State Parks in New Hampshire

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State Parks

Ascutney State Park, NH

299 RV rentals

After you book an RV in Windsor County, head to Ascutney State Park to experience Vermont’s second-highest mountain peak. Mount Ascutney is located in the southern half of Vermont, near the border that the state shares with New Hampshire, about 40 miles north of Brattleboro. The park and mountain were originally thought to be named after a local settlement along the Sugar River, but it has been decided by local historians that the name instead has no known meaning.

Camping in an RV at Ascutney State Park is a fantastic way to visit the mountain, and it is believed that the mountain was home to the nation’s first public recreation trail, built-in 1825. The park offers many recreation …

Bear Brook State Park, NH

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The state of New Hampshire began buying land in the southeastern corner of the state in the early 1900s with the intent of preserving the region. The park remained undeveloped until the early 1930s when President Roosevelt began the now-famous New Deal program, in which unemployed young adults were put to work across the country. Called Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a cadre of New Hampshire residents built several outbuildings and structures in what would later become Bear Brook State Park and blazed several miles of trails.

Today, Bear Brook State Park is also the site of three museums: the Richard Diehl Civilian Corps Museums, which details some of the work they did in the state as well as displays photographs …

Cardigan Mountain State Park, NH

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The Appalachian Mountain Club purchased a little over 500 acres of land covering Mount Cardigan's eastern face in New Hampshire in 1934. The intent was to create a ski resort or destination to fund their other activities under the guidance of two renowned ski-trail designers Duke Dmitri von Leuchtenberg and Charles Proctor. The Civilian Conservation Corps, which was established by President Roosevelt’s New Deal program, blazed several miles of trails that would be used for both hiking and cross-country skiing (also known as Nordic skiing). Although this notion of making Mount Cardigan a premier ski destination never came to fruition, many outdoor adventurers enjoy exploring the woods of Cardigan Mountain State Park.

The closest large town is Lebanon, NH, …

Clough State Park, NH

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In 1938, a hurricane nicknamed Long Island Express (they didn’t receive official names until 1950) roared up the eastern seaboard, flooding cities, and towns along the way. Several towns in New Hampshire were devastated even though the hurricane was weakened by the time it arrived in the upper New England region. To prevent a recurrence, the United States Army Corps of Engineers constructed a few dams in the area, including the one on Piscataquog River. A small lake, Everett Lake, was formed as a result, and the state of New Hampshire created a small state park, Clough State Park, in 1963 to facilitate recreational fun on the lake.

The closest large town is Concord, which is the state capital …

Coleman State Park, NH

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The mysterious yet alluring Great North Woods also referred to as “North Country” by the locals, encompasses much of northern New Hampshire. The residents in this region very nearly seceded from the United States in 1835 over a dispute that was started by a debt owed to a hardware store. The rebellion was brought to their knees by British officials, who essentially forced the leaders to sign a treaty at gunpoint. Though it has been a few generations since that event, the old-timers are still disgruntled about it even to this day.

The town of Colebrook, just about 12 miles west, has a variety of restaurants, shops, and a small hospital with an emergency health center. The town is …

Crawford Notch State Park, NH

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Crawford Notch State Park is located in north-central New Hampshire, near the small community of Hart's Location. The nearest larger town is Conway, NH, which is around 30 miles to the southeast, while the nearest larger city is Portland, ME, at almost 90 miles to the southeast.

Crawford Notch State Park is situated within the forested and rugged White Mountains. This area is incredibly scenic and is known for the outdoor, recreational activities that can be enjoyed here throughout the year. There are trails for hiking and places to picnic in the summer, and ski resorts open up when the snow flies. You will never struggle to find something to do when you visit this part of the …

Dixville Notch State Park, NH

110 RV rentals

Located in the northern part of New Hampshire, close to Errol and less than an hour away from Milan, Dixville Notch State Park is an excellent place for hikers and picnickers. The scenic vistas and untouched nature attract visitors from all around this state. This state park is famous for a beautiful steep-walled gorge as well as two waterfalls.

Even though Dixville Notch State Park covers only 127 acres of land, it is well-known among outdoor enthusiasts looking for their next big adventure. The hiking trails that pass through the park lead to the nearby mountains, and they are a bit challenging. Those of you who want to spend time at Dixville Notch State Park should search for an …

Echo Lake State Park, NH

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This park is situated in the northern portion of New Hampshire, near the base of the White Mountains. The small town of Conway is found not far from the park's borders. The nearest large city is Portland, Maine, found around 60 miles to the southeast, while the state's capital, Concord, is located around 80 miles to the south.

