Josh Schukman
by Josh Schukman
Posted September 23, 2022

Hunting and fishing while traveling in an RV is an affordable all-in-one vacation package.

That’s because hunting and fishing areas are off the beaten path and in places where it’s all about you, the family, and your connection with nature. RV hunting trips can also get you closer to the action because you can often camp right on public lands that are near your favorite hunting stand or fishing spot. 

We wanted to put this post together to help you build out the hunting or fishing trip that’s right for you and your family. Some of the best bonding moments and memories are made when you engage in nature-focused activities like this with the family.

We’ll chat about why RVs are great for hunting/fishing trips, how to zero in on season open dates for your state, and show you a few examples of some sporting-ready RVs you could rent for your trip. 

Campervan for rent with night sky

Why RVs Are Great For Hunting And Fishing Trips

RVs allow you to bring the comforts of home with you as you venture into the wild. Campers also give you the chance to bring along family members who might not be into hunting or fishing but would nonetheless have a blast camping out while you’re casting your lure. 

Sportsmen and sportswomen tell tales of early mornings and long drives to hunting/fishing spots. But with an RV, you can often camp very close to your range. Public lands, the private property you have permission to hunt on, and proximate RV parks are all spots where you can park your rig so you can make your morning joe and then take a short jaunt to your stand.   

RVs also create family memories as you gather ‘round the campfire, the cook stove, or other tech-free zones to spend time with the family and recount the day’s hunt. 

Hunters in the woods

Hunting + Fishing + RVing = Affordable Family Memories

Some of the best bonding moments happen with father and son, mother and daughter, or all of the above standing along a lake and casting a lure.

The thrill of the hunt – whether from a blind or via a nature walk – is a solid way to share a challenge together to build outdoorsy skills and family togetherness.

When you seek out these spots in an RV, you’ll be embarking on a memory-making journey that’s more affordable than virtually any other form of travel.

RVs also help you create space to focus on family bonding. Once you return from the day, you can all share a meal around the campfire or in your RV kitchen.

And if you set your GPS right, you can find yourself in areas with low to no signal, making it easier to enforce device-free bonding.

RVs Can Haul Toys

Toys such as side-by-sides, 4-wheelers, and canoes can often be brought with you in an RV setup. Even if you tow a travel trailer, that usually brings with it a pickup bed that’ll help you tote your toys with you. 

There are even rigs called toy haulers because they feature an onboard garage space so your toys can tag along with you. 

How To Find Hunting Season Open Dates In Your State 

One of the best ways to locate the different hunting season open dates for any state is to jump onto Hunting Season HQ. This site features an interactive map where you can pick your state and then see all the different hunting seasons and open/close dates.  

The site even breaks down the seasons by animal and type of arms such as bow, rifle, or muzzleloader. While Hunting Season HQ is a great way to get a general idea of hunting seasons around the U.S., you should always be sure to confirm dates with the official hunting and fishing department of the state where you plan to hunt or fish. 

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How To Find Fishing Season Open Dates In Your State

When it comes to fishing, you’ll generally have open range to cast your lure in lakes and reservoirs whenever weather permits. Just be sure you have the proper fishing licenses for any state you plan to fish in

Boats and canoes make terrific companions for RVing trips. If you plan to bring your boat or canoe to fish out of, check the official state department — or with local park rangers/game wardens — for any special permits you might need.

For example, many states are very careful about invasive aquatic species in their lakes, streams, and reservoirs. These states will require your boat to be inspected before it goes on their waters — whether or not you plan to fish out of it. 

Fly fishing and fishing in streams are often only allowed during certain seasons. This website provides a general idea of fishing seasons for any state. As with hunting, be sure to check the official state game website for the most up-to-date info on fly fishing seasons and licenses. 

Fly fishing

Fishing in the ocean opens the door to a whole new world of game but is generally more regulated than fishing in a lake. Many folks who are trying ocean fishing for the first time opt for guided offshore tours where everything is provided.  

Ocean fishing combines nicely with RVing because there are many RV parks and campgrounds near the beach. Take this list of Florida campgrounds for example — you could RV to many of these parks and enjoy time with the family while being close to your offshore angling tour. 

How To Find RVs For Hunting/Fishing Trips

If you don’t already have an RV for your upcoming hunting or fishing trip, we’ve got you covered. As one of the world’s largest RV rental marketplaces, we at Outdoorsy love matching RV owners to folks looking to rent rigs. 

Here are a few examples from around the country of RVs that would be great to rent for hunting or fishing trips: 

  • This toy hauler can be delivered to your hunting site anywhere within 150 miles of Denver or you can tow it yourself to make a luxury basecamp for you and the family.

Toy haulers offer large garage areas at the rear for ‘toys’ and/or back porch areas for camping enjoyment

  • Off-road pop-up campers like this one in Southern California can get deep into the sticks and still provide you with a warm, comfy bed and basic amenities for your hunting or fishing excursion.

How To Find Campgrounds And RV Parks For Hunting/Fishing Trips

The onX app is something that no hunter or angler should be without. This app will help you find public lands, private lands, and the camping areas that support them so you can plan out much of your trip right in the app.

We also wrote up this guide for boondocking and free camping to help you find the best campsites near your hunt.  

Other apps like Campendium, AllStays, and Harvest Hosts are solid weapons in your arsenal when it comes to locating RV parks and campgrounds for your trip.

RVing and the outdoorsy life fit together like bows and arrows. So what are you waiting for? Take your family on a trip they’ll never forget. You can explore our RVs for rent all around the country right here.  

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