How to Game Outdoorsy’s Search Algorithm

February 20, 2017

How to Game Outdoorsy’s Search Algorithm

Outdoorsy released a brand spanking new search algorithm yesterday. As an RV owner, you are now able to have a direct influence on where you appear in search listings. Feel the power! Use the power! You can now game Outdoorsy’s search algorithm by doing the following four things. These 4 steps are ranked in order of importance.


Respond to every single rental request immediately. 

Outdoorsy's search
No messages awaiting response here! Well done, me.

Responding quickly is the single biggest thing you can do to boost your rank. If you do nothing else, take action on this. If you get a rental request and you’re not sure what your answer should be, just go with “no.” Answer every single request within 24 hours. You will see the difference it can make both in your reviews and in your search ranking.


Ask your renters to review you.

Outdoorsys Search

When your renters come back from their trips, be sure to ask them to review you. Explain to them that positive reviews will boost your ranking and make a big difference for your business. If they’ve had a great experience, encourage them to share it.


Make sure your listing has at least 5 RV photos.

Outdoorsy rental
Here’s a great example of the right way to do photos from owner Jody Rath.

Since our new Outdoorsy search algorithm prioritizes listings with more than 5 photos, it really makes a difference if you’ve taken time to upload great shots of your rig.


Share a photo and paragraph about yourself.

Outdoorsy algorithm
Great work, Amber Lackey!

A complete profile is prioritized over incomplete profiles in the new Outdoorsy search algorithm. Make sure to fill out your profile completely, particularly the photo and paragraph that describes a bit about yourself.

Take these 4 steps, see your rig climb in our search results, and see your rental requests stream in. Here’s to a prosperous 2017!

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