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Top 10 #Vanlife Coffee Table Books

Need an extra push—or just an extra dose of inspiration—to hit the road and live your dream van life? Pick up one of these 10 wanderlust-inducing coffee table books and flip through photographs and stories from experienced travelers and lifelong road trippers.

1. Van Life: Your Home on the Road

Today, we’re seeing more and more people selling everything they own to hit the road in a converted van, RV, or vintage truck. If you’ve ever dreamed about living life on the open road, then this book is perfect for you. It’s written by Foster Huntington, who created the #vanlife hashtag as he drove his van cross-country and documented his adventure along the way. The book explores unique vehicles, beautiful landscapes, and amazing vehicle renovations, as well as interviews with people living the van life.

2. I Can. I Will: Women Overlanding the World

This book showcases photos and stories from women who are traveling the world in their vans, trucks, cars, bicycles, and on motorcycles.

The Amazon synopsis describes sums it up perfectly: “This book will not just inspire you through the adventures of these unconventional heroes, but it is also an artifact, a collection of photos taken in places that most people don’t get an opportunity to see and stories of women doing things most people will never do.”  

Top 10 Van Life Inspiring Coffee Table Books | Outdoorsy

3. The Open Road: Photography and the American Roadtrip

The idea of the American road trip became prominent after World War II and began to appear more prominently in photography, movies, and music. This book chronicles the stories of photographers who embarked on “the great American road trip” and used their experiences in important bodies of work, like The Americans.

4. Epic Drives of the World

“Epic Drives of the World” showcases 50 of the best road trips on earth, from the classic American road trip, to amazing adventures in Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe. The stories are organized by continent and include breathtaking photographs, informative maps, and important advice such as when to go, where to stay, and what to eat. From Germany’s Black Forest High Road to Hawaii’s Hana Highway, this book will inspire anyone to hit the open road.

5. Ready to Roll: A Celebration of the Classic American Travel Trailer

There’s something about the classic American travel trailer that brings us back to a simpler time. Today, the idea of those slower days of freedom are being reintroduced into trailers from all eras. This book chronicles the retro trailer style with a complete evolution of the trailer from the covered wagon to the posh Airstream.  

Top 10 Van Life Inspiring Coffee Table Books | Outdoorsy

6. 59 Illustrated National Parks: 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service

This book is a celebration of the 100 years of wilderness and wonder at the 59 National Parks in the U.S.

7. The Most Scenic Drives in America: 120 Spectacular Road Trips

The road trips detailed in this book are divided into five sections: Western, Mountain, Central, Eastern, and Canada. Including easy-to-use maps and information about mileage, the best season to travel, nearby attractions, and special events, it’s the most comprehensive road trip guide for the U.S. and Canada.

8. Why We Travel: Travel Quotes Picture Book – Countries of the World Pictorial Coffee Table Book

Humans are naturally a migratory species and many people have a strong desire and urge to leave everything they know behind to discover new places. This book attempts to answer the question “Why do we travel?” through beautiful photography, inspiring quotes and sayings from some of history’s most notable writers, thinkers, and passionate travelers.

9. 1,000 Places to See Before You Die

The classic No. 1 New York Times bestseller travel book has been reinvented with more photographs, new entries including visits to 28 new countries like Lebanon and Estonia. All entries from the original edition have been rewritten and made fuller with suggestions about where to stay, where to eat, and local festivals worth traveling for.  As Newsweek wrote, this new edition “tells you what’s beautiful, what’s fun, and what’s just unforgettable—everywhere on earth.”

Top 10 Van Life Inspiring Coffee Table Books | Outdoorsy

10. The Rolling Home: 80000 Miles and Counting in a Selfbuild Home

“The Rolling Home” is a perfect coffee table book documenting 80,000 miles in a self-converted campervan. Boasting photos from over 6 years of traveling, with complimentary descriptions and illustrations, this book is sure to inspire you to get out on the road in your own rolling home.

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