State Parks near Nampa, ID

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State Parks

Bruneau Dunes State Park, ID

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This park is located in the southwest portion of the uniquely-shaped state of Iowa. The small locality of Bruneau is the nearest town to the park, as well as the park's namesake. The nearest larger city is Boise, the state's capital found around 60 miles to the northwest. The park's claim to fame is that it contains the tallest single-structure sand dune in all of North America.

The park is comprised of several sand dunes and small lakes, and the Snake River runs through it as well. Typical activities enjoyed here include hiking, horseback riding, picnicking and water sports on the lakes and river. The sand dunes provide opportunities to enjoy their own unique activities.

Farewell Bend State Recreation Area, OR

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Farewell Bend State Recreation Area lies in east-central Oregon, close to the Idaho border and the towns of Ontario, Baker City, and Weiser. The area is made up of the northwest banks of Snake River, historically the last stop on the Oregon Trail before the trail turned north. This perfectly places lakeside location makes Farewell Bend State Recreation Area an excellent place for fishing and boating. Alongside these water-based recreations, Farewell Bend State Recreation Area attracts hikers and wildlife watchers. During the winter months, skiers and snowshoers also make for this part of eastern Oregon.

This long list of recreational activities and its location along the state border makes Farewell Bend State Recreation Area the ideal place …

Lake Cascade State Park, ID

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Lake Cascade State Park is located in central Idaho, between the towns and cities of Boise, McCall, and Cambridge. The state park covers five hundred acres of land surrounding Lake Cascade, an impoundment of the Payette River. Lake Cascade State Park’s location brings in hundreds of visitors seeking an escape from city and town life, immersing themselves in the quiet countryside and lakeside recreation it offers. From the excellent water-based recreation to the vast wildlife to be seen, Lake Cascade State Park is the ideal place to bring an RV rental. Accessing the park with a rental RV is simple; Highway 55 runs along the eastern side of the lake and park.

Rent a camper near Lake …

Lake Owyhee State Park, OR

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Lake Owyhee State Park lies in east-central Oregon, near the Oregon - Idaho border and just west of the towns of Boise, ID, Nampa, ID, and Ontario, OR. This state park hugs the eastern shoreline of Lake Owyhee, a fifty-three-mile long lake formed by the Owyhee dam built in the mid-1930s. This crystal clear lake is a picturesque oasis in the vast expanse of the Owyhee mountains, surrounded by canyons and colorful volcanic rock formations. These breathtaking surroundings draw visitors from major nearby Oregon and Idaho cities, and many stay for the excellent fishing, boating, and hiking opportunities.

The picturesque isolation of Lake Owyhee State Park, combined with the great camping and recreational facilities, make it the …

Ponderosa State Park, ID

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Both summer and winter RV campers enjoy Ponderosa State Park for the serenity and abundance of year-round activities found here. This 1,000-acre park in central Idaho lies on the shores of Payette Lake, most of it within the city limits of McCall. The park gets its name from the preponderance of Ponderosa pines found within it, many of which are over 300 years old. Idahoans have long visited this area for recreation, and in 1905, the state legislature was pushed to set aside the land as a state park. The bill was passed in no time, and Ponderosa State Park was created.

Ponderosa State Park is popular for boating, fishing, and hiking through the various landscapes found in this …

Three Island Crossing State Park, ID

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Driving a rental RV through southern Idaho takes you through a spectacular yet arid landscape. Three Island Crossing State Park is a small oasis next to the Snake River, featuring just over 600 acres of land with trails, lush trees, green grass, and cool water for wading and fishing. The park is 75 miles southeast of Boise, right off of Interstate 84.

Three Island Crossing earned its name from the famed mid-19th century Oregon Trail crossing. This was one of the most dangerous crossings along the trail, and numerous emigrants lost their lives trying to cross here. If you were successful during low water, you were rewarded with a shorter, much more moderate route to the Oregon border. If …