Steel Bridge Campground


Ready for your next RV adventure? Pack your bags and head out to spend some time at California's Steel Bridge Campground. It's an amazing place for your next relaxing RV holiday.

Steel Bridge Campground, a Bureau of Land Management property near Redding, is one of California's most beloved camping locales. The property is situated along the banks of the Trinity River. A small camping facility, families will enjoy the privacy of Steel Bridge Campground's remote location and serene setting.

There are many popular outdoor activities to enjoy at Steel Bridge Campground. Among the family favorite attractions are fishing, boating, and swimming. Trinity River's waters are well-renowned for their clarity, making them a beloved fishing hole for anglers who enjoy casting out in the waters in search of a seafood bounty.

Steel Bridge Campground offers many hiking trails of varying lengths and intensities for families to use at their leisure. Many of the hiking paths are suited to cycling and horseback riding as well. Dogs are welcome on the trails so long as they remain leashed.

For a memorable vacation in an area renowned for its beauty and tranquil atmosphere, you won't want to miss out on a chance to holiday at Steel Bridge Campground. It's an RV campers' paradise!

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Travel to Steel Bridge Campground proceeds most easily from Douglas City. Travelers should follow Highway 299 to the turn off for Steel Bridge Road. Steel Bridge Road is essentially comprised of two lanes and consists of dirt. This stretch of road becomes very muddy when wet and can then be difficult to navigate. A four-wheel-drive vehicle is not necessary but can be helpful in inclement weather conditions.

Steel Bridge Road cuts through areas of light forest before culminating at the entrance to the campground.


There is no designated parking lot on the grounds of Steel Bridge Campground. However, at the entrance to this camping facility, there is a large dirt space where travelers can safely park their vehicles, RVs, and trailers.

Public Transportation

There is currently no public transportation to Steel Bridge Campground due to its remote location.

Campgrounds and parking in Steel Bridge Campground

Campsites in Steel Bridge Campground

Reservations camping

Bailey Cove Campground

Bailey Cove Campground offers year-round camping for RV and tent campers. Reservations are required.

There are only seven sites available on the premises for RV and tent campers to use. Each of the sites is furnished with a picnic table, a fire pit, a tent pad, bear boxes for food storage, and a paved parking space.

The on-site amenities include flush toilets and drinking water.

This campground is found within a recreational area that offers such attractions as a boat ramp, hiking trails, and picnic areas with grills.

Dogs may join their owners but must remain leashed.

First-come first-served

Steel Bridge Campground

Steel Bridge Campground is a popular camping facility which is available May through December yearly for RV and tent camping on a first-come, first-served basis. There are 12 sites in total, each of which is appropriate for tenting or for RV use.

Campers should make note that there is no potable water access on the premises. They must come prepared with bottled water for their own personal use.

The Douglas City Store is near to this campground and offers many conveniences for families looking for snacks, drinks, or other items.

Each campsite is complete with a picnic table and a fire pit. There are vault toilets on the premises for the public to use.

Swimming and fishing are popular activities here.

Dogs are permitted on the grounds but must be leashed at all times.

Greens Creek Campground

Greens Creek Campground offers families a unique camping opportunity. This camping facility is one of four campgrounds in the state that is only accessible by boat.

Access to this campground is via the McCloud Arm portion of Shasta Lake. Remote and secluded, this campground is ideal for families looking to enjoy some privacy. During bouts of inclement weather, lake access to the campsites is restricted.

Each campsite is available on a first-come, first-served basis only and is complete with a picnic table. Though vault toilets are housed on the grounds, there is no access to drinking water. All waste materials must be taken with campers when they vacate the premises.

Since access to these campsites is via boat only, this campground is suited to tenting only.

Dogs may join their owners but must remain on a leash at all times.

Seasonal activities in Steel Bridge Campground


Sundial Bridge

When visiting Steel Bridge Campground, it is well worth the effort to stop by to see the Sundial Bridge. This overpass was the brainchild of architect Santiago Calatrava and is comprised of a glass platform over a traditional suspension bridge.

The Sundial Bridge stretches 217 feet in height and 710 feet in width, reaching across the Sacramento River. In addition to its role as a passageway across the water, the bridge also functions as a sundial and is considered to be one of the largest in history.

The bridge opened to the public on July 4th, 2004, and today is in use for pedestrian crossings.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park

Turtle Bay Exploration Park offers families the opportunity to enjoy the best of California outdoor recreation all in one fun space. This recreational facility is run by a non-profit organization. The grounds consist of over 300 acres in total, providing families with ample room for exploration.

Housed on the grounds are such interesting attractions as a forestry and wildlife center, an arboretum, and botanical gardens. The Sundial Bridge is also found on this property.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park is also the starting point for many of the area's most popular hiking trails.

Whiskeytown Lake

For families looking to enjoy some water recreation during their trip to Steel Bridge Campground, a trip to Whiskeytown Lake will not disappoint. This beloved body of water is well-renowned for its crystalline clarity. The waters remain refreshing year-round, making them the perfect locale for enjoying a dip during the heat of the summer.

The landscape at Whiskeytown Lake is particularly picturesque and includes such topographical marvels as immense mountain ranges, lush vegetation, and crystal blue waterfalls.

The property surrounding Whiskeytown Lake is also home to over 70 miles of hiking trails.


Sacramento River Trail

The Sacramento River Trail is a popular spot for families looking to get in a workout while on an RV vacation at Steel Bridge Campground. This hiking path traverses the famed Sundial Bridge and continues down as far as the Shasta Dam. Adjacent to the trail is a formerly prosperous rail line that is no longer in operation.

Both the Sacramento River Trail and the Sacramento River Rail Trail have been included on the National Recreation Trails list within the National Trail System.
This hiking path is moderate in length but does tend to meander back and forth. It is well-suited to a light stroll, a gentle bike ride, or even a vigorous jog.

Along the route, families will discover several public parks, public washrooms, and incredible scenery.

Anderson River Park

Anderson River Park finds its home in Anderson, California, and consists of 440 acres of naturally landscaped grounds.

There are many recreational activities for families to enjoy at this beautiful public park. These include softball and soccer fields, boating, fishing, wildlife viewing, basketball courts, picnic spots, hiking, and trails for horseback riding.

Also found within the park grounds is the Veteran's Memorial Walk, a spot commemorating the American veterans' service to their county during wartime.

Throughout the year, Anderson River Park hosts a number of events including Family Fun Fest and the Mosquito Serenade, a popular concert series.

Clover Creek Preserve

Clover Creek Preserve is a unique spot located in the heart of Redding, California. Hidden within a residential area, this public park offers plenty of paved hiking paths where families can enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride. Dogs are permitted to join their owners here but must remain leashed.

There is one trail that is two miles in length that runs in a loop and offers incredible views of the gentle hilly terrain, vast tree cover, and rich blue sky.

Wear good walking shoes and bring lots of drinking water along for this adventure.