2018 Gulf Stream Gulf Breeze Ultra Lite

  • Sleeps 4
  • Length 20ft
  • Year 2018
Tuscola, TX
8 reviews
Pet friendly
Furry copilots are allowed on board.

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About this RV

Used for light family trips. Rental includes use of weight distribution hitch and sway bar. Recommend V6 and either rear-wheel-drive or 4WD vehicle...but whatever you feel comfortable using works for us.

The plug is a 7-pin standard trailer attachment. We don’t own a 4-pin adaptor, so if your vehicle is a 4-pin please bring an adaptor.

Pickup location is about 20mi southwest of Abilene, near the intersection of Hwy 277 and Hwy 89.

Additional info:

Items included: basic kitchen utensils, cookware, paper towels, hand soap, RV toilet paper, electric water kettle, mattress pads, tools, and kid’s toys. We ask that you clean whatever dishes or items that you end up using. The queen bed and bunk beds have waterproof mattress covers on them. We will ensure 1x 20lb propane tank is new, the other will be at least half full; this is plenty for a 7-10 day trip with utilities, or 3-5 days of dry camping.

Items to bring: sleeping bags or bedding, pillows, towels, food, ground coffee/your preference for brewing it (french press, etc).

We also include a 2-5/8 ball hitch with weight distribution and sway bar. It cuts down on the weight at your vehicle’s hitch and dampens oscillations when traveling at highway speeds. I use a V6 F-150 to haul it, and a friend used a V6 4-Runner without issue.

I’ll spend several minutes showing you around the camper when we meet to ensure you’re happy with it and to familiarize you with all the features.

Lastly, as the rental date gets closer, please let me know when you’re available for pickup. We live about 20mi southwest of Abilene along Hwy 277.

Thanks again!




21ft total length, 8ft width

Sleeps max 5: 1x queen, 2x bunks, 1x table conversion

Hitch weight 320lb

Dry weight 3300lb

Fresh water tank 23gal


110V AC (30A)

—Fridge/freezer (when available)

—AC, Microwave, outlets

12V DC

—Lights, water pump, awning, lots of things

—Recharges when plugged to vehicle 7-pin


—Fridge/freezer, stove top, interior heater

—Water heater


—Pack: clothes, ice packs, all keys

—Food: breakfast, coffee, fruit, milk, drinks, snacks, sandwich stuff



Refrigerator door locked

Water heater OFF

Water pump OFF

Fresh water tank 1/3 or less

Waste water tanks checked/emptied

Drawers, closets, cabinet doors closed Windows closed/latched

Fridge/freezer: open a propane tank, turn fridge on, “check” light will illuminate until it starts cooling; this takes a while on propane. Recommend plugging into 110v to cool it off faster before departure.


Secure all cargo in storage compartments

Latch/lock all compartment doors

Retract awning

Secure hitch/ball/weight distro/sway bar

Raise stabilizer jacks

Lower crank-up roof antenna

Close roof vents, all windows

Adjust outside rear view mirrors

Stow entry steps

Lock entry door


...To hitch up...

—Ensure all jack stands raised/stowed, chocks set

—Store chains/12v power cord

—Raise trailer

—Install hitch to truck, lock pin (Connor key)

—Backup vehicle, lower trailer onto ball

—Secure/lock ball (Master padlock)

—Raise trailer back up

—Install/secure weight dist. “legs”. Ensure the same number of chain links are pulled up on each side. Don’t over-do it: a trailer this lightweight doesn’t need much weight distributed off of the hitch. Use cheater bar on longest protruding peg. Chain links go on lowest peg/hook. Pin top peg in place.

—Lower trailer back down, stow block, cheater bar

—Install sway bar, tighten as necessary

—Install breakaway chains, 12v power cord

—Unhitch: reverse directions. When removing “legs”, raise trailer up and be careful to use cheater bar and don’t let it fly away. Leaving hitch down will greatly increase tension on “legs” and probably send the cheater bar flying.


—Ensure level (left/right axis)

—Chock, unhitch (if desired), ensure level (fore/aft axis)

—Extend stabilizer jacks. Extend until barely touching the ground, then one additional full turn. These are NOT heavy duty jacks.

—Water: ensure filter/pressure regulator installed first

—110V: ensure surge protector inserted first. Ensure AC unit off before plugging/unplugging 110V power. Once connected, fridge/freezer should automatically swap over from propane to AC.

—AC unit works great at keeping the camper cooled off. If the camper is heat-soaked, it may take a while to cool off. Recommend parking in shade as much as possible, airing out via open windows during the day, and turning on AC in mid-afternoon to cool off before bed. Turn down the blue temp knob as it cools.

—Water heater: flip switch to ON. Light goes out when water is heated.

—Awning is not very sturdy. Watch wind speed. Retract at night.

—Heater: set thermostat higher, listen to ensure propane lights.


—Disconnect all lines (water, electric, sewer)

—Stow hoses and cables

—Remove wheel chocks

—Raise stabilizer jacks

—Raise hitch jack

—Stow camping equipment

—Check cargo compartments/gear stowed

—Stow entry steps

—Reconnect 12V cable to truck

—Check clx/obstacles along path

—Final check: undercarriage, disconnected, all buttoned up

Owned by: Andrew Teague
Typically responds within an hour

RV details

2018 Gulf Stream Gulf Breeze Ultra Lite

20 feet


Temperature control

Air conditioner
Ceiling fan


Kitchen sink
Stove / range
Dining table


Inside shower

Other features

Leveling jacks
Tow hitch
Audio inputs
Extra storage
CD player


Pet friendly
No festivals allowed
No smoking allowed


Cancellation policy Flexible

  • 100% refund, minus service fee, if cancelled within 5 days.
  • 75% refund, minus service fee, if cancelled after.


100 miles free per day
You will be charged $0.35 for every mile over per day.


$128.00 per night
$106.00 per night
17.2% discount
$95.00 per night
25.8% discount
Minimum stay
3 nights
Refundable security deposit

Optional add-ons

Weight distribution hitch and sway bar combo Free

Dampens swag during high-wind travels and decreases tongue weight by prying that weight back onto the trailer frame.



8 Reviews

July 2020

Andrew is super responsive and very accommodating. The RV is clean and was perfect for our family of 4. Everything worked well and it is exactly as advertised. Andrew met us upon return and even lent a hand in getting our stuff packed up. He is great to work with.

Adam Deitz

June 2020

We needed a travel trailer last minute and Andrew delivered. He had the entire setup from hoses to hitch and made the process easy yet thorough.

I would recommend him for all travelers.

Tiffany Hunt

June 2020

Great experience! Trailer is well kept and Andrew and his family is super nice!

Mitchell Mclean

May 2020

This was a last minute rental, and Andrew was very helpful and accommodating! Will definitely rent from him in the future!

Tricia Stotler

May 2020

Andrew was Great with a rookie RV family. He was flexible, accommodating, and explained everything well for our first RV trip down to the TX Hill Country. The camper was perfect for our family of 5. Highly recommend!

Cody Blair

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