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RV Adventure Cooking in the Pacific Northwest: Salmon

A big thrill of the nomadic lifestyle is experiencing local food. Every corner of the country has its own culinary masterpieces, whether tucked away in the wilderness or waiting in a bustling urban market. RV adventure cooking is particularly fun in the Pacific Northwest, with its easy access to incredible salmon and a comprehensive network of organic markets.

cedar planked salmon rv cooking

Did you know that you’re even allowed to fish in virtually any body of water within the state, including lakes, streams, and various places on the Pacific coastline? And if you’re not the fishing type, or you’re visiting outside of the salmon run season, don’t worry. Salmon is readily available at public markets and grocery stores in this region all year round.


When You Can Fish & Where to Buy if You Can’t

salmon fishing schedule
Fish-by-fish schedule available at WA Dept of Fishing and Shelling

Recreational salmon fishing has some fairly complex rules that change almost yearly, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has all of the information you need regarding where and how to fish, including resources for equipment, guides, and wilderness outfitters. Washington State has a comprehensive network of farmer’s markets, which also includes resources about where to find an array of organic produce. Pick up what you need and cook it on the same day at your campsite to avoid the hassle of packing or storing excess provisions, especially handy for small spaces like tents and RVs. You can also enjoy the benefits of cooking with the freshest ingredients.

Cooking Options

Once you have procured your salmon, the real adventure awaits. This versatile, healthy, and delicious fish is great as equally great barbecued, pan fried, as a shore lunch, sushi, or in a stew. You can even cure salmon or candy it (yes, maple syrup really has a million uses). No matter what the kitchen in your camper looks like, you can cook a gourmet feast over a single countertop element or a simple campfire.

solar oven
This is what a solar oven looks like.

Or even a solar cooker? It’s a real thing!

Life on the road doesn’t always mean beer and hot dogs (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The Northwest includes a variety of options for those that prefer to cook on their own, or cook as a hobby. You don’t have to leave your culinary talents at home when you hitch that RV up for some spirited wandering.

The Pacific Northwest is a treasure trove of edible delights, of which salmon is just the beginning. So grab that one and fishing pole, and put those public markets into your itinerary, so you can enjoy the same gourmet meals on the road that you do at home.

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