State Fair of Texas

Take an RV trip to one of the longest-running and largest state fairs in the country. Saddle up cowboy, the State Fair of Texas is about to begin.

Event information

Are you ready for an RV road trip this fall that will blow your socks off? It’s time to hit the road for Fair Park at 1300 Robert B Cullum Boulevard in Dallas, Texas. Every year, the State Fair of Texas is a must-attend event for curious types.

It has taken place in the same venue since 1886 (excluding the World Wars) and is held for 24 days of the year. During those 24 days from September to October, over two million people pass through the gates. It’s clear to see the State Fair of Texas is one of the largest and the longest-running of its kind in the country.

The State Fair of Texas is all about celebration. From the commemoration of tradition through to agriculture, education, and community; there’s not a lot this fair doesn’t offer. It’s also responsible for 6,000 seasonal jobs, an injection of hundreds of millions of dollars into the North Texas economy, over 1,000 competitions, and college scholarships.

But the State Fair of Texas is also much, much more. It’s home to livestock shows, live music, shopping opportunities, creative arts, and everything else you could ever want to see, do, and experience at a state fair. Even when it comes to food, the State Fair of Texas delivers. You can expect a celebrity chef kitchen, state fair wine garden, Big Tex Choice Awards, and all the delicious cuisine your heart desires.

If the time has come to plan something exciting for the fall season, let the State Fair of Texas deliver. Don't forget to take a group picture with the iconic statue of Big Tex to mark your visit. This event is not one you’ll want to miss.


State fair officials are all about convenience and value when it comes to ticket purchases. Prices vary for seniors, general admission, and children, and you can also buy discounted tickets for groups or season passes. A two-pack of one-day tickets usually run about $80 with prices depending on how long you would like to stay. You can buy your tickets at the gate or on the website where you can also view updated schedules and pricing.

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Many main highways lead you to the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, but you may want to keep your wits about you. Around two million people visit Dallas for the fair, so expect congestion and delays. Interstate 30 usually connects with most routes as you get close to Fair Park on Robert Cullum Boulevard.

As you get closer to Dallas, you may find it helpful to load a traffic app or switch on the radio. INRIX Traffic, TxDOT, and NBCDFW are a few of the many options that can keep you updated with information on weather, delays, construction, and more, in real-time. Upon arriving in Dallas, Fair Park is off I-30 and near Cotton Bowl Stadium.

Parking areas

Parking spots have traditionally been available for a fee, and you can reserve them in advance. They run alongside Parry Avenue and S. Haskell Avenue, which is across the road from Fair Park. There are even more parking spots down S. Fitzhugh Avenue as well.

Sizing limitations may apply, so you may like to consider a plan B for your big rig. That might include reserving a large enough spot in advance, parking at your accommodation and making use of public transportation, or driving to the fair in a tow vehicle.

Public Transportation

State Fair of Texas has thought of everything, including your options for public transportation. There will be private ride services in operation from dedicated pick-up and drop-off points at the fairgrounds. You can also make use of rail services which are proximate to the fairgrounds.

Where to stay


Because Fair Park is in the center of Dallas, a built-up and mostly congested area, there will be no opportunities to camp on site. However, there are various RV parks and resorts within an hour’s drive of the fair for your convenience. Book in advance to ensure you get your first pick.


Traveling anywhere in Dallas can take some time, as it’s the nine-largest city in the United States. An additional two million people visit the area to visit the fair. With this in mind, it’s crucial to note that RV parks and resorts may not be conveniently close.

An 11-mile journey through Dallas and out past Glendale Park puts you in proximity to an expansive RV park with many service hook-ups. There is also another past Dallas Love Field Airport and the popular Gas Monkey Garage. You are certainly not short of options, but do allow additional time for travel. Looking just beyond the perimeter of the TX-12 Loop is often helpful when looking for RV camping options.

Getting around

Due to the congestion and thousands of visitors at any one time, the best and safest way to navigate Fair Park is on foot. Personal bikes, scooters, and golf carts are prohibited. However, you may rent wheelchairs, electric carts, strollers, and wagons. The fair site is expansive, so make sure you’ve got a map, so you know where to catch the latest action.

What to pack


Even in fall, temperatures in Dallas, Texas, can be pleasant. You can pack those sundresses, shorts, and t-shirts with confidence, but allow space for a few winter woollies just in case. As September turns to October, temperatures can drop, and rain is not out of the question either. Comfortable waterproof footwear may be something you’d like to consider bringing with you as well.


With strict security and a lot of ground to cover, it’s in your best interest to pack light. Bring your tickets, cash and credit, and space for purchases. State Fair officials discourage personal food and beverages if you don’t have dietary requirements, and metal cutlery, glass, and alcohol are prohibited. You can leave all your cooking, camping, and comfort items back at your RV for use later.

Health & Safety

The State Fair of Texas takes your health and safety seriously, so they provide much of what you need to stay happy and healthy. Bring any medical supplies you require and sun protection items, but make use of on-site facilities as much as you like. There is a baby care center, restrooms, information booths, and two first aid sites for your convenience.

Where to eat


Once you retire from the fair for the day, you’ll likely feel like relaxing in your RV with a homemade meal. Check with your resort of choice to make sure your cooking method is allowed. You will likely be able to use your onboard RV kitchen appliances. If you need to stock up on supplies, Dallas delivers. There are supply stores within a short walking distance of Fair Park. Depending on how the size of your rig, you may find it simplest to stock up near your campsite or before arriving in the area for simplicity.


If you need a break from fare food, then why not take a trip into Dallas and try something new? Even in proximity to the fairgrounds, there is all manner of cuisines to suit your tastes. From steakhouses and fried chicken through to fast food chains and quaint cafes; you won’t go hungry in Dallas. Looking to share your snazzy side? Dallas has upscale cuisine options for every style of foodie.


You will never go hungry at the State Fair of Texas, with something new and exciting every year. Thirsty in the heat? Try a tall glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade. Bring both cash and credit to explore all manner of goods with a Texas twist. From corn dogs and turkey legs, through to cotton candy and deep-fried delights; there’s something for everyone. Vendors are also spread out throughout the fairgrounds to be within walking distance no matter where you are.



There are many dos and don’ts relating to security at the State Fair of Texas. Make sure you lock your RV securely and place all treasured possessions out of sight. Take only what you need into the fairgrounds, as security screening takes place for every visitor. Leave behind pets, noisemakers, giant props and signs, camera equipment, drones, personal wheeled transport, and weapons.


In past years, weather during the State Fair of Texas has been pleasant. The sun is out for the majority of the 24-day event, with occasional rainfall, cloudy days, and mugginess in the air. While it’s rare for adverse weather to happen during fall, it’s a good idea to plan for all eventualities. Keep an eye on weather apps, top up all your RV tanks, and come prepared with emergency supplies.


There are two well-equipped first aid areas on the fairgrounds to help those with minor injuries. Approach a fair official if you require emergency assistance or dial 9-11. The nearest medical center is around two miles from Fair Park, with pharmacies dotted around the general vicinity as well.