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Information About Irvine, CA

In 1971, Irvine was one of the first master-planned communities in California. Back then, the city only had a few thousand residents. Today, Irvine has exploded into one of the largest SoCal cities. It’s also one of the most diverse cities in the area. In the mid-1970s, a number of Vietnamese immigrants arrived in Irvine, and they made their imprint on this growing community. To experience everything that this area has to offer, search for an RV in Irvine and start planning your RV excursion today.

Experience the Sites and Scenery

Crystal Cove State Park is one of the most diverse state parks in The Golden State. It encompasses beachfront, tidal pools, the Chaparral Canyon, a huge underwater park, and more. The ocean is a great place for scuba diving and surfing; the Crystal Cove area is very popular with mountain bikers and hikers. In fact, over a dozen trails criss-cross the area, in addition to numerous campsites which are inaccessible by vehicle. About 180 species of birds fly overhead. Many of them are quite rare and only visible a few days out of the year.

Speaking of surfing, many beachgoers insist that The Wedge offers some of the best surfing anywhere in the world. Due to some engineering changes to the harbor in nearby Newport Beach, waves at The Wedge are often as much as three stories high. Additionally, the steep shoreline makes for excellent breaks. These conditions also make surfing unpredictable and rather dangerous. If that’s not enough to get surfers to pile into an Irvine RV rental, we’re not sure what is enough.

The serene Little Corona Beach is on the opposite end of the danger and excitement scale. This quiet hidden gem is a nice place for picture-taking, walks on the beach, fun with the kids, and just relaxing. Old-school hot dog, lemonade, and ice cream vendors are never far away, which adds to the experience. Furthermore, a tiny stream runs through the Little Corona Beach, creating a wetlands area that makes the place even more inviting for both people and wildlife.

City Attractions

Irvine is a regional technology and educational hub, so there are lots of things to see and do around town. Since 1906, locals and tourists alike have flocked to the Balboa Pier. The flounder and mackerel are usually biting. It’s quite common for fishermen to snag starfishes by mistake. They feed on the area’s mussel colonies in very large numbers. Pier Plaza and Pier Park are quite nice as well. Balboa Pier is also home to the first Ruby’s Diner. Today, the 1940s-themed cafes are a landmark all around Orange County. If the beach isn’t your thing, do not fret. Instead, drive your Irvine RV rental to a place like the Orange County Great Park. Its signature attraction is a tethered hot-air balloon that takes guests 400 feet into the air, where they enjoy panoramic views of the Irvine and Santa Ana areas. We also recommend the Hangar 244 aviation exhibit (the Park was once a Marine Corps air station), Palm Court Arts Complex, and the Walkable Historical Timeline.

What’s Unique

SoCal is a great combination of a diverse population, natural beauty, and a strong urban heartbeat. Normally, you have to go to several places to experience each one. But Irvine offers a little bit of everything. If you have to pick one destination for your Irvine motorhome rental, and we sure hope you get to go to more than one place, program Irvine into your GPS and hit the road.

Where to Park It

Parque Santiago Mobile Home Park is in nearby Tustin. It’s a very nice place for both short and long-term Irvine RV rentals. The park is both secluded and well-kept; the RV spots are quite large. Most of these spots have full utility hookups, including both phone and cable. This Park is within easy walking distance of many shopping and dining opportunities. Orange’s Orangeland RV Park is not far away. This Park caters to families who are visiting Disneyland. It features wide, pull-through spots and an updated heating swimming pool. Other amenities include an onsite convenience store, large laundry facility, large indoor/outdoor clubhouse, and other things to make your Irvine motorhome rental stay even more memorable.

The Food

“Orange County” didn’t get its name because of the color. Fresh citrus fruit is almost always abundantly available. Locals can show you some ways to prepare oranges that you never dreamed possible. In fact, SoCal is big on all sorts of light dining fares that are healthy as well as quite satisfying.

Visitors cannot possibly take in all these things from a hotel room. To get the most out of your SoCal vacation or seasonal stay, you really need to book an RV in Irvine.

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