Chelsea Gonzales
by Chelsea Gonzales
Posted August 1, 2018

The very definition of a “go-getter,” David Sodemann is co-owner of Boho Camper Vans. Together with Brett Ellenson and Sarina Gomez, he runs this amazing business, offering luxury campervans to eager renters ready for adventure.

Rent the original Boho Camper Van on Outdoorsy.

David Sodemann | Outdoorsy
Sarina Gomez, left, and David Sodemann, right. Image courtesy of David Sodemann.

The birth of an idea

So what led this team to create their business? The answer actually lies in an experience renting from Outdoorsy.

“Sarina and I rented a camper van via Outdoorsy to explore Maui this past March,” Sodemann explains. “We got back from our trip inspired, and a few weeks later we bought our own van. Two months later we completed the build, and our van hit the road with our first renter the very next day.”

David Sodemann | Outdoorsy
Image courtesy of David Sodemann.

Choosing Outdoorsy

Considering their first rental experience was with Outdoorsy, it makes sense they turned to the same company again when they were ready to rent out their campervan. The team considered whether they should list their rental on other sites, but continued to come to the same conclusion: Outdoorsy is a great choice for owners and renters alike.

“Outdoorsy was an obvious choice for Boho because of many reasons,” Sodemann explains, “including hassle-free reservations, deposit handling, insurance coverage, and roadside assistance.”

Because they did their homework and knew exactly what they were getting into, this super savvy team had very few worries going in.

“We feel more than safe renting. Outdoorsy has done their research by providing insurance, driver verification, and background checks,” Sodemann says. “The only concern was how quickly we’d receive rental requests, but then we started receiving them daily.”

David Sodemann | Outdoorsy
Image courtesy of David Sodemann.

So far, so good

Just as you might expect, the Boho team has been loving their experience with Outdoorsy. They’ve made over $2,000 in just one month of being listed on the site, and have been surprised by Outdoorsy’s promotion of their rig.

“What we didn’t realize until after we started renting was the marketing push Outdoorsy makes for its clients,” Sodemann says. “They’re constantly promoting on both social and traditional media. Outdoorsy even bought us an Instagram ad using Boho’s photos with a booking link directly to our rental page—that was an awesome surprise!”

To make matters better, everyone the group has come across while working with Outdoorsy has been, in his words, amazing.

“In the short time we’ve used Outdoorsy, every renter we’ve met has been exceptional,” Sodemann says. “They’ve treated our vehicle with respect, and gave us both praise and suggestions on how to improve. It’s nice to share a connection with others who enjoy the experience the road provides.”

When asked if he would ever recommend Outdoorsy to others, Sodemann enthusiastically replied, “Absolutely! It’s the only service we’ve found that covers all the bases.” 

David Sodemann | Outdoorsy
Image courtesy of David Sodemann.

All about David Sodemann

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go?

“Alaska to Patagonia”

Favorite morning beverage:

“Americano with heavy cream”

Favorite campsite meal:

“Lettuce-wrapped bison burgers with bacon and extra cheese”

Music you like to play on the radio:

“Fleetwood Mac”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite:

“If we won the lottery, where would we disappear to?”

Favorite season:


Last photo you took:

“Tonto Natural Bridge in Payson, Arizona”

What’s your Outdoorsy spirit animal?


David Sodemann | Outdoorsy
Image courtesy of David Sodemann.

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