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In 1936, General Land Office Civilian Conservation Corps built the original Tyee Recreation Site for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. A few decades later, in 1963, the recreation area was renovated and restored with modern amenities by the Bureau of Land Management. The new restorations included 14 campsites and 15 picnic sites for the general public.

The recreation area is situated in an idyllic location, right alongside the Umpqua River and about 15 miles north of Sutherlin, in Southwestern Oregon. The Tyee Recreation Site has been in continuous service far longer than any other BLM recreation area in Oregon. In fact, this recreation site might very well be the first-ever BLM recreation site, period. According to the BLM recreation specialist, Stanley Lester, this was the first recreation site maintained solely by the Bureau of Land Management anywhere in the nation.

The highlight of the Tyee Recreation Site is Umpqua River’s diverse shoreline, which is considered as one of the most scenic outdoor destinations in Oregon. This recreation site allows visitors to relax and soak in the serenity surrounding these shores. All reservable campsites are located close to the riverbank, allowing campers a nice view of the river from their temporary abodes.

The close proximity of the campground from the river also makes it a super convenient place for anglers to set up camp. Ospreys fly above the campground adding even more charm to this truly magical riverside setting.

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From the closest city ofSutherlin, OR, Tyee Recreation Site is only 15-miles away. Approach from the I-5 in Sutherlin and turn west 12 miles on Highway 138. Once you reach Bullock Bridge, a little past Tyee Landing, take a left and immediately turn right onto the County Road 57. Half a mile downstream, you will find the entrance to Tyee Recreation Site and a welcome sign.

The Pacific Coast is roughly 50 miles from Tyee. If you want to drive by the Umpqua River for pleasure then the Umpqua River Scenic Byway (State Highway 138 and 38) runs alongside the Umpqua River for nearly 56 miles offering stunning views of this scenic landscape. This byway is used by travelers to get from Interstate 5 to the pacific coast. The entire byway provides glorious views of the magnificent flora and fauna surrounding the river.


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Campgrounds and parking in Tyee Recreation Site

Campsites in Tyee Recreation Site

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Tyee Recreation Site Campground

Tyee Recreation Site provides a picturesque campground right beside the Umpqua River. The campground boasts 15 RV campsites in total. Pets are allowed on the campground. Every campsite comes with a vehicle parking space, fire ring, and picnic table. The hosts from the Bureau of Land Management stay on the site year-round to accommodate visitor needs. The campground also has several water spigots.

Thirteen of these non-hookup campsites are ADA accessible and the campground also has ADA accessible restrooms. They are well-developed sites with paved pathways and parking areas to make sure all campers find the utmost comfort here.

The campground has a large day-use area with a huge pavilion that often hosts large parties and events. Amenities at the day-use area includes a sink, a large barbeque grill, and electricity.

Eight people are allowed per campsite and a maximum stay of 14 days is permitted.

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Umpqua River has gained legendary status for its salmon and steelhead angling opportunities. In spring and fall, chinook and coho salmon are teeming in these river waters and in summers and winters, steelhead bring thousands of eager anglers to its shores.

Fishing enthusiasts can toss in a line for a chance at catching bass, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, chum salmon, white sturgeon, green sturgeon, American Shad, and Pacific Lamprey amongst many other fish species. Fly fishing is also permitted. Fishing ramps are available at the recreation area. Boat fishing is also encouraged.


A river as magnificent as the Umpqua River in Oregon lures adventurers and thrill-seekers determined to explore its shoreline and deeper waters. Tyee Recreation Site offers a ton of water-based recreational activities, the most popular of which is boating.

Boat ramps allow for canoeing, whitewater rafting, boating, and kayaking. In fact, rafting and kayaking on the Umpqua River is simply a must when visiting here. It makes the breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife surrounding the river appear even more surreal, making the experience altogether unforgettable.

Equestrian Trail

Tyee Recreation Site accommodates equestrians who want to explore this wilderness on horseback. The recreation site boasts horseshoe pits, horseshoes, and horse corrals. The trailhead at the recreation site is located right next to the public picnic table and the information kiosk. It runs parallel to the river and reaches all the way to the end of the campground.



Tyee Recreation Site is designed for those that enjoy spending time outdoors. The day-use picnic area has a large pavilion that often hosts large social gatherings where locals are seen enjoying each other's company, as well as the company of the beautiful natural scenery and wildlife surrounding them.

If you are a group of 25 or more, a permit is required to use the pavilion. The maximum capacity of the pavilion is 50 people and is great for large family gatherings and other events. Picnic tables and grills are also available along with washrooms and other amenities for an enjoyable and relaxing picnicking experience.


Umpqua River area is home to an astonishing 236 recorded species of birds. The rich river waters attract plenty of wildlife, and while camping and exploring this region you are likely to catch sight of ospreys, eagles, falcons, and owls.

Waterfowl are the most common bird species seen swimming and feeding on the river waters. Songbirds also make their presence known as you hear them chirping and singing amidst the trees and vegetation.


Tyee Recreation Site is located very close to Umpqua National Forest, which means that wildlife can occasionally foray close to the recreation site. There are 66 recorded species of mammals residing in the more remote forested regions and include large and small mammals such as black bears, cougars, elk, deer, foxes, squirrels, bats, and raccoons.