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Whitefish Lake State Park is located in Whitefish, Montana around Whitefish Lake, a scenic lake surrounded by mature woodlands. You'll find a variety of activities available in the area, from offerings at the park to skiing at the nearby Whitefish Mountain ski resort. In addition, there's plenty of things for the whole family, from waterskiing to hiking.

Whitefish Lake State Park offers the opportunity for boating and fishing in the lake. A local company offers boat rentals, as well as stand-up paddleboard rentals for people that don't bring their own equipment. There is typically very little wind on the lake, so many people find it the ideal place to go waterskiing. If those options aren't up your alley, you can enjoy a range of hiking and biking trails. Bring your camera and enjoy practicing your photography skills.

Whitefish Lake State Park has a campground with 25 campsites. Some are large enough to hold an RV, while others are only big enough for a tent. Most of the sites lack hookups, but one has electrical hookups available. The park has showers and flush toilets available for campers. Some of the sites are also handicapped accessible.

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Whitefish Lake State Park is located in Montana and features campsites located on the beach surrounding Whitefish Lake. Outside of the town of Whitefish, this is a remote state park surrounded by wilderness. You will need to exercise caution when you drive to the state park, as it is located in the mountains, offering some precarious turns as you drive to the site. The park is at an elevation of 3,012 feet.

Whitefish Lake State Park is a busy park, and some of the visitors come bringing their boats. You will want to ensure you prepare to navigate a busy parking lot with your boat if you come bearing both a rig and a boat. Many of the visitors are bikers experiencing the Great Divide trail, which means less competition for parking spaces in the parking lot and campgrounds.

The campground has sites located around two camping loops, so you'll want to be aware of where your campsite is when you check in. In addition, you will want to be careful when you come to the area because there are train tracks right outside of the park. It is common for trains to come past the park, so you'll want to keep your eyes open before crossing near any train tracks.


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Whitefish Lake State Park Campground

Whitefish Lake State Park is a Montana campground that includes 25 different campsites that can hold varying sizes of tents and RVs. The park also has a specific campsite at the campground for hike-in and bike-in campers, so make sure you look into that if you're going to be exploring the area by bike or on foot. Most of the sites lack hookups, so you will need to be prepared for more primitive camping at the campground. However, there is one site that offers electric hookups.

The campsites are around an upper and lower camping loop. The park does have restroom facilities and hot showers that you can use while at the park. Some of the sites are handicapped accessible, as are some of the amenities, such as some of the available fishing areas.

When you come camping at Whitefish Lake, you'll want to be prepared to keep your food away from wildlife. The park has food storage lockers that you can utilize for your food and beverages, or you can keep the foodstuffs locked up in your own equipment. Dogs are allowed at the park and campground, but they must be kept on a leash at all times.

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At Whitefish Lake State Park, you can enjoy swimming in a wonderful lake surrounded by mature woodlands and scenic views of the mountains, so make sure that you bring your bathing suits and swimming gear when you pack your RV. Being at an higher elevation in the mountains, you might find that the water is a bit cold, but it is a great way to cool off after you spend the day hiking or biking on the trails.


When you are at Whitefish Lake State Park, you can enjoy a variety of fishing options, so you should plan to bring your bait and tackle with you in your camping rig. Because the state park is smaller and is a popular fishing and swimming site with locals, you might find that it gets rather busy. You can bring your own boat or rent one from a rental company in the area to fish from the water.


You can bring your own boat to enjoy on the water at Whitefish Lake State Park when you pack your gear on your camping trailer. If you do not have your own equipment, you can also rental from a local boating rental company. They offer a variety of boating types, from canoes to stand-up paddle boards. You can also enjoy waterskiing on the water because the weather doesn't tend to be windy, so be prepared for some fun.



While Whitefish Lake State Park is a smaller park of about 10 acres, there are plenty of hiking and biking trails for you to enjoy when you come to the park, so make sure everyone in the family has brought their hiking boots when you come. Many areas of the park are handicapped accessible, as well, so everyone in the family can enjoy a trip to the park. You can also hike-in to the park and enjoy its facilities.


When you come to Whitefish Lake State Park in your campervan or rig, you will find that there are lots of activities for you to enjoy with your family and friends. One of the simplest and most rewarding is sitting down for a picnic near the water's edge and enjoying the views of nature. The park has picnic tables as well, and you will find fire rings around the park. You can get firewood from the park to use in your fire.

Viewing Wildlife

While you are at Whitefish Lake State Park, make sure that you have packed a field guide for identifying the local wildlife and a pair of binoculars on your camping rig. You will have great views of the native fauna while sitting at the lake's edge and fishing or while hiking on one of the different trails. People come from all over, locals included, to enjoy views of the wildlife that can be seen in the park, from birds and bears to deer.