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Woolford Provincial Park


This picturesque park is a sought after destination for sportfishing and hiking. Woolford Provincial Park is located about an hour's drive south of Lethbridge and runs along the banks of St. Mary River. The riparian cottonwood ecosystem is another unique aspect of this beautiful landscape which encompasses woodlands, grasslands, rolling hills, rivers, streams and small lakes.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of recreational activities to partake in including kayaking, canoeing, hiking, fishing, and much more. The cottonwood forests are teaming with life with diverse species of fauna and flora. The turquoise blue river waters and shallow grassy banks offer plenty of places for anglers to set up camp for a spot of sportfishing.

The park is small yet offers plenty to do largely due to its unique topography. The rocky hills, boulders, and dense woodlands are carved by the waters of St. Mary river which flows past the campsites and various amenities offered to campers. Woodland Provincial Park is situated in the St. Mary River Valley, home to many other nature parks that lie within close proximity including Payne Lake and St. Mary Reservoir Provincial Recreational Area.

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Woolford Provincial Park is located about an hours drive from Lethbridge and about 18 km or 11 miles east of Cardston. The park entrance lies to the west of Hwy 503 and along the backroads down by St. Mary's River. 8 km/ 5 miles of gravel road lead to the park and the roads are bumpy so make sure you drive slow and have your spare tire all ready to go in case of a puncture.


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Woolford Campground

Woolford Provincial Park is mainly a day-use only park but Woolford campground does offer overnight stays with 20 unserviced campsites available for RVs, motorhomes, trailers and tents. The campground has pit toilets, water pumps, fire pits and picnic tables. It is located within close proximity to St. Mary River with large open gravel campsites that offer limited shade or privacy. A few campsites are more densely wooded for those seeking a bit more shade and privacy. The campground offers a minimalist and primitive camping experience and is ideal for a short-stay with family or friends.

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When exploring Woolford Provincial Park or Alberta in general it is always important to bring your camera along as you are likely to capture some truly majestic views of the surrounding landscape and wildlife. The diverse woodlands, beautiful blue river waters and open grasslands make for some excellent photography especially with all the birds and wildlife present here.


The park's unique ecosystem is home to plenty of wildlife; especially birds. Bears, coyotes, wolves and caribou can all be spotted roaming the park grounds. The park is also home to numerous species of birds some of which are migratory waterfowl while other are native to these woodlands. The rich and unique flora also makes for some truly amazing nature viewing as you explore the park's picturesque landscape.


Woolford Provincial Park is the ideal destination for a spot of picnicking as it is mainly designed to be a day-use park. Plenty of picnic tables, benches and fire pits are available for use for those who fancy a picnic by the river surrounded by trees, grasslands and vast open skies. Make sure to pack some snacks and drinking water when driving down as this park is pretty remote and the nearest store is a distance away. A playground is also present at the park for children.



The turquoise blue waters of St. Mary river along with its calm waters make for a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable boating experience. Bring your kayaks and canoes along for a chance to paddle along these meandering river waters and enjoy Alberta's pristine wilderness beauty. You can also take your canoes further up or down the river for some added privacy while fishing.

Hiking Trails

Even though this is a relatively small park, several hiking trails snake through the unique riparian cottonwood ecosystem. The narrow-leaved cottonwoods that are native to this park are perhaps the last remaining bunch in all of Alberta and are extremely pretty to look at. Explore the cottonwoods or make your way along the banks of St. Mary River for a truly adventurous hiking experience.


Woolford Provincial Park is most popular for its amazing fishing spots along the banks of St. Mary River. Fish in the shadow of a rocky cliff face or along the pebbled river banks for a chance to catch cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, pike and walleye. Sportfishing is a popular activity here with many anglers able to catch some truly trophy-sized fish to boast about to their friends and family. The ability to camp by the river is also great for keen anglers that want to toss in a line bright and early.