Spinach Festival

The state of Texas welcomes all spinach lovers to the town of Crystal City. Point the RV to the Spinach Festival and celebrate this healthy vegetable.

Event information

Spinach is the star of the show at this fabulous fall festival. Fields of delicious green will be harvested and served in mouth-watering dishes. Fans of this richly colored green vegetable can take part in an eating contest to see who will win the cash prize. Observe the great spinach cook-off and then try a spinach oriented dish at a vendor booth.

The parade is always a hit. Cheer on the marching bands and pick your favorite float. Join in on the fun with the 5K run and then dance to the music supplied by talented performers. Hit the carnival for a blast of laughs and admire your favorite car. Don’t forget to wear your Spinach Festival t-shirt to every event.

“The Spinach Capital of the World” offers more than just spinach. Carry the fun over to the drive-through safari, visit a dude ranch, or scare the dinosaurs over at the dinosaur park. Try your skill at fishing and then spend the afternoon in a museum.

There is plenty to do in small town Crystal City. Set a course for the festival and don’t miss a single minute of the fun. Make your RV home base for relaxation after a busy day, discussing the goings-on, while coming up with your favorite spinach recipe.


Make a point to check out www.spinachfestival.org for a list of events and scheduled times. If you buy pre-sale carnival tickets, you will save and have money to pay for the admission, which is very reasonable in cost. Daily gate admission ranges from free of charge to around $20.

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You can’t miss Crystal City; look for the towering Popeye statue, erected in 1937 to commemorate the character who put spinach on the map. US Highway 83 will point you in the right direction of the town. Over the four-day festival, volunteers will be out and about and can direct you to the events, which are being held at various locations around the downtown core.

Parking areas

You can park for free in the downtown area. Contact festival organizers for more information on the best streets for parking a big rig. If in doubt, stop at the local police station, and they will be able to direct you to a suitable and navigable spot.

Public Transportation

Crystal City does not have a transit system that services the festival. However, the events are spread over the town with several events taking place in front of City Hall and the Crystal City Festival Office. Park your RV in a convenient spot and then walk, taxi, or rideshare to the events.

Where to stay


The Spinach Festival does not have onsite accommodation. This area of Texas is a beautiful one though, and there are a few great options close to the happenings. Make it a family affair and choose the campground nearest to your interests.


There are RV campgrounds in close proximity to the festival. For those with a big rig, the abundance of pull-through sites will be a draw. Choose a campground with river access if you like to fish, or one with a pool if lounging and reading a good book is more your style. Laundry, full hookups, showers, and Wi-Fi are just a few of the amenities that make a stay complete.

Getting around

Wear your best walking shoes to the Spinach Festival, and you will be all set to take in the variety of fun offered over four days. The kiddos can travel in style via stroller or wagon. There is plenty of room for maneuvering a wheelchair or electric scooter around town as well if need be.

What to pack


A pair of jeans and a t-shirt are ideal Spinach Festival attire. Carry a sweater because the evenings can dip in temperature. Pack the RV with clothing for all eventualities in case a bit of wet weather rolls in for a day or two. Duckie boots and rain gear will come in handy for puddle jumping in between the parade and the car show.


With the convenience that comes with a roomy RV, you can pack as much gear as you want. Umbrellas come in handy on a rainy day, and if the sun is shining, a shade tent is a welcome addition to the campsite. Ensure an organized trip by making a list to include flashlights, toiletries, games for the kids, and all kitchen necessities.

Health & Safety

A campsite is not complete without a supply of sunscreen and bug spray. Adequate coverage will keep the bugs at bay and prevent sunburn. While at the Spinach Festival, refill your water bottle often so that you stay hydrated. Have the kids take a break in the shade several times throughout the day.

Where to eat


Tasty Texas-inspired food will sate the appetite of your family. Red bean chili, corn on the cob, and a salad made with crisp, fresh vegetables make a hearty and satisfying meal after walking all day. Before leaving home, verify that the propane is full, the briquets are packed and that the camp stove is in good working order. Follow the fire regulations for outdoor cooking at the campsite.


Choose to dine inside or outdoors and then decide on the menu of choice. Whether you are looking for a relaxing sit-down meal or a quick bite at a cafe, flavors of the state will be featured on the menu. There are typical fast food restaurants as well if you are short on time and want to pick up a take-out meal.


Foods that highlight the goodness of spinach, and those that do not (for attendees that aren’t fans of this healthy green vegetable), can be purchased at the vendor booths. Fun novelties to honor “The Spinach Capital of the World” include t-shirts that feature Popeye, whose hometown is Crystal City.



A family-oriented event, the Spinach Festival is run by hardworking volunteers who plan all year long to make sure fun is had by all. The police department is involved in goings-on; some of the fun happenings even take place in front of the Crystal City Police Department. Set rules for sticking together as a family. If the teens want to race in the 5K run on their own, for example, have a meet-up destination in place beforehand. When watching the parade, keep little ones clear of the floats as they pass.


November is a pleasant time of year in Crystal City. The skies will be set for clouds, sunshine or rain, so pack for all weather types and you’ll be all set. Inclement weather will not stop any of the festivities, and a hot day won’t keep anyone standing still. Hydrate as needed and dress for the occasion.


The camping prep list should always have the needed medications listed as the first item. Store medicines in a child-proof container and have each type in separate bottles and clearly marked. Build an adequate first aid kit by updating items like peroxide, antibiotic cream, and antiseptic spray before heading out on a trip.