Sourdough Creek Campground


Sourdough Creek Campground is aBureau of Land Management property with an overnight campground and facilities, located in the State of Alaska. The site is sandwiched between the Gulkana River and the Richardson Highway, with the Sourdough Creek running alongside the campsites.

The Sourdough Creek Campground is located at 1900 feet above sea level and is heavily forested with spruce trees. The region has many lakes and rivers, and plenty of wildlife make the area their home, including magnificent trumpeter swans, deer, bear, moose, and even elusive timberwolves.

The campground has 42 sites for RVs and tents, with pit toilets, water supply, picnic tables, and fire pits. While visiting the campground you can enjoy fishing on the creek or river, hiking along the local interpretive trail, and enjoying the natural wilderness and wildlife in the region. The campground is an especially popular site for boating and floating down the river, and a boat launch area is located here that facilitates floating trips on the wild and scenic Gulkana River. The river only runs in the short peak season, when it is free of ice, between mid-June and mid-September. For the rest of the year, the river is not appropriate for floating and boating due to ice coverage.

The Sourdough Creek Campground is located in a vast wilderness area with multiple BLM sites, state parks, and national forests. Visit the Chugach National Forest, Paxson Lake Campground, Squirrel Creek State Recreation Site, or Chugach State Park while visiting the Sourdough Creek Campground Area for more recreational, camping and wilderness experiences.

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The Sourdough Creek Campground is easily accessible for RVs and tow trailers as it is located just off the Richardson Highway/State Highway 4. To get to the campground, turn west at mile 147.5 on Richardson Highway. The access roads and interior roads at the campground are well maintained gravel, and are accessible for RVs and trailers. During very wet weather, gravel roads may become rutted. Gravel roads are also subject to developing washboard if not recently graded, which creates a bumpy road surface that can jostle the contents of RVs, so proceed slowly down these roads.

The BLM campground peak season is between mid-June and mid-September. During the rest of the year, there can be ice on the river, and snowy sub-freezing temperatures. The access to the BLM site can be blocked by heavy snow, and the Richardson Highway may have icy conditions. When traveling in the region during the winter, check local weather conditions and road reports, and travel with warm clothes and extra supplies. Winter tires greatly improve traction in icy and snowy conditions, and are recommended for winter travel in the region. The nearest fuel, services, and amenities are in the town of Gakona, 20 miles south of the BLM site.


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Sourdough Creek Campground

The Sourdough Creek Campground is a BLM managed property with primitive overnight camping sites. There are 42 sites accommodating tent and RVs, and four of the sites are ADA accessible. Facilities at the campground include picnic tables and fire pits at each site, vault toilets, a hand water pump, and a boat launch area on the Gulkana River.

There are both back in and pull through sites for larger RV units. A camp host may be available on site. The campground is popular as a staging area for floats down the river between June and September when the river is ice-free.

The Gulkana River is located on the west side of the campground and the tributary Sourdough Creek is located on the west side of the property. Both watercourses provide sport fishing opportunities. The campground is known for having lots of mosquitos, due to being located in a heavily forested area, beside a creek and a river. Be sure to bring lots of insect repellent for outdoor activities while camping here.

There are no hookups or RV dump site. However, there are firewood sales onsite. An interpretive trail on the Sourdough Creek makes a relaxing stroll and provides information on the natural features of the area.

Seasonal activities in Sourdough Creek Campground


Alpine Sports

Ski resorts in Alaska provide plenty of winter skiing and snowboarding opportunities. The Arctic Valley Ski Area is a non-profit ski resort, just over 200 miles west of the Sourdough Creek Campground and provides two chairlifts and a tow rope for skiers and snowboarders to ascend the hill, and then enjoy the groomed runs here. There are pit toilets and a snack bar situated here.

There is also a downhill tubing area at the site. Hardcore alpine enthusiasts can also arrange for heli-skiing tours in the mountainous regions west of Sourdough Creek Campground.

Backcountry Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

It’s a long winter in Alaska, so those who want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors can embrace winter sports like cross country skiing or snowshoeing, and get out and enjoy the natural wilderness! Hiking trails in the Sourdough Creek Campground are ideal for nordic winter sports like cross country skiing and snowshoeing, once the snow falls -and it does!

Backcountry trails will not necessarily have tracks set, and skiers will have to set their own tracks which can be strenuous Dress appropriately and take plenty of water to rehydrate when exploring the trails in the wintertime.


Multiple snowmobile trails and areas abound in Alaska's backcountry. The Chulag National Park, located 150 miles south of the Sourdough Creek Campground, has several designated snowmobile trails for snow machine enthusiasts to cruise down during the winter months when snowfall is plentiful.

Try out the Carter Lake Trail, Johnson Pass trails, Lost Lake Trail, Primrose Trail, Resurrection Pass trails or Turnagain Pass Trail in the park. Depending on weather conditions, some of these trails may be closed due to inaccessibility or safety considerations. Check out Closure Notices for Chugach Park before heading out to the area with snowmobiles. Ensure you have appropriate emergency and safety equipment for backcountry trips!



Floating and boating on the river is available during the peak summer season, between June and September. The Sourdough Creek Campground is a favorite staging area for floats down the Gulkana River. A boat launch area is located near the campground on the river. Park a vehicle downstream at other BLM and recreation sites, and then enjoy a trip down the watercourse.

Outfitters in the region may also provide floating equipment and transportation. It's a short season for river fun, but the spectacular wilderness landscape provides a wonderful backdrop, and visitors on the river should keep an eye out for wildlife accessing water along the river banks!


The Gulkana River runs just west of the Sourdough Creek Campground, and the Sourdough Creek runs on the east side. Both watercourses provide excellent fishing opportunities for sport fishing. The river and creek are only free of ice between June and September. Species available in the area include rainbow trout, steelhead trout, arctic grayling, king salmon, red salmon, whitefish, and longnose suckers.

Fishing for king/chinook salmon is especially popular during June and July when these fish are running in the river. Be sure to have a valid State of Alaska fishing license when fishing on Alaska rivers, and creeks.


While camping at the Sourdough Creek Campground, visitors may encounter a variety of wildlife that resides in the region. There are moose, deer, black, and brown bears in the area, as well as beavers along the watercourses, and the occasional wolf pack.

Be cautious of large predators that may be attracted to food sources or become aggressive if they feel threatened. Ensure all perishables are contained in a sealed container. Rivers and creeks in the area are the site of annual salmon runs, and the Gulkana River and surrounding lakes are known as a nesting area for trumpeter swans.