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Stephenfield Provincial Park


To experience rural Canadian living at its finest, you won't want to miss the opportunity to do some RV camping at Stephenfield Provincial Park. This remote recreational area offers six large sites and is spacious enough to accommodate even the largest RVs and trailers. With six yurts for rent on the property, Stephenfield Provincial Park has something for campers of every style.

Located just outside the small town of Carman, MB, Stephenfield Provincial Park is located directly next to Stephenfield Lake. The campground is situated quite near to the Stephenfield Dam, a spot that is well-renowned for its beauty and tranquil air as well as for its abundant swimming and boating opportunities.

The town of Carman itself rests near to Winkler a rural center located only 41 km (or 26 miles) away. Winkler is a community known for its large Mennonite population and its rich and diverse culture. Morden, another neighboring town which is situated 43 km (or 27 miles) from Carman and is in the opposite direction from Winkler, is home to the Morden Corn and Apple Festival which takes place each August and is an event not to be missed!

For local produce and organic meat and eggs, you will be spoiled for choice with the options found on the farms surrounding Carman. Pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables at the weekend local farmers' markets or stop by a U-Pick to hand select your own bounty of raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries in season. The pastel hues of abundant canola fields are a beautiful sight to behold and can be seen along the drive to Stephenfield Provincial Park whether you are heading from Winnipeg, Brandon, or Portage La Prairie.

If a relaxing holiday in a charming rural Manitoba town sounds like a slice of paradise, plan your next RV vacation at Stephenfield Provincial Park. You'll have a great time!

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RV Rentals in Stephenfield Provincial Park



The trip to Stephenfield Provincial Park is picturesque regardless of which direction you are travelling from. The journey meanders through vast expanses of vibrantly-colored canola fields and other crops. The terrain is extremely flat, allowing visitors the luxury of viewing a landscape of vegetation in attractive hues for many miles.

To get to Stephenfield Provincial Park from Manitoba's capital city of Winnipeg, follow Highway 3 west for 62 km (or 39 miles) until you reach the village of Carman. From here, continue west on Provincial Road 245 for an additional 22 km (14 miles). When the park signs come into view, take a left to enter the campground. The entire trip covers 84 km (53 miles), but it is a leisurely drive once outside metropolitan Winnipeg, passing through a number of small, quaint towns that offer the perfect opportunity to stop for fuel and a snack or to stretch your legs. Though extremely rural, the roads are well maintained both in and out of season. Highway 3 just outside Winnipeg is initially four lanes but narrows down to two. The provincial road is also only a two lane highway. Road construction is occasionally necessary along this route, but since the area receives only light traffic at best, it is unlikely to cause any major delays.

If travelling to the campground from Brandon, Manitoba, the most direct route is 173 km (107 miles) and will take just under two hours of driving time. The route is equally as scenic with distinctly flat terrain. Begin by taking MB 244 S and remain on this road for 134 km (83 miles). Pick up MB 245 E and continue along this road until you arrive at Stephenfield Provincial Park. MB 244 S is a moderately trafficked highway which alternates between sections of four lanes and two lanes. MB 245 E is a two lane stretch of road only. This route is direct and flat and travels along roads that are kept clean and in good condition.


There are three large parking lots throughout Stephenfield Provincial Park where you can leave a car or park your RV short term. It is important to note that a Park Vehicle Permit is required to enter the camping areas and must be prominently displayed in your RV at all times.

Public Transportation

Since Carman and Stephenfield are both extremely remote areas, no public transportation is available to this campground.

Campgrounds and parking in Stephenfield Provincial Park

Campsites in Stephenfield Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Stephenfield Campground

Stephenfield Campground consists of six large sites located within Stephenfield Provincial Park. There are 134 campsites in total. Of the 134, 36 are unserviced with 63 possessing power hookups, and 35 with both power and water. Since the sites with electric and water capabilities book up quickly, advance reservations are required.

The campground offers large lots able to accommodate even the lengthiest trailers and RV's. At the time of reservation, you will be asked about the size of your RV to ensure an adequately sized lot is available. A Park Vehicle Permit is required to enter the camping areas.

The campsites are quite beautiful and are surrounded by expansive tree cover to provide serenity and privacy to families looking to enjoy the beauty of nature in a quiet setting. Dogs are permitted to join their families here but must remain leashed at all times.

