State Parks near Pocatello, ID

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State Parks

Bear Lake State Park, UT

570 RV rentals

Bear Lake State Park, situated along the Utah and Idaho border, is composed of three main areas: Rendezvous Beach, East Side, and Bear Lake Marina. The area was once used by fur trappers, such as Jedediah Smith, and the Native Americans that lived in the area. The city is also near historic areas where old trading posts from the Oregon Trail still stand.

Bear Lake State Park is about 145 miles away from Salt Lake City. One of the parks main highlights is Bear Lake, which has water so clear it’s called the “Caribbean of the Rockies." This park is also situated near the Cache Valley.

Bear Lake State Park, ID

570 RV rentals

Some people may not consider Idaho the perfect getaway; however, there's a hidden gem in St. Charles that's a water lover’s absolute paradise. Packed fun of fun outdoor activities, Bear Lake State Park is only minutes from Montpelier and a variety of shopping and restaurants. Be sure to book an RV in Bear Lake County and spend some time camping at Bear Lake State Park.

The park is situated close to the Utah and Wyoming border, making it easy to visit three states within a weekend of motorhome camping. Salt Lake City is only 133 miles away, or about two and a half hours south of Bear Lake State Park whereas Jackson, Wyoming is about 134 miles away, about two …

Castle Rocks State Park, ID

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In the deep south of Idaho is Castle Rocks State Park, a wonderful place to visit when you book an RV in Cassia County. This park is home to a rich natural history that is easily traceable back over 2.5 million years, and this natural landscape provides a backdrop for most activities in the park. Castle Rocks State Park draws rock climbers from all over the world, and its seemingly endless rock formations and small mountains are enough to keep anyone busy for weeks on end.

Camping with an RV near Castle Rocks State Park is one of the easiest ways to experience as much as possible. While staying at this state park you’ll be only a handful of …

City of Rocks National Reserve, ID

47 RV rentals

The City of Rocks National Reserve, which was officially established in 1988, is not only an Idaho geological wonder but also an important part of the country’s history. The City of Rocks was a popular stopping spot for pioneers and settlers traveling along the California Trail between 1843 and 1882. Because so many caravans sheltered among these rocks, a temporary tent city was established here, allowing people to replenish their supplies and trade for goods.

The steady flow of caravans carved out deep grooves into the bedrock that are still visible today. Many travelers also signed their names in axle grease on rocks along the trail, essentially indicating that “I was here.” These historically-significant examples of graffiti are still visible …

Craters of the Moon National Monument, ID

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Craters of the Moon National Monument can be found near the small community of Carey, Idaho, in the south-central portion of the state. This area is very rural, with the nearest larger town being Twin Falls, which is over 60 miles to the southwest. The nearest larger city is also the state's capital, Boise, at almost 150 miles to the west. The park also sits a little more than 100 miles north of the borders the state shares with both Nevada and Utah.

This part of the state is characterized by hills covered in dry, rugged scrubland. The landscape that gives the park its name was created by lava flows millions of years ago. These help to add …

Fossil Butte National Monument, WY

411 RV rentals

Fossil Butte National Monument is a fossil hunter’s dream spot. Thousands of marine and land fossils have been found in this region, which was a vast, shallow sea 40 million years ago. Fossil Butte National Monument became established as a national monument in 1972, granting it protection from oil and mining companies.

The Fossil Butte National Monument Visitor Center has on display several examples of fossils found in the area, which includes crocodiles, fish, turtles, and bats.

The closest town is Kemmerer, WY, which is about 15 miles to the east. The small town of about 3,000 residents has a handful of stores and fossil shops, restaurants, and a medical center. Kemmerer is best known as the birthplace of …

Golden Spike National Historic Site, UT

818 RV rentals

The Golden Spike National Historic Site is located near Promontory, Utah, in the far north-central portion of the state. The nearest larger town is Perry, found around 30 miles to the east, with the nearest large city is the state's capital, Salt Lake City, at almost 90 miles to the southeast. The park is also less than 50 miles from the state border that Utah shares with Idaho to the north.

This portion of Utah consists mostly of open prairie land, dotted with scrub brush. It is bordered by rugged mountain peaks, and the large, Great Salt Lake, just to the south. This scenic area is a prime place to enjoy outdoor recreational opportunities, such as hiking and camping …

Grand Teton National Park, WY

133 RV rentals

Grand Teton National Park is located in northwestern Wyoming in Teton County, a stone’s throw away from Kelly and 30 minutes away from Teton Village. Grand Teton is named after the tallest mountain of the Teton Range and characterized by majestic natural scenery and wildlife. Grand Teton is one of the most visited national parks in the United States and a great location to have a family vacation, celebrate your honeymoon or anniversary, or challenge your inner adventurer on one of the park’s strenuous hiking trails.

