Wilton Blueberry Festival

Visit the Wilton Blueberry Festival to celebrate this delicious and versatile fruit. Make Maine-made blueberry products a part of your camping experience.

Event information

Set course for the State of Maine to partake in a one-of-a-kind food festival. An event that started in a church basement years ago and expanding to a popular and well-attended annual event, the Wilton Blueberry Festival is two days of fun highlighting the uniqueness of the area and the talents of its residents.

Each year the celebration has a theme conducive to showcasing Wilton and the people who live there, along with the treasured blueberry, of course. Jazz music fills the streets, and scheduled performers play at venues such as the school gymnasium and in the town square.

Watch an antique tractor pull, witness the excitement of a fireman’s muster, and choose your favorite piece at the juried art show. Take a ride on a fire truck, go for a boat tour on the lake, or take part in the festival road race.

Baked goods such as pies and cakes are available for purchase and luncheons are on tap on all weekend long so that no one misses a blueberry focused meal. Attend the parade and then watch a blacksmith work wonders at the forge.

The Wilton Blueberry Festival has something for everyone. Mark the event as a go-to destination for your summer RV road trip.


There are no entrance fees per se, but there may be small costs associated with certain events. Visit www.wiltonbbf.com for full details. Examples of the minimal fees charged are around $10 to enter a team in a golf tournament or $10 to $20 to enter the road race. There are a couple of events that are on a donation-asked basis at the Wilton Blueberry Festival.

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US Highway 2 will direct you to the gorgeous Town of Wilton where all of the action takes place. The events will be held in various locations, but being a small town, it will not be difficult to locate the fun. Enjoy the scenic drive through the western lakes and mountain regions of Maine. The town itself is situated on Wilson Lake. It’s a large lake and is the location of the festival fireworks.

Parking areas

There are several convenient places to park in the quaint town of Wilton. Call ahead to festival organizers if you would like to know the best place to park your rig beforehand. Academy Hill School and Kineowatha Park are two examples that may have room for a large RV.

Public Transportation

There are no public transit options for getting to the Wilton Blueberry Festival but there is a free shuttle that runs from several of the parking locations in town, including the Park and Ride lot, which could accommodate a large camper if space is available. Call ahead for specifics as there are restrictions for parking in some areas when events are taking place.

Where to stay


The Wilton Blueberry Festival does not offer camping for tents or RVs. Accommodations sure to please your camping party can be found about a half an hour away in towns like Farmington, Weld, and Leeds.


Drive just outside of Wilton to find campgrounds that offer nearby hiking, fishing, and mountain views. You will have access to full hookups, big rig access, and Wi-Fi. There are campgrounds with plenty for the kids to do, including exploring trails and playing on a lakeside beach. If your family likes to stretch out at the site, you can find a campground that has sprawling areas in which to claim a spot.

Getting around

The weekend events are spread out all over town. Choose your favorites and head there first. If time permits, walk or shuttle to another location. Visit Kineowatha Park for example, if your kiddos get excited by face painting and need to expend some energy. The Academy Hill School hosts some of the musical entertainment, and the fireworks will be down by the lake.

What to pack


Although the bug population has gone down somewhat by August, it’s best to still pack hats, hoodies, and long sleeve t-shirts in case the mosquitos make an appearance at the campsite in the evening. For the festival, light pants, shorts, and t-shirts should do the trick as far as clothing goes. Bring a sweater in case the temperatures are cool at the fireworks display.


Enjoying the great outdoors is what camping in Maine is all about. Pack a pair of hiking boots for treks, a portable first aid kit for toting along the trail, and easy to grab packaged snacks for pit-stops along the way. Hoola hoops and lawn bowling are fun at-camp games for the kids. Camp chairs for campfire sing-alongs are a must, as are blankets suitable for outdoors if the kids want to snuggle around the fire.

Health & Safety

Bug spray and sunscreen are two essential elements of a camping trip. Keeping itching or burnt skin out of the picture makes for a happy camper. Hydration is key as well; refillable water bottles should be a component of every backpack on day trips. While at the Wilton Blueberry Festival, check out both the indoor and outdoor events to give the family a break from the sun and a place to sit for a rest.

Where to eat


A cast iron pan is the perfect tool for a hearty Maine camping breakfast. Bacon with french toast starts off the day. Festival food fills the middle hours, and hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls, cooked over the fire make for a kid-friendly end to a spinach-filled day. Stock the RV with pans suitable for fireside cooking and make sure the dishes are break-proof and can stand up to outdoor meals.


Wilton and surrounding areas offer a variety of meals for the RVing family on the go. A quick slice of pizza, a hearty burger, or bowl of pasta will sate the appetite in between activities. For dessert, devour a delicious ice cream cone or a sweet and sticky donut. Back at the camper, make a healthy serving of fruit the bedtime snack.


Blueberries in every use, shape, and form can be bought at the vendor booths. Maine-made blueberry goods like honey, maple syrup, and more can be purchased. Talented locals will sell their artisan wares. Support their efforts and take home a unique souvenir that will remind you of all things blueberry.



With a myriad of things to see and do (over 60 different events take place), festival-goers are asked to keep the event a family-friendly one. Volunteers will be on hand from one end of the town to the other. If you have a question or concern, be certain to call on a volunteer for assistance. Socializing is a big part of the Wilton Blueberry Festival, so you will not find it difficult to get help if need be.


Comfortable temperatures make for a pleasant festival. Everyone celebrates the blueberry under sunny skies, and if the rain moves in, they keep on with the festivities. If the forecast calls for inclement weather, pack the rain gear in your bag. The events take place indoors and outside, and some events are held under tents, so it is easy to attend no matter what the weather brings.


As you prep for the trip, pack all necessary medical supplies, and ensure that medications are easy to find and clearly identified. Stock up the first aid kit with fresh ointments and sprays to soothe cuts, bruises, sunburns, and bug bites. Familiarize yourself with local medical facilities in town which may be found about a ten-minute drive from the festival sites.