University of Texas at Austin Tailgating

Football season has finally arrived, so let the tailgating begin! Don’t miss out on your RV and tailgating spot at the University of Texas at Austin.

Event information

The Texas Longhorns are a prestigious football team based at the University of Texas at Austin, with DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium as their home and Bevo, the Texas Longhorn, steer in the lead. When the football season gets underway from August through January, an opportunity arises to bring your RV out and join the crowd at UT Austin.

At DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium along San Jacinto Boulevard, Austin, an exhilarating tailgating experience awaits. You can camp overnight in the RV area and tailgate during the game
or tailgate with your pilot vehicle in a reserved or unreserved tailgating lot. With either choice, you will be ready to dress in burnt orange to support the home team.

University of Texas at Austin football tailgating also allows you to get up close and personal with the home team’s mascot, Bevo the Texas Longhorn steer while showing your passion for the sport with hook ‘em horns. Don’t be afraid to sing along to the team’s song The Eyes of Texas, either.

An action-packed season of football kicks off with thousands of visitors piling into the stadium and surrounding tailgating lots. While the game is underway, spectators can also enjoy off-field entertainment and activities, and opportunities to cook at their tailgating site.

Then, when the game is over, you can head into Austin and enjoy what else this stunning destination has to offer. Go exploring at Lady Bird Lake, sightseeing at the Texas Capitol, or hiking at McKinney Falls State Park. There are also plenty of photo opportunities at Mount Bonnell or even the thrill of biking at Barton Creek Greenbelt.

Whether you’re in Austin to see the Texas Longhorns take on Louisana, Oklahoma, Kansas, or another favored football team, you’re going to have the experience of a lifetime. There’s no time like the present to get your motorhome and pilot vehicle ready for University of Texas at Austin football tailgating.


Tickets for Texas Long Horns home games at the University of Texas at Austin are in hot demand, so you will need to get in quick. Pick your grandstand seat of choice in one of five tiers. You can also reserve your tailgating and RV camping space in one of the lots for the evening, but do note that these are often booked out in advance.

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Austin, which is central to San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, and Dallas, is a busy city with many main interstates and highways leading in and out of the area. While you’re at the wheel, you need to focus on the signage, roads, and vehicles around you in this populated area.

I-35 is the most prominent interstate to bring you into Austin from San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Dallas, and can also be the busiest. Know about any delays or congestion in advance with the help of a traffic app such as KXAN or Austin Traffic.

Parking areas

Parking and tailgating options at the University of Texas at Austin are abundant. Not only can you reserve tailgate lots for smaller vehicles, but RV parking with tailgate options is offered as well. It’s advisable due to the popularity of the Texas Longhorns’ home games to book months in advance with the UT at Austin Parking and Transportation Services.

It’s also worth accessing a copy of the Capital Complex State of Texas Property Tailgate Map. This map outlines the various reserved tailgate parking areas, the short-term tailgate lots, and RV parking areas for use overnight. There are also general public parking lots open for those who are stopping by in a pilot vehicle but don’t intend to tailgate in it and do not have space in their RV parking spot for an extra car.

Public Transportation

Once you’ve settled into your accommodation for the evening, it can be a hassle if you have to move your RV as a primary form of transportation. Fortunately, the University of Texas at Austin offers many public and private transport options to satisfy your need to move.

You can take the downtown evening bus, the Capital Metro with routes every 15 minutes, and consider taxi and car-share services as well. During your visit to Austin, Texas for football, you’re not likely to have any trouble navigating both the university campus and the city itself.

Where to stay


RV lots sell out fast for Texas Longhorns home games at the University of Texas at Austin, so you’re not going to want to sleep on your decision to attend a game for long. RV lots are available for self-contained Class A and Class C RVs, tow campers, and fifth-wheelers. These camping spots are separate from the general tailgating areas and require you to be entirely self-contained for cooking, water, electricity, and sewer.

You may use grills and smokers, but away from buildings, vehicles, and anything flammable. They must also be at least six inches clear of grass or debris. Pets are welcome on a leash, and all RVs staying overnight in the RV lots must display their pre-paid parking receipt in the windscreen.


If you haven’t been lucky enough to secure an overnight camping spot at the University of Texas at Austin, then never fear. Not only are there boondocking opportunities in some areas of Austin, but plenty of RV campgrounds near the football games as well.

