The Reading Fair

Make The Reading Fair your next road trip pit-stop when in Pennsylvania. Be entertained while learning about the many facets of agriculture.

Event information

If you are looking for a non-stop state fair with action galore, look no further than The Reading Fair in Leesport, Pennsylvania. A fair that has something for every member of the family, agricultural games, contests, exhibits, and fundraisers all have a focus on the farm while promoting education and a fun time.

The entertainment includes unique and enjoyable events like the best bale decorating contest (drive around the area and choose your favorite), Bingo fundraisers to pay for the 4H ribbons and awards, and arena games like the dairyman’s and stockman’s competitions.

Try your hand at the corn cob toss, or how about the raw egg toss? The kids will like the Animal Mardi Gras game and Pedal Power Tractor Pull. A meander through the animal exhibition is always good as a learning experience, and the 4-H displays are sure to inspire creativity and hard work in children and teens.

Racing events range from the go-kart to motorcycles and 8,500-pound diesel trucks. Other activities include an antique tractor parade and stage entertainment. The Reading Fair has something for everyone, so don’t miss the fun.


Admission to The Reading Fair is free. This includes activities like livestock shows, attendance at for some events, and observance of races and tractor pulls. There will be nominal fees for rides, and if you are interested in a pit pass to see the race cars, karts, and motorcycles, the prices range from around $25 to $40. Visit to see the details of fees for specific events. Fundraisers, such as the Bingo event, charge an admission price to play the games. All in all, this is a budget-friendly fair with plenty of bang for your buck.

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With your sights on Leesport, Pennsylvania, PA-183 and US-222 may be part of your route as you approach the fairgrounds. As you drive through the pretty, rural countryside, watch for local wildlife and keep to the posted speed limit. There should be signage for the fairgrounds, and locals who live and work in the area are happy to assist travelers. While on the way, tune in to the local radio station for updates on road closures or weather alerts.

Parking areas

Check the website for the Fair Office phone number if you have concerns about parking your rig at the fairgrounds. There should be plenty of space at this large, country venue. The parking will be on dirt roads and grassy areas, so make sure that your RV is parked for easy in and out maneuvers.

Public Transportation

With no bussing system in the town, visitors to the area who do not want to drive their rig to The Reading Fair can park in an area suitable for their rig size and take a taxi or use a ride-sharing service as a form of transport to the festivities.

Where to stay


The Reading Fair does not have accommodation for onsite camping. There are several campgrounds in the area. Choose the amenities and extras that your family prefers, and make a decision that everyone takes part in as you prepare for a trip to Pennsylvania.


The area around Leesport has an abundance of campgrounds within a 10 to 30-minute drive of the fairgrounds. You can drive in almost any direction, north or south, whatever takes your fancy. Claim a spot with all of the amenities like pull-through sites and full hookup for your convenience. If you like lakeside activities, camp near Blue Marsh Lake for hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

Getting around

The Reading Fair is a large event with open-air entertainment, tented stages, and exhibition buildings. The terrain has dirt road and grass which may become difficult if a rainy day rolls into Eastern Pennsylvania. Keep this in mind and have assistance along if you are navigating a wheelchair, electric scooter, stroller, or child’s wagon. Have the family in comfy footwear as there will be a lot of walking from place to place.

What to pack


Pack the RV for all weather eventualities. Include shorts and t-shirts for days that you will attend the fair or sightsee in the area. The evenings are typically cooler but still very pleasant, so bring along a sweater for comfort. Rain gear is always a must. If you have the kids’ favorite billy boots and rain poncho along, then the rain will not slow them down or dampen spirits in any way.


When packing your day bag for the fair, keep it light. A camera, refillable water bottle, sunscreen, and a sweater make up the necessities. Load the RV with extra towels, toiletries, water games for lakeside fun, flashlights for stargazing treks at night, and plenty of easy to prep food. Check the propane and water levels, bring along briquets, and take inventory of the cooking gear to make sure you have the utensils and pots that you like to use.

Health & Safety

Bug spray and sunscreen are two items that you cannot leave home without when headed to camp. Protecting the family from bites and burns is key to a fun vacation. Remember to have an after-sun cream on hand just in case. At the fair, keep the family hydrated and have a shade break by visiting the exhibition barns a few times each day.

Where to eat


Keep your food cold in the refrigerator or a cooler packed with ice. Keep the meals simple, incorporating dishes and leftovers, so that meal prep is a breeze. Boiled and buttered potatoes can be turned into potato salad the next day. A meal containing chicken can be turned into a poultry and veggie side dish, or a chicken and rice stir-fry. Adhere to campground rules when it comes to open fire.


No matter which meal you decide to have in a restaurant, you will find a delicious solution in either Leesport or nearby Reading. Go for yummy pancakes and fruit for breakfast, an American diner meal for lunch, or a specialty restaurant for an end of day sit-down supper. The kids are always thrilled with pizza, tacos, and any kind of dessert. Spoil yourself with a filling pub meal and a cold drink.


Pennsylvania Dutch food is available for purchase at vendor stalls. Sample something new to your palate, and you won’t be disappointed at The Reading Fair. Fresh produce and delectable baked goods are too good to pass up. Support local vendors and buy the items you need for a healthy and tasty meal back at the campsite.



Leesport, Pennsylvania is serviced by the Berks County Police Department. The staff works hard to keep the region safe and secure. The fair is a calm and family-oriented event that has a community focus. Guests of all ages come together to enjoy this annual event. Have your kids stay close at hand as you explore the fair. Put a game plan in place, with a specified meeting location in case one family member gets distracted and separated from the group.


Hot days mean a sun hat on the head and water bottle in hand are the norm. The nights can cool down, allowing for comfortable sleeping. Open the RV windows, pull extra blankets out of storage if needed, and enjoy falling asleep to the sounds of nature. Keep your radio tuned in to local weather so that you know how to dress for excursions.


Be prepared for accidents, no matter how minor. A bruised or scraped knee can be easily remedied if your first aid kit is stocked with the necessities, including fun and colorful band-aids for the kids. Pack antiseptic lotion, antibiotic cream, tweezers, wipes, gauze, eye drops or saline solution, and aloe vera spray for burns. Pain relief, such as ibuprofen or aspirin, are ideal to have on hand, too.