Meet Owner Tracy Conley

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Meet Owner Tracy Conley

Chelsea Gonzales
by Chelsea Gonzales
Posted September 28, 2018

Everyone wants what’s best for their children. That’s a huge part of why Tracy and Russ Conley jumped into the RV rental world.

“Our oldest just graduated from OSU and we have a second one still attending there,” Tracy explains. “Russ and I have been going broke paying their tuition, but we’ve been trying to keep them from taking student loans out. We thought [Outdoorsy] would be a great way to make money to pay for college tuition.”

Tracey Conley | Outdoorsy

Seasoned campers

The Conley family are seasoned campers, and weren’t shy about renting out their RV on the platform.

“We’ve been camping for years with our children,” Tracey says. “We got our first hard-sided camper fifteen years ago.”

Since they already owned an RV, renting it out to make some extra money just made sense.

Tracey Conley | Outdoorsy

Making it work

Unfortunately the idea didn’t work out right away.

“We first signed up with a competitor’s platform, but we weren’t getting any business,” Tracy recalls. “I found Outdoorsy on a festival website for Country Jam. Within the first hour of signing up, we had our first rental with Outdoorsy!”

This was an exciting success for the couple, but little did they know it would continue to get better.

“We’re still new at this—we’re sending out our fourth rental this week,” Tracy says. “I think we’re up to about $1,400 so far, and we have three more booked through October.”

It looks like their plan to use their profits to pay for their kids’ education is going to work out just fine.

Tracey Conley | Outdoorsy

Added bonuses

Extra income is nice, of course, but that isn’t all the couple loves about Outdoorsy. Tracy says she has a strong appreciation for the community using the platform. 

“I’m on the Outdoorsy Facebook Owner’s group quite a bit. I love reading all the tips and about how everyone else is doing,” she says. “The owners on Outdoorsy are just like us, and our renters have been wonderful to work with.”

The Conley’s say they feel secure working with Outdoorsy.

“As owners, we feel safe since we can take the camper to each site and set it up,” Tracy says. “It’s great that Outdoorsy verifies every renter’s drivers license, and we like that the contract spells everything out.”

Tracey Conley | OutdoorsyThe perfect solution

All in all, it seems Outdoorsy is the perfect way for Tracy and Russ to help their sons get through college. We wish them all the success in their business, and it certainly looks like they’re headed in the right direction.

All about Tracy Conley

Favorite morning beverage:

“Black coffee”

Favorite campsite meal:

“Crock pot of ribs”

Music you like to play on the radio:


Best game to play on the road or at your campsite:


Favorite season:


Last photo you took:

“White water rafting when we went camping in West Virginia over Labor Day weekend.”

Chelsea Gonzales


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