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Summit Lake Provincial Park


Featuring incredible fishing opportunities and lakefront camping facilities in a tranquil setting, Summit Lake Provincial Park is perfect for all the RV lovers in British Columbia. The history of the park dates back to when the local First Nation traditional territories of Ktunaxa/Kinbasket, Okanagan and Shuswap used to live and hunt in and around the area of the park. In 1964 the park was first established and was later upgraded with a campground inclusion in 1999. The reason for adding a campground was to allow local and holiday destination outdoor recreation opportunities along with diversifying local community tourism attractions.

Since the park is quite small (around 15 acres or 0.06sqkm) most of the recreational activities revolve around the lake. Visitors have the chance to go boating, fishing, swimming in the pristine waters. Off the lake you can also have a relaxing picnic or use the short walking trail to explore the park.

If you choose to stay the night at Summit Lake Provincial Park there is a circular campground that features 35 vehicle accessible sites (eight of which are double sites) and it also includes a paved, one way traffic road. It is renowned as being an excellent campground with shady sites that are set along the lakefront or in the cedar hemlock forest. Peak season at Summit Lake Provincial Park runs from May until September.

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Summit Lake Provincial Park is located in the south-east region of British Columbia and is situated right off the BC-6 highway. As you approach the park you will see the lake from the highway and there is only one entry and exit point that is very easy to see.

Along BC-6 there are some small towns that feature some supplies, services and amenities that you may need to access before setting up camp at the park. If you are traveling from the north and you need to stop in somewhere you can check out the village of Nakusp (around 10 miles or 16km away). If you are coming from the south you can stop in to New Denver (around 18 miles or 30km away) or Silverton (around 21 miles or 35km). The closest city to Summit Lake Provincial Park is Revelstoke, which is around 74 miles (120 kms) to the north.

Accessing the park should be quite straightforward as the road into the park and into the campground are both paved. The road is a one-way; however, since the campground is circular it is easy to turn around in. Since the road into the park is so short there are no obstacles such as overhanging branches that could cause damage to your RV. During the winter the park gate is closed so you will not be able to access the park during the off season.


There is plenty of parking at Summit Lake Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

There are no public transport options that will take you to Summit Lake Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Summit Lake Provincial Park

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Summit Lake Campground

Summit Lake Campground is the only campground at Summit Lake Provincial Park and is renowned for being an excellent camping destination. The campground consists of one circular loop and features 35 campsites that are level, made of compacted gravel and offer decent privacy from other neighboring campers.

All sites at Summit Lake Campground are primitive with no hookups available. Despite this there are other great amenities in the campground, including multiple water collection points, flush toilets, a boat ramp and all sites either have lake or forest views. There is no dump station at Summit Lake Campground but it is pet friendly and you should be able to get cell phone service on all of the major providers within the campground.

Since the campground is a popular destination in the summer we recommend that you book a reservation in advance before you begin your journey to the park. 23 of the 35 sites are reservable while the rest are available on a first come, first served basis. Summit Lake Campground is open from May until September.

Seasonal activities in Summit Lake Provincial Park



There is no better way to spend a hot summer day than by taking a dip in the pristine waters of Summit Lake. The lake is known for being a great swimming destination and there is a 328 foot (100 meter) sandy beach that also is great for relaxing on or sunbathing. Be aware if you are swimming in the lake that there are no lifeguards so swim to your ability.


During the month of August Summit Lake Provincial Park turns into a thriving festival environment thanks to its role as the host of the annual Toadfest. The Toadfest is held to celebrate the migration of toadlets from Summit Lake to the surrounding forests. Toadfest is a free event and at the festival there will be information booths, displays and activities that you can enjoy. For more information on what weekend the festival is held you can check out the official park website.


Summit Lake Provincial Park has a great day use/picnic area that is located in a beautiful lakeside location. There is plenty of room for you to spread out and on the edge of the forest there are six picnic tables that are available on a first come, first served basis along with a pit toilet and water collection tap. Please note that the day use/picnic area doesn't have any fire pits or BBQ stands so plan your picnic accordingly.



Those who love to fish will be very pleased to know that Summit Lake Provincial Park is a very well-regarded fishing destination. The lake is a great spot for summer fishing and people also walk-in to the park when the gate is closed to do winter fishing. The most popular species to target are rainbow trout and cutthroat trout. Please note that anyone fishing within Summit Lake Provincial Park will need a British Columbia fishing license.


Along with being great for swimming, the waters of Summit Lake are also fantastic for boating. Paddling is the preferred way for visitors to check out the lake and most camping residents leave their canoe or kayak on the beach during their stay. If you want to launch a boat you can do so at campsite #29 where there is a single wide, all-gravel boat launch that is suitable for car-top boats. If you have a larger boat there is a public boat launch available a few minutes south of the park.

Wildlife Viewing

Along with the famous toads there are many other species of wildlife that you can try your luck at spotting during your stay at the park. The islands near the campground are excellent nesting opportunities for shorebirds so you may be able to spot eagles, hawks and kingfishers. The forests and rocky talus slopes north of the park also offer suitable habit for grizzly bear, mountain goat and cougar. Mountain goats are one of the most often observed animals, especially on rocky outcroppings.