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The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area


If you're looking for the perfect spot for your next RV adventure, consider a trip to The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area. It's the ideal place for a camping getaway.

Situated 40 km to the west of Stettler, Alberta, The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area is small in size and quite secluded, affording families a quiet place for a relaxing outdoor vacation. The campground is found along the banks of a thin canal which forms a portion of Buffalo Lake, a haven for fishermen both local and from abroad. An extremely rustic site, families can enjoy roughing it in a portion of land that feels like Canadian wilderness yet with a few amenities to remind them of home.

The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area is maintained by the Summer Village of Rochon Sands in conjunction with the Province of Alberta. With camping available both within the recreational area and the Boreal Forest, RV campers are spoiled for choice for their rural Canadian adventure.

There are lots of activities to keep families busy during their visit to this idyllic spot. The park is a natural bird habitat, making it the perfect place to capture some shots of species of birds that are indigenous to the region. The heavily forested areas are a haven for many different varieties of wildlife including elk, deer, and moose.

Buffalo Lake, which is found on the property, is a great place for taking in some of summer's best sports. For those with canoes, kayaks, or pleasurecraft, this clean, clear lake offers excellent fishing and is the ideal locale for paddling. Sail along the narrow canal and through the deep marsh out to the islands that are plentiful with reeds and sheltered by protected waters.

For the ideal Canadian outdoor vacation, plan a trip to The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area. Whether in summer, winter, spring, or fall, you'll be sure to have a great time.

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Travelling to The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area from Red Deer, AB, is a breeze. Located to the east of the park, Red Deer is approximately 68 km (or 42 miles) from the campground. To reach this recreational area, begin by taking AB-11 E until the exit for AB 601 N. At the exit for AB-21 N, make a left turn and continue along this road until it turns into Township Road 402. You will encounter 6 km (4 miles) of gravel roadway before you reach your destination. The highways along the route are all well-maintained and kept free from snow and debris year-round. You'll find predominantly two-lane highways throughout the entire drive, the path is mostly flat, and the roads only moderately trafficked. Road construction is possible during the summer months so expect delays. The 6 km (4 miles) stretch of gravel road yields a lot of dust, so be sure to reduce your speed accordingly.

If heading to The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area from Edmonton, your journey will consist of a total of 161 km (or 100 miles). The route begins on AB 21 S and proceeds directly to the turnoff for Township Road 402 where you will encounter 6 km (4 miles) of gravel road before reaching the park. AB 21 S is a major highway which alternates between four lanes and two. The highway is kept in excellent condition and is fairly heavily trafficked. You may experience road construction during the summer months, so be prepared to leave some additional time to avoid arriving late. Reduce your speed along the gravel path to avoid chips in your windshield and excess dust.


Parking is available at the entrance to The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area.

Public Transportation

Since this campground is located 40 km from the nearest town, there is no public transportation available to the park and camping area.

Campgrounds and parking in The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area

Campsites in The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area

First-come first-served

The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area Campground

The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area Campground is a small and remote camping facility located in Mirror, AB. There are 61 campsites available on a first come, first served basis from mid May through mid October each year.

The camping facilities at this recreational area are surrounded by willow and cottonwood trees and offer lots of privacy to families looking for a more secluded area to catch up on their R&R. There are also a few camping spots located within the Boreal Forest that are completely surrounded by abundant tree cover and plant life.

Among the amenities at The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area Campground are toilets, firewood, fire pits, picnic areas, a fishing cleaning station, and tap water via a pump. It is recommended that all tap water be boiled prior to drinking.

Generator use is permitted, and dogs are also allowed on the premises but must remain leashed. The campsites are quite rustic in nature with the nearest town located 40 km away.

The most popular leisure activities include geocaching, picnicking, walking, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing.

Seasonal activities in The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area



An avian paradise, birdwatchers will enjoy the opportunity to spot some rare birds in their natural habitat at The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area. Bring along your camera to catch some photos of birds taking flight.

Your journey may lead along the shoreline or even through the Boreal Forest where you will also enjoy the unique plant and animal life that makes this park their home.

You can even tote some binoculars and your favorite bird book to identify the different species you encounter on your day of birdwatching fun.


Buffalo Lake is a fisherman's paradise! Grab your rod, your reel, and some tasty bait, and try your hand at reeling in the catch of the day. Buffalo Lake teems with Northern Pike among other species of fish.

Take your canoe or kayak out on the water or fish right from the shore. Once you've caught your fill, take your bounty to the on-premise fish cleaning station where you can fillet your fish and prepare them for a barbecue over the open fire pit at your campsite.


Both the Boreal Forest and The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area are great places to enjoy some geocaching. Bring your best hiking shoes and set out in search of the clues that will lead you to your treasure!

Be sure to bring some water and a snack with you to ensure you don't get hungry or thirsty. Your dog may join you on your geocaching adventures, but do keep them on a lead at all times.



For families who love to do some exploring on foot, there are lots of interesting places to do some roaming at The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area. Though there are no specific hiking trails, there are lots of wooded sections with paths that are the perfect spot for enjoying the beauty of the willow and cottonwood trees. Along your journey, stop and pick some saskatoon berries, a local treat, off the bushes scattered throughout the forest.

If you're especially lucky, you might even spot a rare species of orchid that grows wild in this region. Known as the Yellow Lady's Slipper, this stunning flower is a beauty to behold.

Bring along drinking water to quench your thirst. Dogs are welcome throughout this park, but they must remain leashed at all times.


Is there anything more relaxing than a picnic in a tranquil wooded setting? Pack a picnic basket and grab a cooler full of ice cold drinks and head out to enjoy one of the picnic areas at The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area.

Bring along a beach blanket where you can recline to to feast on a meal with views of the lake and surrounding foliage or grab a spot at one of the picnic tables. After lunch, why not try your hand at reeling in the "big one" from the shore, or light a fire in the fire pit at your campsite where you can roast some marshmallows and tell ghost stories after dark?

For a delicious meal in a serene spot, you won't want to miss out on an opportunity to picnic at The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area.


If taking your boat out for a spin tops your list of "must do's" this summer, you'll find what you are looking for at The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area. With a boat launch located just off the narrow canal which leads to Buffalo Lake, you can head out for a day of adventure on the water in your canoe, kayak, or pleasurecraft.

Enjoy sailing along the canal, taking in the beauty of the tall wild grasses that frame the edge of the water, or do some vigorous paddling to explore the remote islands that are covered with a thick grouping of reeds in Buffalo Lake.

Bring along your camera to capture the sights from your afternoon on the water. Is there a better way to spend a summer's day?