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State Parks in New Hampshire

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State Parks

Franconia Notch State Park, NH

217 RV rentals

Franconia Notch State Park is a dream destination for outdoor adventurers. This 6,600-acre expanse features stunning vistas of the White Mountains and a 38-acre alpine lake that draws swimmers and paddlers from near and far. Flume Gorge, Echo Lake, and Cannon Mountain are just a few of the must-see attractions on offer at this beloved recreation area. History buffs will find plenty to discover here as well, including the Old Man of the Mountain Museum and the New England Ski Museum.

Two well-equipped campgrounds at Franconia Notch State Park make this an excellent place to camp in an RV. Want …

Mount Washington State Park, NH

182 RV rentals

This park sits on the summit of Mt. Washington, the highest mountain peak in the Northeast. It is situated in the White Mountains, in the northern portion of the state where the area is known for its wild weather. It previously held the record for highest wind speed ever, recorded at over 200 mph! The nearest town of substance is Conway, found about 30 miles to the south, while the state's capital, Concord, NH, is located more than 100 miles to the south.

Due to its high altitude, winter conditions can be expected at any time of the …

Mount Sunapee State Park, NH

352 RV rentals

Once a prized hunting spot for the Algonquin Native Americans, “Sunapee” roughly translates to “wild goose water.” Lake Sunapee, which sits at the foot of Mount Sunapee, in New Hampshire, regularly draws hundreds of thousands of waterfowls on their biannual migratory trips. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the north side of the mount was razed by overzealous logging companies. The local residents, alarmed that their beloved view of the mountain would be damaged for generations to come, rallied together and raised around $2,000 (around $50,000 in today’s dollars) to buy a few hundred acres from the company in …

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, NH

354 RV rentals

Perched along the Parker River mouth and part of Plum Island in Newburyport, MA lies the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. Situated just under 8 miles from Newbury, this refuge is the perfect place to set up base camp for your Newbury camper rental, should you be in a quest to have a blissful getaway in Massachusetts’ northeast coast. What is it you’re waiting for? Search for an RV in Essex County and have a memorable getaway RV camping at state parks.

Sprawling across approximately 4,262 acres of highlands and coastal salt marshes along the Atlantic Ocean, Parker River …

Lake Francis State Park, NH

85 RV rentals

Lake Francis State Park lies in northern New Hampshire, close to the Canadian border and the towns of Pittsburg, NH, Colebrook, NH, and the Canadian town of East Hereford. The state park straddles the immense Lake Francis, and it is the lake that brings thousands of visitors to the park every year. The combination of fantastic fishing, boating, and the picturesque landscapes of northern New Hampshire make it the ideal place to bring an RV rental.

Accessing Lake Francis State Park with a rental RV is simple enough via Highway 145 running north or Highway 3 from …

Greenfield State Park, NH

391 RV rentals

Situated in the southern section of New Hampshire lies Greenfield State Park. This park covers over 400 acres and is filled with forests and bogs for guests to explore. While at the state park, visitors can enjoy the great outdoors by doing various activities like swimming, fishing, and hiking.

The park is home to a small store which sells snacks and souvenirs. There are also a few park ranger stations located around the area that can be visited if you have questions. This state park is located next to many major cities like Bennington, Concord, and Manchester.

Getting Outdoors …

Coleman State Park, NH

92 RV rentals

The mysterious yet alluring Great North Woods also referred to as “North Country” by the locals, encompasses much of northern New Hampshire. The residents in this region very nearly seceded from the United States in 1835 over a dispute that was started by a debt owed to a hardware store. The rebellion was brought to their knees by British officials, who essentially forced the leaders to sign a treaty at gunpoint. Though it has been a few generations since that event, the old-timers are still disgruntled about it even to this day.

The town of Colebrook, just about 12 …

Umbagog Lake State Park, NH

112 RV rentals

Located in the northeast New Hampshire, close to the border with Maine, Umbagog Lake State Park was established in 1998. This scenic place is just north of Berlin, NH, and two hours away from Woodstock, NH. Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to Umbagog Lake State Park because of untouched nature and glorious vistas that stretch in all directions.

Umbagog Lake lies in the very center of Umbagog Lake State Park, making it a prime destination for anglers and boaters. Abenaki tribe used to live on this land, and they even named the lake. Umbagog means shallow water. Today, …

Rhododendron State Park, NH

418 RV rentals

Rhododendron State Park is situated in southern New Hampshire near the state’s border with Massachusetts. It spans over 2,723 acres and is named after the 16-acres within it that are filled with various types of rhododendrons.

This state park was founded in the early 1900s as a way to help protect the land from the lumber industry. Rhododendron State Park is located near Fitzwilliam and Winchester and is a quick drive away from Pisgah State Park.

Getting Outdoors

There are quite a few things to do at Rhododendron State Park, with one being hiking. There are numerous pathways winding around …

Milan Hill State Park, NH

141 RV rentals

Located in northern New Hampshire, close to the impressive Mount Washington, Milan Hill State Park is a popular location for nature lovers. The state park is just outside Milan and two hours away from Concord. Famous for a fire tower that looms over the dense woods, Milan Hill was established in the 19th century and was called Barrows Mountain back in the day.

Milan Hill State Park is a 102-acre state park that is open all year round, and campers may enjoy a variety of activities here such as hiking, nordic skiing, and birdwatching. Anglers and boaters could find …

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