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West Pollock Recreation Area


Named after a well-respected citizen and the pioneer lay minister of the state, R.Y. Pollock, the West Pollock Recreation Area is a prime location for anglers and hunters thanks to its abundant fishing and hunting opportunities. This popular recreation area is remote and off the beaten path which makes it even more special for a private vacation as you camp in an oasis of relatively untouched nature.

In addition to the serene lake and river water offering tons of recreation activities to the happy campers, it is also surrounded by various historic sites. The campsites offered by the recreation area are spacious and shady, making it comfortable for RV campers. The recreation area is open year-round for vacationers to enjoy the beauty of South Dakota any time of the year.

The dynamics of the Pollock Recreation area lands are beautiful and truly offers a sight to behold. The reservoir is bordered by a flock of trees on one side and trimmed, rolling grassy lands on the other. The park has a minimalist vibe to it and offers peace and quiet with its austere splendor.

The campsites are beautiful but few in number, so if you are planning a vacation there, make sure to book ahead.

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RV Rentals in West Pollock Recreation Area



West Pollock State Park is one of the many recreational parks located along the popular Lewis and Clark trail in South Dakota. The directions are marked from the town of Pollock and getting there is quite easy. The roads are spacious and wide enough for large RV’s to maneuver easily both inside and outside the park

Here’s a tip. If you want to enjoy one of the best sunrises in the state, make sure you time your trip accordingly so you can watch the sunrise while driving along this breathtakingly scenic route.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in West Pollock Recreation Area

Campsites in West Pollock Recreation Area

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West Pollock Recreational Area Campground

West Pollock Recreation area has one campground with 29 campsites.

All the campsites provide electric hookup of up to 50 amp. Drinking water and a dump station are also provided at the campground. More than half of the campsites provide a direct view of the lake.

Guests at the campsites enjoy various amenities such as a playground, fish-cleaning station, and a dump station. All the campsites are back-in.

Making reservations for the spot to spend some nights at the recreation area is easy and booking can be made online.

Seasonal activities in West Pollock Recreation Area



Fishing is one of the most popular activities offered at West Pollock recreation area. Any time of the year, you’ll find a number of anglers trying their luck at catching walleye, smallmouth bass, white bass, perch, and northern pike. In addition to these species of fish, there are many more Lake Oahe fish found in the waters of West Pollock Recreation Area. There’s also a fish cleaning area within the park premises.

There are campsites right by the river which makes it super convenient for anglers to stay by their temporary abode while catching some good seafood.

Make sure you have a fishing license. Tackle, bait and private guide services are available in the nearby town.


The extremely well-maintained boat ramp at West Pollock Recreation Area provides easy access to the water for boats, kayaks and canoes.

The water body itself is calm and serene and makes for a very safe boating experience. Families with kids will especially enjoy this bonding experience enjoying the views, weather and park amenities.

Even individuals seeking a little solitude cannot find a better way than boating off into the horizon.

Boats are provided by the recreation area and anglers too can rent boats for fishing in the deeper waters of the lake.


Fishing isn’t the only sport that attracts visitors to West Pollock Recreation Area. Hunters come by in numbers to camp during hunting season. Waterfowl, pheasant, and grouse are some of the main game animals available for hunting in the more remote areas of the park.

Make sure to read up on the South Dakota’s hunting rules before camping at West Pollock Recreation Area for hunting purposes.


Nature Trials

The nature trail begins a distance away from the campgrounds and takes guests on hiking experience surrounded by beauty. The beautiful flora of South Dakota is a sight for sore eyes.

The landscape varies throughout the recreation area, and campers will find themselves trekking on grasslands, walking alongside the shores of lake Oahe, winding their way through a dense forest and climbing over boulders to admire the views below.


The diverse species of birds not only attract hunters but birdwatchers too. Waterfowls themselves are a diverse species of birds and look extremely beautiful as they float over and above the lake and river waters. Pheasants too grab the attention of campers with their unique fusion of colors and their beautiful long tails.

The grouse is a bird rarely seen and many people catch sight of this spectacular bird for the first time in the West Pollock Recreation Area. Birdwatching also serves as an excellent informative activity for the kids.


Picnicking in the winter offers its own kind of joy and unusual experiences. The West Pollock Recreation Area offers picnic tables and fire rings for picnickers to keep themselves warm while enjoying some homemade snacks.

Playgrounds and expansive green lands allow the little ones in the family to run around and enjoy some fun games under the open skies. The washroom facilities make the picnic experience even more comfortable for families