The park consists mostly of forestland, and offers frequent, scenic views of the nearby Presidential Range. Activities available here include hiking, rock climbing, picnicking and winter sports. There is a lake found on site, and this, along with nearby rivers and streams, allow for additional recreational activities.

Ellacoya State Park, NH

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Vermont might have the Green Mountains, but New Hampshire has the White Mountains. No matter your initial color choice, you’ll notice everything looks pretty green in the summer and pretty white in the winter. People flock from near and far to see, explore, and camp in the New England mountain ranges. Book an RV in Belknap County and surround yourself in all of this vast beauty.

One of the biggest perks of camping in Gilford is the Lake Winnipesaukee access. Gilford is known as the “recreation of New Hampshire” and offers a wide range of things to do, but most importantly Ellacoya State Park sits on the southwest shore of the lake. The 21-mile long lake is the largest lake …

Franconia Notch State Park, NH

217 RV rentals

Franconia Notch State Park is a dream destination for outdoor adventurers. This 6,600-acre expanse features stunning vistas of the White Mountains and a 38-acre alpine lake that draws swimmers and paddlers from near and far. Flume Gorge, Echo Lake, and Cannon Mountain are just a few of the must-see attractions on offer at this beloved recreation area. History buffs will find plenty to discover here as well, including the Old Man of the Mountain Museum and the New England Ski Museum.

Two well-equipped campgrounds at Franconia Notch State Park make this an excellent place to camp in an RV. Want to stay a spell in this scenic spot? Book an RV in Grafton County and start packing for an excursion …

Greenfield State Park, NH

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Situated in the southern section of New Hampshire lies Greenfield State Park. This park covers over 400 acres and is filled with forests and bogs for guests to explore. While at the state park, visitors can enjoy the great outdoors by doing various activities like swimming, fishing, and hiking.

The park is home to a small store which sells snacks and souvenirs. There are also a few park ranger stations located around the area that can be visited if you have questions. This state park is located next to many major cities like Bennington, Concord, and Manchester.

Hampton Beach State Park, NH

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Hampton Beach State Park lies close to where the Hampton River meets the Atlantic Ocean in New Hampshire. Spanning over 50 acres, the park is known for its large beach and great water quality. It’s also home to a massive amount of endangered piping plovers and has a few protected areas to help encouraging growing population numbers of this species.

This New Hampshire state park resides next to Ocean Boulevard so it will be easy to get to with your RV. Thanks to its location it’s located near a handful of restaurants and shops which sell local favorites, like lobster rolls and beautiful seashells. The park is also just a short drive away from the Massachusetts and Maine state borders.

Jericho Mountain State Park, NH

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Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is the stunning Jericho Mountain State Park, one of the best places to see the incredible landscape of the state. It is a relatively new park, only created in 2005, yet still offers visitors so much, with hiking, wildlife viewing, trail riding, and snowmobiling are all popular activities. The park's namesake, Jericho Mountain, is located just to the east, standing tall at 2454 feet.

A true gem in the park is the beautiful Jericho Lake, which just adds to the number of recreational activities available, plus visitors are treated to a number of scenic outlooks throughout the area. The state park is located just a few miles northwest of downtown Berlin, …

Kingston State Park, NH

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The town of Kingston was originally called King’s Town in honor of King William the Third. When the state of New Hampshire began buying land up in the 1930s, they purchased a small swath of land adjacent to Great Pond and established it as a state park. Due to its close proximity to the town, the state park was officially named Kingston State Park. As a part of President Roosevelt’s New Deal program, the Civilian Conservation Corps created a couple of log-cabin-style pavilions and shelters for the public to use. Centrally located, Kingston State Park is close to several outdoor recreation spots, making it an ideal place to use as a home base.

Kingston is less than a mile from …

Lake Francis State Park, NH

85 RV rentals

Lake Francis State Park lies in northern New Hampshire, close to the Canadian border and the towns of Pittsburg, NH, Colebrook, NH, and the Canadian town of East Hereford. The state park straddles the immense Lake Francis, and it is the lake that brings thousands of visitors to the park every year. The combination of fantastic fishing, boating, and the picturesque landscapes of northern New Hampshire make it the ideal place to bring an RV rental.

Accessing Lake Francis State Park with a rental RV is simple enough via Highway 145 running north or Highway 3 from the Canadian border. Rent a camper near Lake Francis State Park, and you can not only enjoy the boundless recreation …