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Jen Young
by Jen Young
Posted June 20, 2022

The Circus Circus at the Las Vegas Strip is an excellent hotel known for its casino, the Adventuredome park, and other exciting amenities. But there’s an RV park as well within the property.

The RV park is intended for campers who want to experience Circus Circus in an RV. But will it be as good as the experience of staying in hotel rooms? Find that out in this article.

Here’s a review of the Circus Circus RV Park and the amenities available to RV campers. We also explain what it’s like to camp at the Las Vegas Strip and explore the things to do nearby.

Circus Circus RV Park: An Overview

Circus Circus RV Park is an RV campground within the Circus Circus hotel and casino property. You drive up there in your RV, book a site, and camp inside your vehicle while enjoying the amenities.

The RV park consists of 170 sites with full hook-ups. These are pull-thru spots big enough to accommodate 80-foot rigs. With patio and outdoor furniture like picnic tables provided at each spot, you’re promised a comfy setting at this RV park for your trip.

But that’s not all. You’re treated as a guest at Circus Circus, and can use the amenities available at the hotel. This includes, but is not limited to the swimming pool, the hot tub, the arcade, the lobby, and the Adventuredome indoor theme park.

The hotel is dog-friendly, and so is the RV park. You can bring your pups with you on the trip. There’s a dog park and plenty of open spaces to walk your pooch.

The views and surroundings of this RV park are unlike any traditional campground. There are no trees or mountains in the backdrop, nor any creek flowing behind your RV spot. Instead, it’s all asphalt surface with Vegas high-rises and glittery boards dominating the scene.

But that’s the point of the Circus Circus RV Park: to offer you an RV spot in the middle of the most glamorous place in Las Vegas.

There are lots of things to do in and around the Circus Circus RV Park. So it’s better to plan a week-long trip and explore everything the area has to offer. Affordable rates are another excuse to make it happen sooner rather than later.

How to Enter Circus Circus RV Park?

The RV park is located inside the Circus Circus hotel property. But you can’t access the park from the hotel and casino entrance gate. Instead, you need to drive on the Sammy Davis JR drive and then get in through the RV Park entrance. 

If coming from outside Las Vegas, you must understand that the Circus Circus RV Park is located on the Las Vegas Strip and not in Las Vegas City. The Strip is the southern extension of Vegas city, which lies in the unincorporated towns of Winchester and Paradise.

Amenities at Circus Circus RV Park

The Circus Circus RV Park aims to offer the best camping experience on the Las Vegas Strip. So you’re going to find a lot of amenities. Some of them are:

Full hook-up sites

The RV Park has 170 full hook-up sites with water, sewer, and 30/50-amps electricity hook-ups. In addition to that, you have free Wi-Fi connectivity and picnic tables available for all sites. This ensures you don’t have to compromise on comfort when camping in an RV.

Besides being full hook-ups, the sites are big-rig-friendly. So irrespective of whether you’re driving a huge Class A RV or small camper trailer, you’ll find a spot.

Swimming pool with hot tub

circus circus rv park
Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

Splash in the pool soon after arriving at Circus Circus RV Park. The on-site swimming pool and hot tub are exclusively for RV campers and not open to hotel guests. Therefore, you can expect fewer people at the pool.

These are seasonal facilities, so you may find them closed during winter months or overcast conditions. But when they’re open, refreshment is guaranteed!

Slides and splash zone

Splashing doesn’t stop at the swimming pools. You can enter the slides and splash zone at the hotel for $10 per person.

The zone has whirlpools, a 50 ft water slide, and a bigger pool. There’s also a newly-designed Splash Pad where you can play with water cannons and spill buckets all day. The Splash Snacks food truck is nearby, where you can grab food without leaving the premises.

Children’s playground

If you have hyperactive kids, you can take them to the playground, which has slides, swings, and climbing frames to keep them busy. 

Unlike the Splash zone, it’s free for all RV campers. It’s also safe for children of all age groups.

Dog run area

circus circus rv park
Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

This is a dog-friendly RV park, and you can bring your pups with you. For the sake of their physical health, there’s a dog run area where you can unleash your pooch. It’s fenced and hence keeps your dog within the premises.

