State Parks in Massachusetts

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State Parks

Adams National Historical Park, MA

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Boston is widely known for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, baked beans, and, of course, Fenway Park. If you scratch below the surface, you’ll be surprised to find out that Boston is one of the best cities to tour in America, possibly in the whole world. Did you know that John Adams, the second president of the United States, came from Boston? The city even has a park named after him. The Adams National Historical Park is situated in Quincy, which is just to the north of downtown Boston. The park is dedicated to preserving the home of John Adams and John Quincy Adams, the sixth president of the United States. Other notable members of the Adams family include Charles …

Ashland State Park, MA

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Ashland State Park is located on the eastern side of Massachusetts. The state park spans over 470 acres and contains the Ashland Reservoir, which is a popular spot for fishing, swimming, and boating. During the winter, the park is also used for cross-country skiing thanks to the thick snowfall that often occurs.

While the area can be very chilly during the winter, summers can be somewhat warm. Ashland State Park is situated near major cities such as Boston and Framingham.

Bash Bish Falls State Park, MA

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Local Massachusetts lore says the origin of the name, Bash Bish Falls, comes from a story that occurred hundreds of years ago. A Mohican Native American was accused of committing adultery, for which the punishment was to be tied up inside a canoe and pushed over a waterfall. It’s unknown whether this event actually occurred, however.

Home to the highest waterfall in Massachusetts, Bash Bish Falls State Park is considered one of the most scenic - and dangerous - locations in the state. The top of Bash Bish Falls is extremely slippery, and there have been over 25 deaths since the 1970s from people attempting to jump from rock to rock. A handful of deaths were from drowning, also. As …

Beartown State Forest, MA

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Beartown State Forest covers an area of over ten thousand acres, nearly two-hundred of which is given over to recreational parkland. This ancient deciduous forest is the perfect location for renting an RV and escaping the bustle of modern Massachuttes. The towns of Great Barrington, Tyringham, and Monterey are only a few minute's drive from the forest, making ideal places for those who are motorhome camping and wish to stock up on any last-minute supplies.

Beartown State Forest is a haven for an array of wildlife. This state forest offers visitors the chance to see deer, bobcat, fishers and of cause the black bear which gives the forest its name. During the summer months, the pristine Benedict Pond …

Beaver Brook Reservation, MA

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Tucked right in between Waltham and Belmont, and a few miles away from Lexington, Beaver Brook Reservation is a popular getaway spot for motorhome camping enthusiasts in eastern Massachusetts. Situated just 11.8 miles from Downtown Boston, this park is also a favorite spot for city dwellers trying to escape the city’s busy life. Other parks in the neighborhood include Cedar Hill Reservation and Rock Meadow Conservation Area. To explore more about the park, book an RV in Waltham and tick Beaver Brook Reservation off your bucket list.

Established in 1893, this reservation occupies 303 acres of woodlands, open fields, and wetlands. The main motive of the reservation was to protect the Waverley Oaks monument, a stand of …

Blue Hills Reservation, MA

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Situated just to the north of Boston, MA, the Blue Hills Reservation is an expansive park offering adventurers with lots of outdoor activities all year long. The park is home to more than 100 miles of trails that offer superb hiking, biking, and skiing opportunities depending on the season. To enjoy spectacular views of the city of Boston, search for an RV in Norfolk County.

Blue Hills Reservation encompasses approximately 6000 acres of undeveloped recreational land, just a stone throw away from Boston. Apart from the trails, the park also has a museum as well as an observatory, which also happens to be the oldest continuous weather recording station in the United States of America.

Borderland State Park, RI

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One of the first things you'll notice on a visit to Borderland State Park is the impressive Ames Mansion, which sits in the heart of this Massachusetts park. The mansion was built-in 1910 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The mansion is hardly the only draw to this well-maintained park, covering 1843 acres, you'll find nature, wooded trails, lakes,well-maintained and ponds suitable for a range of recreational activities.