Generator use is permitted. Among the amenities at Stephenfield Campground are public phones, an amphitheater, beach access, a boat launch and dock, a fishing cleaning station, a group use area, showers, both modern and more primitive toilet facilities, tap water access, and a sewage disposal area.

For leisure activities, families may also enjoy the on-site horseshoe pits, basketball courts, baseball diamond, and picnic shelters. Stephenfield Campground is also home to many hiking trails.

The campground is open for RV use and general camping from mid-May to mid-September only.

Seasonal activities in Stephenfield Provincial Park


Water Sports

The reservoir at Stephenfield Dam as well as Stephenfield Lake itself offer visitors abundant opportunities to enjoy water sports. Bring along your canoe, kayak, or other sports equipment and enjoy a day on the clear, calm Manitoba waters.

If you feel like trying your hand at doing some fishing, cast your line out on the water from the comfort of your boat. You can clean your seafaring treasures at the fish cleaning station provided just off the shore.

Though both of these bodies of water can become crowded during bouts of favorable weather, they are generally excellent places to enjoy some R&R both on and off the water.


Who says remote areas are short on fun things to do? If golfing is more your bag, you will find many different courses to enjoy throughout the areas surrounding Stephenfield Provincial Park.

You can travel to Carman, Miami, or Roland to take part in some of the province's best golf experiences. The Carman Golf and Curling Club is only 24 km (15 miles) from Stephenfield Provincial Park and offers an 18 hole premiere golf course, pro services, and a clubhouse. In Miami, you will find the Miami Golf and Country Club. Just a short drive from the campground at only 21 km (13 miles), this prestigious golfing facility is sure to appeal to any true golf lover. Roland, MB, is home to a nine hole course named the Roland Golf Club. To get to this course, you will need to travel 43 km (27 miles).

Stephenfield Dam

A visit to Stephenfield Dam is fun for the whole family. Nestled along the Boyne River, the reservoir at this idyllic haven is the perfect spot for families looking to get in some swim time. There is no lifeguard on duty at Stephenfield Dam, so you will need to carefully supervise any children swimming in the reservoir. Though dogs are permitted at Stephenfield Provincial Park, they are not allowed on the beach or in the water at Stephenfield Dam.

There is a boat launch and dock here, making it a great spot for doing some canoeing, kayaking, or fishing. The property also houses a playground for children to enjoy as well as picnic shelters and tables where families can eat a packed lunch or snack. Bathrooms are available for public use, and there is also a fish cleaning station for fishermen wishing to fillet their catch of the day.



Manitoba waters are a rich source of diverse species of fish. In this province, fishing is not limited to just the summer months. You can enjoy casting your line in the water nearly any time of year.

Among the most popular species of fish you will find at Stephenfield Dam or Stephenfield Lake include lake sturgeon, bullhead, rainbow trout, lake trout, brook trout, whitefish, arctic char, and brown trout.

Stephenfield Provincial Park has a fish cleaning station directly off the water where you can clean your catch of the day and prepare to make a feast for the whole family to enjoy.

For a day of relaxation and fun, it's hard to beat a day on the boat or along the shore attempting to reel in "the big one."


Though primarily flat terrain, there are lots of interesting hiking trails both in and throughout Stephenfield Provincial Park. There is one trail which runs around the outside of the park then traverses through the campground, giving families a unique view of the entire property.

Looking to do more exploring? Why not try one of the five most popular trails found at this campground. Each of the trails varies in length but are all approximately the same intensity level with each suitable for hikers of any age, health condition, or activity ability.

The trails in Stephenfield Provincial Park are as follows: Tanager Trail 4.2 km (2.5 miles), Bobolink Trail 2.4 km (1.5 miles), Bluebird Trail 2.2 km (just over 1 mile), Goldfinch Trail 1.2 km (0.75 miles), and Surviving the Harsh Climate 2.5 km (1.5).

Be sure to bring along drinking water and a snack to keep your hunger and thirst at bay.


Many of the same trails that are suitable for hiking are also the ideal location for doing some cycling. Since the terrain is relatively flat and runs through some forested areas, you will have the luxury of enjoying some relaxation while you reconnect with nature in this serene and picturesque setting.

Along the trails, you may want to stop to take some photos of the abundant plant and animal life that make the forested areas their home. If you bring a dog along to join you on your cycling adventure, do be sure to keep them on a lead and to prevent them from disturbing any wildlife you may encounter.

Be certain to pack some drinking water to keep you well-hydrated and dress warmly in colder weather, carefully keeping extremities covered to prevent frostbite.