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Talimena State Park is a national jewel cossetted in Eastern Oklahoma and marks the beginning of the Talimena National Scenic Drive. Spreading over 20 acres of land, Talimena State Park is relatively small but famous for its magnificent spring and fall foliage and jaw-dropping natural beauty. The park is a must visit for any RV enthusiast and offers multiple RV sites with full water and electric hookups. The park also provides opportunities for camping and rocky woodland hiking terrains for the more adventurous. One can also stop by for a picnic with their families as the park offers a children's playgrounds and many picturesque spots to sit back and admire the mountain scenery.

Views of the glorious Ouachita Mountains, that extend in every direction for as far as the eye can see, offer serenity and a sense of being lost in nature's wonders. The crisp fresh air and the towering pine trees offer shade and relaxation while you submerse yourself in the surroundings. Even though Talimena State Park can be visited year round the most popular season is fall, as during this period the many types of flora offer a diverse and vibrant palette of colors that makes for some truly mesmerizing pictures and views.

If you have set out on an RV road trip to cover the Talimena National Scenic Drive or simply want to spend a day out in the wilderness than Talimena State Park should be your first destination for either a day of picnicking or camping. The weather, landscape and wildlife all add to the charisma and beauty of this park.

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Located in Leflore County in the Ouachita Mountains of Eastern Oklahoma, Talimena State Park lies about 20 miles south of Wister and seven miles north of Talihina. Talimena State Park is easy to access with wide roads leading to the park that make it perfect for RV and Motor-home owners. The park marks the start of the Talimena National Scenic Drive that offers 54 miles of majestic views of rolling hills, mountains and dense woodlands. Entrance to the park lies on the National Scenic Byway and you can also embark directly on to the Ouachita Hiking trail via the parks western entrance. Once inside the park roads connect to the various camping sites, gift store and picnic areas and there are no RV or ATV restrictions which is great news for off-road enthusiasts.


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Talimena State Park Campgrounds

Talimena State Park packs a whole lot of nature in a relatively small expanse of land. As a result, there are only ten RV camping sites available and about 20 tenting sites. When setting out it is highly recommended to make a reservation and during season Talimena State Park can get pretty crowded. The 10 RV sites offer water and electric hook-ups along with handicap parking, a dump station, and showering facility.

Even though the park is open all year round, fall is the best season to visit and experience the jaw-dropping foliage with stunning shades of orange, red, brown and yellow all over the landscape. You can set up your base camp here and venture onto the trails for hiking, biking, backpacking, and off-roading. Campers are allowed to camp for 14 days at a time.

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Amidst the towering pine trees that offer shade and respite from the sun are many dirt-bike trails that cut through the wooden and rocky terrain. Talimena State Park has mountain bike trails that have rocky parts which can make it a real challenge for even the most experienced mountain bikers. Mountain biking enthusiasts have 28 miles of biking trails to choose from some of which are double tracked like the Choctaw Nation Trail. The Ouachita National Recreation Trail is longer (14-miles) and more challenging as it is single tracked with many rocky patches. Mountain bikes can always take a break mid-ride and enjoy the gorgeous views of the Ouachita range while cooling off!


It's one thing driving past the scenic backdrops and views and quite another being amidst it all. Hiking trails that run through Talimena State Park are some of the most amazing trails in all of North America. Hikers have the luxury to choose from various trails depending on their level of expertise. All trails lead through rocky woodlands teaming with many species of flora and fauna. The park marks the starting and ending point of the 223-mile Ouachita National Recreational Trail. Shorter trails like the Bohannon and Chickasaw Nation Trails are easier hikes that offer a more relaxing hiking experience.

Wildlife Watching

Talimena State Park is home to many species of fauna and flora. The towering pines, oak and maple trees offer breathtaking fall foliage with wildflowers adding to the color and vibrant backdrops. Talimena State Park takes you closer to nature with its unique ecosystem that is home to reptiles, small mammals and many types of bird that can be heard and spotted chirping up on the tall trees.



Talimena State Park's fall foliage is perhaps one of the most beautiful and colorful natural beauty you can come across. The dense woodlands open up to reveal the Appalachians and Rockies mountain ranges that make for some astonishing views. This makes Talimena State Park the ideal spot for a picnic with family and friends. The park offer picnic facilities such as picnic tables, water and electric hookups, and clean bathrooms and showers with hot water supply even during winter season. There’s also a playground for your little ones to enjoy and large grills for BBQ.

Gift Store

Apart from the camping and picnic sites Talimena State Park also has a gift store that sells merchandise including camping gear, gift items, souvenirs, and basic necessities such as food and water. It is a great place to stop at the start or end of your camping trip to take back something cool to remember this amazing place.


Users of ATVs and dirt-bikes are likely to have a lot of fun at Talimena State Park. Being close to the highway it offers many ATV trails that can get you to spots your RVs and cars never could. The Boardstand Road and Old Military Road trails are enjoyable off-road trails that include boulders, rocks and dirt segments in order to get to the most scenic and awe-inspiring spots on the park.