This North Easton state park really does have it all, with six different ponds for fishing, ice skating, and canoeing, babbling brooks, and plenty of shaded areas to settle down with a book. With all this on offer, it is hardly surprising that so many people rent an RV …

Boston African American National Historic Site, MA

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The city of Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and the biggest city in New England. The city is popular among motorhome camping enthusiasts traversing the region due to its awe-inspiring attractions. The city is home to the iconic Fenway Park and the world-famous Museum of Fine Arts. Boston also hosts attractions that are lesser-known but just as interesting. One such attraction is the Boston African American National Historic Site, which is located in Beacon Hill, right at the Heart of Boston. The historical site interprets 15 pre-Civil War structures, which can be traced back to the 19th-century free African-American community. Feeling eager to visit the city for a trip back to the past? Search for an RV in Suffolk …

Boston Harbor Islands State Park, MA

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Boston Harbor Islands State Park is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It is the largest recreational area in metro Boston, MA, and offers a huge range of things to do and see. The state park is made up of 13 islands, which are located in Boston Harbor. Boston Harbor Islands State Park was developed in the 1970s by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management, and in 1996 the Boston Islands National Recreational Area was created, which includes the park and many others.

The islands that make up Boston Harbor Islands State Park include Bumkin, Calf, Gallops, Grape, Great Brewster, Hangman, Little Calf, Middle Brewster, Outer Brewster, Raccoon, Sheep, and State Island and each …

Boston National Historical Park, MA

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Boston is the capital of the state of Massachusetts and the most populous city in New England. The city is popular for a couple of things including Fenway Park and the Boston Marathon. The city is also popular for art and history, being home to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Boston National Historical Park tells the story of events leading to the American Revolution. To check out even more attractions, search for an RV in Suffolk County and have a blast RV camping at state parks across New England.

The Boston National Historical Park comprises of eight sites showcasing the role of Boston in the American Revolution. All eight sites are designated as National Historic Sites. Some of the …

Breakheart Reservation, MA

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Breakheart Reservation could be your next motorhome camping trip destination! Located in the towns of Saugus and Wakefield, MA, Breakheart Reservation covers over 650-acres. It is packed with natural features like hardwood forests, freshwater lakes, and a stretch of the Saugus River. A highlight of the area is the stunning views of Boston and New England from the rocky hilltops of Breakheart Reservation. With archaeological evidence dating back to the Archaic and Woodland periods, the reservation has gone through major changes over the centuries. 

Today Breakheart Reservation is a scenic oasis that attracts adventure enthusiasts from around the state. Renting an RV is an easy way of getting around the reservation, and you’ll find a range of affordable RV …

Callahan State Park, MA

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Callahan State Park was officially established in 1970 and was named to honor a distinguished Massachusetts community leader, Raymond J. Callahan, who had recently passed away. Raymond was not only a prolific writer for the local paper but also served as a board member and leader in various community groups in Framingham, earning the nickname of “Mr. Framingham.” Upon the park’s opening, it had around 435 acres, but the state of Massachusetts purchased some more acreage, increasing it to nearly a thousand acres. It has a dog park with a small pond for dogs to frolic and swim in.

The closest large town is Framingham, which is a thriving Boston suburban community with large shopping centers, hospitals, and museums …

Chester Blandford State Forest, MA

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Once the area that would later become Chester Blandford State Forest was stripped of all of its natural resources, lumber companies sold the land to the state of Massachusetts in the early 1920s. Massachusetts officially established it as Chester Blandford State Forest in 1924. The region laid largely disused until the late 1930s when Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), under President Roosevelt’s New Deal program, flocked to the park. CCC constructed a campground, pavilions, and lean-tos, and blazed trails, and built bridges and roads. They also replanted tens of thousands of trees. As a result of their efforts, native wildlife slowly returned to these woods over the subsequent years.

Chester Blandford State Forest is situated between two small towns, Huntington and …