Joshua Schukman
by Joshua Schukman
Posted April 29, 2022

Sharing your RV with others on Outdoorsy is a very rewarding experience — you get paid for your rig, your renter gets a fun camp-venture, and you get the joy of sharing your love for the outdoors with someone else. 

But before any of that magic can happen, you’ll need to attract the renters who want to rent your RV — and that’s where the rubber meets the road (pun intended). Whether you plan to rent out the family RV or build a rental fleet, having the right tactics in place to get more people renting your RV is a must. 

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13 Ways To Get More People To Rent Your RV

If you find yourself asking: ‘how can I get more people to rent my RV?,’ these tips are what our owners tell us are some of the best ways to get more renters for your RV: 

  1. Join the Outdoorsy Owner Community — Whether you’re just starting out or have rented your RV to others for some time, nothing beats connecting with and learning from your fellow RV owners doing the same.

    The Outdoorsy Owner Community is stacked with discussion rooms, events, veteran owners, and coaches who can help you figure out how to get more people to rent your RV in your unique situation.
  2. Check out our Owner Handbook — We put together a handbook to guide you through all things related to renting out your RV. From how Outdoorsy works to how our insurance operates to how to attract and work with your first renter — this handbook is your roadmap to renting success.
  3. Social sharing — If you’d like folks to rent your RV, they need to be able to find your RV. That’s why sharing your RV rental on your social media channels and even creating special handles for your RV or business can help drive rentals.

    For example, many RV owners give their rig enough unique personality that they even give it a name. By giving your RV this level of personality, you could then create a separate social media channel that draws more renters into the special story of your RV.
  4. Create a Google Business Profile — This is one of the easiest hacks to get more people renting your RV because it’ll help you show up when people search “RV rentals near…”

    Creating a Google Business Profile is a free process where you’ll create a sort of online business card for your RV rental. Once the Google profile is created, simply link it to your Outdoorsy page and populate your Google business with your Outdoorsy listing info.

    You can complete the same process on sites like Yelp and Yellow Pages to get even more coverage when folks search for rental RVs near you.
  5. Craft a killer listing headline — When renters are searching for an RV, you’ll have just a few seconds to capture their attention. That’s why a compelling headline is as critical as your cover photo. Rather than simply writing the type of RV as your headline, think of ways you can make yourself stand out.

    For example, many of our owners tie popular events into their headline — e.g. “Luxury RV Ready to Camp at Bonnaroo.”

    Other owners highlight unique features of their rigs — e.g. “Solar-Powered Off-Road Adventure Van.”

    And some owners even name their RVs to add an extra bit of character to their headline — e.g. Jonathan Trailer Thomas.
  6. Write a stellar listing description To get more people to rent your RV, you’ll want to have a listing description that is very detailed, fun to read, and answers any major questions about renting your RV.

    Think of the listing description not only as a way to share the particulars of your RV, but also as a way to share your story with your renters. The more fun and real you can make your listing description, the more likely it will be to encourage people to rent your RV.
  7. Add-ons help rent out your RVOffering add-ons like mountain bikes, paddleboards, ground tents, surfboards, and much more is a great way to get more people renting your RV.
  8. Photos, photos, and more photos — We’ve found that you’re 5x more likely to get people to rent your RV when your listing has 20+ photos. That’s why it’s crucial to your success to invest the time and energy into posting a diverse array of photos to highlight your rig.

    Check out this video we made to show you the photos you should take and how to make them look awesome.
  9. Contact customer support — Our customer support team is available 24/7 via live chat, phone, or email for any questions or help.
  10. Offer special features to appeal to a wider audience — Do you have a unique selling proposition that will make your RV appeal to a certain niche?

    For example, if your rig is pet friendly, you could highlight this in your listing to get pet lovers to rent your RV.

    Or maybe you could market your RV as being geared up for music festivals and other large gatherings that draw large numbers of people.

    By finding your unique selling proposition and sharing that story on your listing, you’ll appeal to certain RV renter niches that others might not be reaching.
  11. Create a video tour of your RV —  Creating a video tour of your RV might seem like a scary proposition, but even a short walkthrough of your camper can work wonders to make your listing pop. Remember that your goal is to cause a prospective renter to imagine themselves in your RV — what better way than bringing them with you on a virtual tour?
  12. Have a marketing mindset — Great marketers proactively respond to trends, promote what they have to offer, and always seek ways to boost interest in their product.

    You can adopt a marketing mindset and get more renters for your RV by doing things like offering discounts at certain times of the year, sharing your listing on Facebook pages for large events/concerts coming to your area, and offering amenities that make your RV stand out. 
  13. Attract lots of positive reviews for your RV — The last time you booked a room or grabbed a bite in a new town, you likely depended on reviews from other people sharing their experience at that restaurant. In the same way that you depended on those reviews, renters will depend on the reviews they see for your rig. That’s why it’s so important for you to have a proactive strategy to get positive reviews. Here are the top tips from owners we’ve chatted with.

When you find yourself asking ‘how can I get more people renting my RV?’, it’s important to note that there are many resources available to you. From the Outdoorsy Owner Community to our Owner’s Handbook to our free listing coach sessions, we are here to help you get renters for your RV. We love nothing more than creating spectacular outdoor memories, so we’ll do whatever we can to help you on your RV rental journey — whether you just rent out the family rig or have an RV rental fleet.

Haven’t yet listed your RV? You can do that right here!

Joshua Schukman


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