Solid Sound Festival

Have some solid fun at the Solid Sound Festival in North Adams, Massachusetts. Get the RV ready for three days of fun in summer very soon!

Event information

Solid Sound is a music and arts festival at the MASS MoCA museum in North Adams, Massachusetts. It attracts hundreds of people every year and sells out long before the event is due to begin. Therefore, if you have been thinking about taking a summer road trip this June, it pays to book your Solid Sound Festival tickets fast.

The festival is held at 1040 MASS MoCA Way and incorporates a range of talks, musical performances, and workshops. If you’ve got a few musical bones in your body, then this is the event you are going to want to attend. Children are also welcome to attend the Solid Sound Festival, and there is a dedicated child area set up for them to play and explore.

Solid Sound Festival, which has inspired indie-folk and alternative music in recent years, even welcomes RV travelers with open arms. Whether you have an Airstream, Sprinter, or a pop-up camper, dedicated campgrounds are waiting to accommodate you for the event’s duration.

Once the weekend comes to an end, and you’ve worn out your dancing shoes, you can then pull on your hiking boots and check out North Adams’ most celebrated attractions. The best state parks in North Adams, Massachusetts, are now on your doorstep, ready for you to explore.

Now’s the time to find somewhere to stay with an RV, book your Solid Sound Festival tickets, and plan for your next summer adventure.


Solid Sound Festival is a sell-out every year, which means RV-goers who want to attend will need to decide fast. Tickets are available for single days, or as a three-day weekend pass. You can also buy select tickets for children and adults. Once they sell out, you can put your name on a waiting list in case tickets become available.

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North Adams is a Berkshire County city in Massachusetts that forms part of the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Metropolitan Statistical Area. A small town called Florida borders it to the east, while Clarksburg, Adams, and Williamstown border it to the north, south, and west.

Steep, curving roads connect North Adams to the Mohawk Trail, and Route 8 is the main road through the city. Those traveling from the direction of Boston will find the most direct route is through the town of Florida and past Pelham Lake Park. With varying roads, terrain, and conditions, a traffic or travel website like Mass511 can prove convenient.

Parking areas

If you are not taking advantage of pre-organized RV camping by Solid Sound Festival officials, then parking is something you will need to factor into your visit. Limited parking is available in Downtown North Adams, with off-site parking lots to cater to vehicles of different sizes. These are serviced by shuttles so that you can park your motorhome then enjoy a quick trip to the center of the action. Otherwise, make use of the myriad of public transportation options in the area.

Public Transportation

Given the lack of on-site parking at MASS MoCA, you will need to familiarize yourself with the public transportation options to suit your schedule and preferences. Rideshare services are plentiful in North Adams, Massachusetts, and there is also a local bus service. You may need to check the schedule to see if the pick-up and drop-off times align.

Those who carry bicycles aboard their motorhome will enjoy the bike valet service at the venue’s entrance too. How nice would it be to bike to a festival then attractions afterward, such as the Natural Bridge State Park and Clarksburg State Forest? You will never be without a way to get to the Solid Sound Festival.

Where to stay


While not directly onsite camping, Solid Sound Festival ensures that all tenters and RV travelers are catered for when it comes to accommodation. The best place for RV camping while attending the festival is the Solid Ground Campsite on Route 8, and Camp Aggie a little further down. Both of these sites require prebooking, so it’s worth securing your plot at the same time as your tickets.


North Adams in Massachusetts is a natural paradise. As a result, you can enjoy both primitive RV camping opportunities and luxury ones with service hookups. Savoy Mountain State Forest boasts campsites and fishing opportunities, while two KOA campgrounds are about an hour's drive from the festival as well. Brattleboro North KOA Journey and Northampton / Springfield KOA are worth your inspection for luxury hookups and a myriad of nearby attractions.

Getting around

Solid Sound Festival officials ensure there are plenty of ways to get to the festival, but what about getting around it? MASS MoCA is a family-friendly facility that’s effortless to navigate. There are also festival maps to speed up that familiarization process. Given that it’s an indoors and outdoors venue, the best way to get around it will be on foot. The main stage and courtyards will accommodate most attendees, but indoor areas may get a little crowded at times.

What to pack


The Solid Sound Festival is a rain or shine event, so plan your wardrobe accordingly. Even though it’s summer during the festival, North Adams loves to put on a decent rain shower. Prepare for summer sunshine and hot temperatures, but a rain jacket and some waterproof footwear are worthwhile suitcase additions as well. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!


Solid Sound Festival organizers are quite relaxed when it comes to what you can and can’t bring into the festival. They welcome you to bring your dancing shoes, rain gear, government-issued ID if you are drinking alcohol and even backpacks, strollers, and blankets in select areas. Any hard coolers, baskets, glass, pets, drones, and picnic baskets are prohibited. If you’re unsure, check with security staff who will be more than happy to provide information.

Health & Safety

The summer sunshine in North Adams is bound to be beating down on all those who attend the Solid Sound Festival. While you can seek shelter inside the MASS MoCA venue, it still pays to think about your sun safety. Lather on sunscreen, use bug spray, and refill your drink bottles at the onsite water fountain. If you plan on doing a few outdoor activities, then a first-aid kit and plenty of drinking water in your RV are worth considering.

Where to eat


How you choose to cook on your RV travels in this Berkshire County city can depend on the camping rules for each site. Some offer communal cooking areas, while others allow you to use your onboard appliances or even a campfire. Make sure you ask your hosts before you light a fire.

For those who are ready to fire up the barbeque to fill hungry tummies, you will take pleasure in being within a short walking distance of local grocery stores in North Adams.


North Adams, Massachusetts is a sizeable city with plenty of choices. During your stay, you will have no problems finding somewhere desirable to sit down for a meal. Whether a long walk at Savoy Mountain State Forest has given you a hankering for hearty steak, or you prefer something light like sandwiches, you will be within a short walk or drive of your preferred choice.


Food trucks are ready and waiting to sell you a myriad of different goodies over the three days of this festival. From dumplings, kebobs, and BBQ, through to ice cream, waffles, and breakfast sandwiches, you’re spoiled for choice. As not all vendors and trucks will accept payment cards, it’s worth withdrawing cash before you attend. Those on a special diet may bring food in a soft-sided cooler, and all water bottles must be sealed.



Bag checks will take place at the main entrance to the Solid Sound Festival. You may bring in your backpack, but the less you bring with you, the faster you can speed through security. As you will not have your RV with you onsite, remember to lock it and keep your valuables out of sight. Travelers with security concerns may approach a festival official, or check in with the local North Adams Police Department within a half-mile walking distance.


Temperatures can be scorching hot in North Adams during summer, so you can expect to need your sunhat and a high-quality cooling unit in your RV. Rainfall is equally as frequent in summer in this Massachusetts city. Plan for both and keep an eye on a weather app to ensure you’re ready for whatever is thrown your way.


Accidents can happen when you least expect them to, but Solid Sound festival-goers will be well taken care of in North Adams. There is a first aid room near the Hoosic River, which forms part of this museum venue. In an emergency, you can dial 911 or travel the half-mile distance to the nearest emergency room. There is also an onsite water fountain for refilling drink bottles, and a pharmacy within a half-mile for restocking first-aid kits.