Besides the dog run area, there is plenty of open space both inside and outside the RV park. Your pup will surely love camping at Circus Circus.

Shower facilities

The RV park has on-site shower facilities a few meters from the RV spots. These are clean, spacious, and open only to RV campers. Also, the facilities are open 24X7 for your convenience.

Dump station

Empty your black and gray tanks at the on-site dump station. Since all the RV spots are full hook-ups, you do not have to drive down to the station. Just connect the tanks to the sewer hook-up to discard the wastewater.

But make sure you do not use harmful chemicals in your tanks as they are not safe for disposal. In case you have used chemicals, talk to the authorities before using them.


Circus Circus RV park has on-site laundry to help you keep your clothes clean on the trip. You’ll find cleaners and dryers with clean water supply. You get to pay as per use and won’t be charged extra.

Things to do in Circus Circus RV Park

One of the reasons RVers come to this RV park is to engage in numerous activities offered by the Las Vegas Strip. Circus Circus RV Park gives you easy access to all of them.

Here are some of the things you get to do while camping at Circus Circus RV Park:

The Adventuredome

circus circus rv park
Photo Credit: Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

The indoor amusement park, Adventuredome, is one of the main attractions of Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. You should buy the tickets and enter a world full of fun and adventure soon after arriving at the RV park.

The amusement park is spread across 5 acres and features 25 rides and arcade games. Whether you want to travel at 55 mph in a corkscrew pattern or experience vertical-G for a few seconds, you’ll find a ride of your choice.

Besides that, Adventuredome also has FX 4D theaters that play popular movies like Ice Age and Scooby-Doo.

A regular pass costs $60, while a junior pass (must be under 48 inches in height) comes at $30.

Casino at Circus Circus

The Las Vegas Strip is renowned for its casinos that allow you to wager on a wide range of games. And you don’t have to travel far to try your luck. The Circus Circus hotel has a casino hall stocked with slot machines and table games.

You’ll have a wide range of options from classic coin machines to video pokers. Also, there are over 30 table games, including poker, roulette (both live and virtual), and blackjack.

Although there are no restrictions, it’s advised that you play responsibly.

Sit by the Bellagio Fountains

Bellagio is another popular casino destination on the Strip. But what’s more popular is the fountain located outside the resort.

The fountain has thousands of water jets operating in sync, accompanied by special lighting and music. The water show starts from 3 PM onwards and takes place every 15-20 minutes. It’s four miles from the Circus Circus RV Park and a great place to spend evenings.

There’s another fountain, a chocolate fountain that oozes milk chocolate and stands 27 feet tall. It’s located within the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts.

You can also enter the casino and try the games. There’s a BetMGM sportsbook inside the casino where you can bet on live matches.

Visit the Fremont Street Experience

Freemont Street Experience
Photo Credit: Freemont Street Experience

Fremont Street is where you’ll find non-stop music and entertainment. It’s a place that hosts nightly live music concerts every night of the week. And some of them are even free to attend.

The place is also popular for the zipline that takes you through the blocks equipped with video screens from seven or eleven stories down to the pedestrian promenade. You can easily zoom past at 40 miles per hour and get a bird’s-eye view of the surroundings. 

Fremont Street is open 24 hours of the day, and you can walk in at any time. It’s only 5 miles away from the Circus Circus RV park.

And there’s also a casino, the oldest on the Las Vegas Strip.

Ride the Second Tallest Ferris Wheel in the World

You may have ridden scores of Ferris wheels but surely not like the High Roller. The 550-foot tall Ferris wheel is the second tallest of its kind in the world, second only to Ain Dubai, which has a height of 820 ft. 

While it looks like a Ferris Wheel, it’s actually an observation wheel with cabins designed to carry 40 people at once. It offers an unparalleled view of the Strip and the Las Vegas valley. The slow rise of the wheel gives you plenty of time to take in the 360-degree view.

High Roller is located in LINQ Promenade (another famous tourist destination), roughly five miles from the Circus Circus RV Park.

