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About Dufours RV Center


Dufour's is a 2nd generation family business founded in 1967 by Emile Dufour. His inspiration and motivation was from family camping vacations on Cape Cod in the early 60's. It was during those trips he recognized the growing popularity of folding campers and decided to try renting a small fleet of them. Renting led to sales and soon travel trailers were added to the sales lot. After incorporating in 1971 as Dufour's Trailer Center, we re-located across the street and dedicated ourselves to selling and servicing affordable, camping trailers of all types. By the late 70s, business had changed and in addition to trailers, motor homes were sold and rented. To better reflect who we were, we changed our business name to Dufour's RV. All rental operations were discontinued in the mid 80s and new motor home sales in 2000. Since that time we have remained committed to the "towable" segment of the RV business. Through the years products and brands have changed but our commitment to servicing our customers has not. We welcome and appreciate your business. Whether it involves the smallest repair part or the most expensive item we offer. We accept RV trades of all types and years and will consider other kinds of vehicles as well. Our business hours vary seasonally and are posted on the home page and available through our phone system.

Location info

650 John Fitch Highway in Fitchburg, MA

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