The offerings, even within a ten-mile driving distance, may surprise you. You can then park your RV at your nearby accommodation and bring your pilot vehicle to the university as your tailgating vehicle. It can take a bit of organization, but it’s well worth it for the opportunity to see the Texas Longhorns in fine form with Bevo in the lead.

Getting around

The UT at Austin campus and DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium may be expansive sites, but that shouldn’t be a problem when you realize how many transportation options there are. Take a shuttle from the game to the city, or a golf cart around the venue itself. There are also opportunities to ride your bikes, scooters, and other wheeled transport around your RV and tailgating lots.

What to pack


Given that the football season spans five months, it’s imperative that you refer to a weather app before you hit the road in your motorhome. You can then be sure you’ve got enough clothing – and the best type for the week you will travel. Burnt orange will be the color of choice to support the Longhorns, but it also wouldn’t hurt to pack your favorite pair of cowboy boots to fit in with your Texas setting. Light, breathable layers, and comfortable footwear will be necessary for conditions early in the season, but bundle up as fall turns into winter.


It can be quite an exciting experience to see your favorite football team live in person, but don’t lose your head just yet. You still need to consider what you will bring for your tailgating experience at the University of Texas at Austin.
Don’t forget your burnt orange supporters' gear, pocketless lawn chairs, radio for tuning into the commentary, cash, credit and debit cards, a mini portable fan for the inevitable scorching hot temperatures, your tickets, and a clear bag.

The only bags that you will be able to bring to the football game are resealable plastic storage bags and small clutch purses of set sizing. Leave your diaper bags, camera cases, backpacks, tote bags, and duffel bags in your RV before the game. Security leading into the stadium will turn away almost anything they can’t see through to determine the contents.

Health & Safety

Whether you’re in an RV lot or a tailgating lot, you are going to be exposed to the elements for the duration of your pre-game activities and while inside the stadium. Consider the need for sunscreen, lip balm, and bug spray. If you need to bring any medical supplies, make sure these are in a clear bag upon entry in the venue. If you’ve worked up a thirst, there are free water stations throughout the site, with cups provided.

Where to eat


University of Texas at Austin football tailgating is a griller’s paradise. When you are camping or tailgating on site, you can haul out your barbeque grill and cook up a feast for your family and friends. Tailgating at the University of Texas at Austin is the perfect opportunity to show your friends and family how good you are at preparing burgers and hot dogs.

Supplies are never too far from the university campus should you need to pick up something at a moment’s notice. There is a convenience store along West 15th Street and many more in the general vicinity.


While the permanent and temporary vendors at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium offer a lot in the way of sweet treats and hearty tucker, they are not your only option. Pop away from the football game for sushi, hot Texan chili, coffee, cakes, or even authentic German cuisine. Even within a short walk or shuttle distance of the stadium, you’ll never be far from an exquisite dining experience.


Vendors at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium accept cash, and all permanent vendors accept credit and debit cards. If you don’t have cash with you, there are ATMs dotted around the campus and stadium for your convenience. There are also plenty of opportunities to purchase college football memorabilia as well as branded clear bags if you forgot to bring your own.



Security at the University of Texas at Austin and the stadium promote a safe, family-friendly environment for all. As such, they have adopted a clear bag policy to ensure everything you bring into the stadium is visible to security staff. Metal detection and pat-downs may also be necessary. Remove your binoculars, phones, and cameras from their cases, and make sure everything you bring fits into the recommended bag sizing.

Tailgaters must take responsibility for their possessions, ensuring they are secure, out of sight, and safe. The University of Texas at Austin takes no responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen items. If, at any time, you require police assistance, locate an emergency call box around the campus. These have a blue light labeled ‘Police Help’ on top, which identifies your location and sends help.


During football season, the temperatures in Austin, Texas, can drop dramatically over the course of the season. It’s not uncommon for August through October to produce highs of 75 to almost 100 degrees. Numbers often then dip into the 40s by the end of December with nighttime temperatures considerably lower. Check your weather app before you attend the game to know what to expect.


If you require medical assistance at any time, then you’ll be pleased to know there is help available. First aid stations are located at various locations around the campus and stadium. In an emergency, dial 9-11. Otherwise, find an EMT wearing a blue vest in the stands by the stadium portals.