding on trails.

If you plan to take advantage of the hiking trails, bring some boots and a hat to wear. You will probably get dusty or muddy while biking, so pack an extra change of clothes to wear out to dinner in the evening after a long day of riding.


Bring your bike, helmet, and any other accessories such as gloves or sunglasses to make riding more enjoyable. Any other equipment that may be needed for repairs to your bike will be essential so you can enjoy the event to the fullest even if you get a flat tire. However, you’ll probably be able to buy anything you need from one of the many vendors or borrow from other attendees and participants in a pinch.

Health & Safety

Mountain biking is a sport for the adventuresome, and there is always a danger that comes with participating in such activities. Always wear a helmet and closed-toe shoes while riding. Knee and elbow pads may also be a good idea for those wanting extra protection. Never ride in areas that are not marked or designated as a trail. Drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen to avoid dehydration and sunburn.

Where to eat


In past years, onsite camping at the Chavez Crossing Group Campground has provided picnic tables, fire pits, and cooking grills for campers to prepare their own food. Potable water is also available for cooking and drinking. If using a generator to power appliances inside your RV, remember to note the established quiet hours. Campers staying elsewhere will want to inquire with their campground host what is allowed regarding fires and fueling before arrival.


In Sedona, there are plenty of restaurants to discover. Mexican food is particularly popular, and hungry travelers may want to try Elote, fire-roasted corn served with lime, Cotija cheese, and spicy mayo. You will find American restaurants and pubs, Korean, Indian, Japanese, Thai, and French cuisines. There are also bakeries and a variety of coffee shops, juice bars, and breweries.

Most restaurants are along the main roads through Sedona, which can become congested during high traffic times. Sedona is also a small town, so there is limited parking available at many restaurants, sometimes making it less than convenient to get around by RV. Finding an alternate method, such as biking or walking, is recommended.


The festival boasts over 90 vendors and exhibitors. A full and updated list can be found on the website. The majority of Sedona Mountain Bike Festival vendors are related to the sport and feature bikes, gear, apparel, and accessories. The festival will feature food and drink in addition to local restaurant cuisines.

There will be a beer garden with breweries from Sedona, Flagstaff, and beyond. Food trucks will provide a variety of dining options throughout the day. Coffee will also be available to keep the crowd going.



The Sedona Mountain Bike Festival is a ticketed event, and you must show your ticket to enter. Sedona is a small, quiet town with crime levels well below the US average. Still, you will want to lock your RV when you aren’t present and refrain from leaving any valuables in plain sight.


Sedona has a desert climate that is warm and dry with relatively mild weather and lots of sunshine. Rain often evaporates or dries fairly quickly. Cancellations due to weather are not common. The temperatures in March are in the mid-60s Fahrenheit. Nighttime temperatures can get down into the mid-30s so be prepared for colder nights.


Contact festival organizers in advance if you have specific questions related to onsite emergency or medical policies. Be sure to bring with you any medications or equipment that you and your group may need for minor care. There is a medical center with an emergency room located less than three miles from the event site and an urgent care center just 1.5 miles away.