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Owner Of The Week: Lonny Harper

Sometimes, one simple experience can change your whole world. That’s what happened to Lonny Harper when a neighbor pulled up to his house in his brand new 32-foot Class C.

“Over the next couple days, he told me about the success he’s had renting it out. A few months later, I was picking up my first Class C,” Lonny says. “I bought it knowing that renting it would pay for itself and then some. I had my first reservation within one week and have had many rentals since. We provide excellent customer service and I get a lot of repeat and referral business.”

With so many rentals coming in, Lonny saw an opportunity to grow his business.

“It went so well. I bought a second Class C, then a small trailer, then a teardrop camper and I plan to grow a fleet of the teardrop campers,” he says. 

Even though Lonny planned to rent his RV from the get-go, he did have some worries and found that Outdoorsy provided just what he needed to overcome his initial concerns.

“Putting a large investment in the hands of a stranger is very scary,” Lonny says. “I couldn’t do this if it weren’t for the insurance provided by Outdoorsy. I have been lucky and have not yet had to make a claim.”

While he hasn’t needed to use the Outdoorsy insurance at all, Harper has discovered another great perk of Outdoorsy: the ability to make connections.

“My favorite rental experience was renting to a family from Denmark who took my RV on their ‘Great American Road Trip’,” Lonny shares. “They had so much fun, sent me pictures daily, and left me great reviews. I’ve exchanged several emails with them since.”

Of course, it’s rentals like these that make the RV rental business so great, and deep down, we know all Outdoorsy owners share Lonny’s parting sentiment.

“I want my RV to be the vehicle of lifetime memories made by parents for their children,” he says.

All about Lonny Harper

Favorite morning beverage:

Favorite campsite meal:

Music you like to play on the radio:

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite:
“On the road we look for letters of the alphabet.”

Favorite season:

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go?
“I want to visit all of the national parks.”

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