Take a Chopper Ride

Another way to access the skies of Las Vegas is by taking a helicopter tour. There are several agencies that will take you hundreds of feet into the air on a chopper and give you a tour of the city. Some agencies also offer guided narration and point out top destinations like the Bellagio.

The best time for a chopper ride is in the evening when the sun is down and the neon lights are out. Be sure to bring your camera to capture some magical moments.

The rides last 30-45 minutes and cost $100-150 per person on average.

Golfing at the Prestigious Wynn Golf Club

Wynn Golf Club
Photo Credit: Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Golf Club is a prime golfing destination on the Strip. If you follow golf, you may recognize this course. The 6,722-yard golf club hosts several PGA tours and attracts some of the best golfers in the world.

Located within the Wynn Las Vegas, the golf club is open to tourists from 9 AM to 7 PM. At the club, you’ll find an 18-hole main golf course along with several other smaller courses. There are two marshland areas that are fed by natural groundwater. Also, there are three lakes, streams, and plenty of trees. Golf carts are available for rent to travel through the course.

Other golf courses you may consider near the Circus Circus RV Park are Las Vegas Country Club and Las Vegas National Golf Course.

How Much Does It Cost to Park Your RV at Circus Circus RV Park?

The RV park is situated in an upscale location, but the prices are quite reasonable.

Pull-in sites at Circus Circus RV Park cost $45-50 per night. Pull-through sites are priced at around $55 per night.

The maximum number of guests allowed at each site is four. So expect to pay extra if you are more campers than the set limit.

The Circus Circus RV Park allows you to book the sites well in advance through the online portal. You need to specify the dates and search for the available sites. The portal will list the options for you to choose from. You can book a site and make payment to confirm your reservation.

Circus Circus RV Park Cancellation Policy

Circus Circus has a flexible cancellation policy in case you wish to not camp at the RV park. You need to contact the reservation team regarding your request within the specified date on your tickets. After this date, you may not be eligible for refunds. Therefore, always read the terms and conditions before booking.

Is Circus Circus Closing Down?

There were rumors going around of Circus Circus closing down or getting rebranded because of the change in ownership that took place in February of this year. Phil Ruffin now owns and operates the resort. But the Circus Circus Las Vegas isn’t shutting down and is operating as usual.

Other RV Parks on Las Vegas Strip

The Strip gets pretty crowded during the peak season and holiday months. Many RVers come from outside of Nevada to camp at the Las Vegas Strip. So you may not find a spot at Circus Circus RV Park during certain months.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many RV parks in the Las Vegas Strip region. So if you miss out on an RV site at Circus Circus, you’ll essentially be missing out on camping at the Strip. Your best option is to camp at RV parks located near the Strip area.

Here are some RV parks to consider:

King’s Row RV Park

Just seven miles from the Strip, you’ll find King’s Row RV Park on 3660 Boulder Hwy. It’s a top-of-the-line RV park offering easy access to both the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas.

You’ll find full hook-up sites with water, sewer, and power hook-ups available at each site. Also, the park has a swimming pool, laundry facilities, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

But the best part is it costs around $27 per day for an RV site, which makes King’s Row among the cheapest RV parks in Las Vegas.

Maycliff Mini Storage and RV Park

Maycliff is another RV park located on the boulevard within two miles of the King’s Row RV Park. 

It’s a self-storage facility that allows you to park your RVs, boats, or trucks inside closed storage units. There are 130 units measuring between 5 X 10 feet and 40 X 40 feet. 

The RV park is next to the mini storage area. There are full hook-up sites along with on-site laundry and shower facilities. Besides that, there aren’t many amenities available at this park. Its proximity to Las Vegas and Las Vegas Strip and affordable rates are the reasons to stay at this RV park.

Las Vegas Class A Motorcoach Resort

The Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort is located along Interstate 15, 7 miles from the Strip region. It’s an upscale five-star resort with state-of-the-art amenities.

Paved concrete pads with full hook-ups are the norm at this resort. The sites are big enough to accommodate even the big Class A rigs. In fact, the park does not entertain Class B, Class C, or trailers — which makes the resort a bit restrictive.

Expect to pay a premium price of $135 per day for standard sites and $150 per day for premium sites.

Jen Young


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