The park spreads across 310,000 acres, encompassing the Teton Range as well as a northern part of the valley called Jackson Hole. Visitors will appreciate the breathtaking view of mountains, forests, and …

Hyrum State Park, UT

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Hyrum State Park is located in northern Utah, just north of Ogden and Salt Lake City and slightly south of Logan. The state park lies on the northern shores of Hyrum Lake and is the recreation bounty of the lake that brings in its many visitors, season after season. Surrounded by the rolling green mountains and foothills of Uinta National Forest, you will struggle to find a more scenic destination in all of northern Utah. From its impeccable fishing and boating to its wonderland of hiking and nature watching, Hyrum State Park is the ideal place to take a rental RV.

Navigating your way to Hyrum State Park with an RV rental is made much easier with Highway …

Lake Walcott State Park, ID

97 RV rentals

Lake Walcott State Park is near Twin Falls, ID, and three hours away from Boise. This scenic state park borders the Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge. Therefore, Lake Walcott State Park is very attractive to wildlife watchers and outdoor enthusiasts. Surrounded by high desert and farmland, this state park looks like an oasis near a large body of water. Hot summers and mild winters keep this place open all year round.

Lake Walcott is the main feature of Lake Walcott State Park. The lake attracts anglers, waterskiers, and windsurfers who are searching for their next adventure. But the fun doesn’t end there. Considering the unique location of this state park, and its topography, it shouldn’t be surprising to discover …

Massacre Rocks State Park, ID

139 RV rentals

In the southeastern section of Idaho, between Pocatello and Twin Falls, is Massacre Rocks State Park. This park is just south of the Craters of the Moon Monument & Preserve, and both are pleasant places to visit when you book an RV in Power County. Massacre Rocks State Park is located along the Snake River and is named in tribute to an emigrant wagon train traveling along the Oregon Trail that was ambushed by Native Americans at the site.

Two large boulders are on either side of the former Oregon Trail, and travelers at the time feared an attack because of the pinch the boulders made in the trail. Alternative names for the boulders that were popular with …

Mount Ogden Park, UT

888 RV rentals

Mount Ogden Park is in Ogden, UT, which is in the northern portion of the state and is one of the larger towns in the local area. Salt Lake City, the state's capital, is situated only around 30 miles to the south, while the Great Salt Lake is located less than 20 miles to the west of the park.

This portion of Utah is a beautiful area with so much to do. As there are several larger cities found locally, there are plenty of museums and big-city activities to enjoy. With the large lake to the west of town and towering mountains situated just east of the city's center, there are also many outdoor recreational opportunities to be found …

Salmon National Forest, ID

72 RV rentals

Originally established as Salmon River Forest Reserve in 1906, this Idaho park was reclassified as Salmon National Forest in 1908. The change granted it some additional protection from overzealous mining and logging companies. It wasn’t until the 1970s or 1980s when people realized the vast potential for recreational opportunities. Only then did National Forest Service begin to seriously work at blazing trails and creating buildings and structures that would help grow the tourism industry.

In 1996, overwhelmed National Forest Service combined Salmon National Forest with Challis National Forest and a portion of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in an effort to streamline administrative work and budget, and thus the Salmon-Challis National Forest was born.

The closest large …

Sawtooth National Forest, ID

27 RV rentals

Initially thought to have harbored Native Americans for just a few hundred years, archaeologists have discovered spear points, pottery shards, and other artifacts that indicate that humans have, in fact, dwelled in Sawtooth National Forest for at least 12,000 years. European trappers and explorers arrived in the area in the early 19th century to map the region. Their efforts helped guide the pioneers west in the mid-1800s during the gold rush. Sawtooth National Forest was originally established as Sawtooth Forest Reserve in 1905, and its status was upgraded to Sawtooth National Forest in 1972, granting it some additional protection from mining and lumber companies. This Idaho state park gets an astounding million visitors annually.

Though there are a handful of …

Targhee National Forest, ID

136 RV rentals

Originally comprised of several individual state parks and state forests, these Idaho parks were combined to form Targhee National Forest in 1891. The name, Targhee, comes from a prominent Native American chief, Tyhee, who was killed in a battle between the Nez Perce and U.S. Army in 1877. For several years, the main use of Targhee National Forest was grazing sheep. Targhee National Forest was later combined with Caribou National Forest, in part to minimize administrative oversight, ultimately forming over 2.6 million acres.

The closest large town is Rexburg, which is about 60 miles to the south. Rexburg is nicknamed the “reddest place on the earth” thanks to its residents’ strong conservative belief. Indeed, politicians consider the town the …

Willard Bay State Park, UT

889 RV rentals

This park is situated in the north-central portion of Utah, on the shores of a large reservoir that shares its name. The small municipality of Willard sits on the park's fringes. The nearest larger city is Ogden, found less than 20 miles to the south. The state's capital, Salt Lake City, lies around 50 miles to the south, at the southern tip of the Great Salt Lake.

The climate in this region is fairly arid, while plenty of trees can be found spread around the local area, it isn't largely forested. The bay sits adjacent to the Great Salt Lake, but the two were artificially separated more than 50 years ago. After this area was drained, freshwater replaced …