Wyoming State Fair

The Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo is a mix of education, fun, and outdoor beauty for RVers. Spend five days in the heart of the action in Douglas, WY.

Event information

If you want to make the most of your summer holidays, then there’s no better way to do it than with a trip to the Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo. This agricultural exposition is one that brings thousands of people to the small town of Douglas every year.

Not only do fair-goers get to explore the fairgrounds for five days, but they get to do so while camping on site. There are hundreds of camping sites available for avid RV-goers looking for fun during their vacation days.

Release your inner adrenaline junky on the carnival rides, do some early festive shopping, or try your luck at entering your famed cookies in one of the competitions. There’s much to see, do, and experience at the Wyoming State Fair.

The fairgrounds are on the West Yellowstone Highway, at 400 W Center Street, sitting on the water side of North Platte River. They are well-appointed to the beautiful township of Douglas for all life’s necessities as well as being close to a few tourist destinations.

When you aren’t busy soaking up all the entertainment, music, and displays at the fairgrounds, you can be swimming, canoeing, or fishing at the North Platte River. Otherwise, relax at your chosen campsite, check out all the major fair attractions, and enjoy five days of summer fun in the heart of Wyoming.


Ticket pricing can vary on each of the five days of the fair. In past years, adults have had to pay $2 for admission, while children under five were free. You can visit the organizer’s website for updated ticket pricing and schedules, including separate ticket pricing for entertainment and the rodeo.

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Douglas, Wyoming, is in a beautiful part of the country encompassed by rolling hills, mountainous terrain, and small townships dotted along the highway. There are several main routes to lead you to your destination, including State Highway 25. Minor highways 59, 93, and 91 are also popular driving routes from neighboring towns and cities. Upon arriving in Douglas, you’ll easily spot the Wyoming State Fairgrounds adjacent to the beautiful North Platte River.

Parking areas

Public day parking is available in Gate 1 along Brownfield Road. These parking spaces do not have size limitations, which means you’ll have no problem parking your RV in these spots during the day. However, if you intend on camping on site, you can make your way down to South Drive to one of three camping areas for tents, trailers, and RVs.

Public Transportation

If you decide against staying at the fairgrounds during the fair, then you won’t have much trouble heading to and from the fairgrounds daily. Park at your chosen RV accommodation, then make use of Douglas’ public bus system. Alternatively, there is also a taxi service in the town that can pick you up from your campsite and take you directly to the fair.

Where to stay


There are hundreds of campsites ready and waiting for your RV. These are available at the Wyoming State Fair on a first-in, first-served basis. All RV sites have electricity, sewage, and water hookups. There are also showers and restrooms available.

You’re allowed to bring your pet, use a generator, and make use of your onboard RV cooking appliances as well. While you won’t be able to drink alcohol outside of your rig or make a lot of noise, you’ll enjoy your break away from the hustle and bustle of city life in this quiet little camping ground on the south side of the fairgrounds, south of Cowboy Drive.


Even though there are plenty of RV campsites, these fill up quickly. In the event of there being “no more room at the inn,” you can check out the many nearby RV parks instead. Most of these are within proximity of the fairgrounds. You can set up camp offsite then wander down to the fairgrounds daily. Rules for each camp facility can differ, so it may pay to check with the host before you haul out the charcoal for camp cooking.

Getting around

The best way to navigate the Wyoming State Fair is on foot. Scooters, bikes, motorbikes, skateboards, and other recreational transportation options are not allowed, unless for ADA purposes. You can, however, plan to bring your golf cart if you pay a fee and provide proof of insurance. If you don’t want to miss any of the entertainment, however, you may find the best transportation method is your own beautiful feet.

What to pack


Weather in Douglas during August can be unpredictable, even if the temperatures are sky high everywhere else. Therefore, you may like to pack something for every weather condition. Bring your umbrella to brave the inevitable rain, and a jacket for both high winds and wet weather. There are traditionally a few warm days, so pack shorts and a t-shirt as well.


If you want your RV holiday to be the experience of a lifetime, then don’t forget to pack all the necessities. Bring all your camping and cooking equipment, but leave it in your RV before you head into the fair. All you’ll need to take with you is weather-appropriate clothing, a small backpack for any purchases, and money. There are ATMs on site for convenient cash withdrawal.

Health & Safety

The unpredictable weather conditions can take their toll when you spend five days at the Wyoming State Fair. The hot weather and wind create the perfect conditions for dehydration, so drink plenty of water. Protect yourself from sunburn and windburn with sunscreen and sunglasses as well. If you’re away from home for the full fair, don’t forget any medical supplies and prescriptions you might need during your time away.

Where to eat


Before you haul out the coals for cooking, check with camp officials to see what cooking methods are available. While bonfires may not be suitable, you will be able to use your onboard RV cooker. You can also stock up on supplies at the grocery store a short 15-minute walk away from the Wyoming State Fairgrounds.


Not only does the fairgrounds have a cafeteria with attractive meal options, but the whole of Douglas does as well. No matter where you wander to in this small township of 5,000 people, you’re bound to find an eatery that meets your fancy. From steak to sandwiches and everything in between; you’re not likely to go hungry.


The center of the fairgrounds is home to dozens of vendors eagerly awaiting people to line up and taste their offerings. You can expect all manner of traditional fare such as corn dogs and cotton candy, but also delicious, hearty meal options as well. Wander down the midway and see everything that’s on offer before you decide. Remember, you can also take cash out at the ATMs to ensure you have the correct payment method.



Given the number of visitors to the Wyoming State Fair every year, you can expect a heavy security presence. Their job is to make you feel and be as safe as possible. Security will be positioned at many different points throughout the fairgrounds, including the main gates. Part of their duties include screening, so don’t be offended if they ask to search your bag. Smile and thank them for the job they do.


Temperatures reach the mid-80s, on average, during August, but can drop to the low 50s at a moment’s notice. There’s a high chance of rain on at least one day of the fair, and an even higher chance of hot days with high winds.

Average wind gusts reach around eight miles per hour. Given the unpredictable weather conditions, you’ll need to secure everything at your campsite each time you leave for the fair. Otherwise, you may come back to all your lawn chairs blown away.


A small injury can put the biggest dampener on your fair and camping experience. Act fast by making your way to the first aid station in the security office on the fairgrounds. In the event of an emergency, dial 9-11 or visit the nearest hospital a short five-minute drive away. If you need to stock up on any medical supplies, there is also a pharmacy within a two-mile drive.