Castle Park

Feel like royalty on your next RV road trip with a visit to the carnival-style amusement park of Castle Park in Riverside, California.

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If you’re on the hunt for a family-friendly, fun, and fantastic attraction that will appeal to all, then it might be time to start planning a trip to Riverside, California.

If it’s not the beautiful landmarks, historical buildings, and beautiful summers that lure you to this stunning Riverside County city, then it will surely be the 25-acre amusement park that offers excitement, adventure, and adrenaline-fueled activities that does.

Castle Park is a medieval and carnival-themed park with something for everyone. From the Screamin’ Demon rollercoaster for those who are not faint of heart to the miniature golf course, dozens of amusement rides, and the Buccaneer Cove water play area, there’s no limit to the amount of fun to be had.

Visitors can also enjoy arcade-style games to play, special events at Halloween, and an abundance of family dining options in between rides and activities.

While Castle Park is undoubtedly one reason to take an RV road trip to California, it’s not the only reason. Visitors can go hiking and biking at Box Springs Mountain Reserve Park in Moreno Valley, or even picnicking and biking at Chino Hills State Park. No matter where you travel in Riverside, there’s always something fun to see, do, and experience.

What are you waiting for? Rent an RV in California, book tickets for Castle Park, and visit a beautiful city with a lot to offer the average vacationer.


Finding family-friendly activities in California might seem challenging, but Castle Park is proving that it’s not impossible. Deals, discounts, group passes, and single-day tickets are all available to purchase online or on the day. Ticket prices vary from $10 to $20, with options for unlimited rides and rounds of mini-golf. Visitors can also purchase parking passes at the same time as general admission.



Riverside is nestled between San Bernardino, Palm Springs, and Los Angeles, which means that travelers are bound to experience an action-packed RV road trip to Riverside from whichever direction is home.

Whether you navigate your way down I-215, US-60, or US-91, there are an abundance of exciting spots to explore along the way. Stop off at Cleveland National Forest near San Diego, or why not book a guided tour through the Limestone Canyon Regional Park? With the help of a traffic aid like Quickmap, you can make sure you’ve got plenty of time to spare before arriving at your Riverside RV campground.

Parking areas

Travelers in campervans and tow vehicles can take great delight in being able to park onsite at Castle Park. Parking is plentiful and, while it costs to park for the day, is conveniently close to the amusement park’s main entrance. Motorists with large motorhomes or Class A campers may like to make use of public transportation options in the city or ask for permission to park at neighboring businesses with more generous parking spaces.

Public Transportation

The Riverside Transit Agency and local rail services ensure that anyone wanting to visit Castle Park during the day will be able to do so without their motorhome. Leave your RV at a California RV resort nearby, and check out the public transportation schedules to see if times align with your preferences. The La Sierra Train Station is within a short distance of Castle Park, parallel to the Riverside Freeway.

Where to stay


Even though there is no option to stay at Castle Park overnight, RV campers will take delight in being able to rest up for the night nearby. There are plenty of places that are accessible with an RV within a short driving distance of the amusement park. Both primitive RV camping options and some of the top RV parks and campgrounds near Riverside, CA, are in abundance.


Anyone taking an RV road trip to Riverside will be excited at the prospect of spending the day at Castle Park. But where are you going to spend the night? Within an hour’s drive of Castle Park, travelers have a multitude of different options at their disposal.

There are state parks near Riverside, CA, and natural areas like San Bernardino National Forest that provide camping opportunities, not to mention luxurious campgrounds like Coyote Cove Lakeside Camping in Lake Elsinore.

Any traveler who is taking an RV road trip to California may see the value in booking their Riverside accommodation in advance to ensure they get their first pick.

Getting around

With around 25 acres of ground to cover at Castle Park, it can be tempting to bring in scooters, skateboards, and wheeled footwear to make it easier to get around. However, the best and safest way to get around Castle Park is on foot. Fortunately, visitors will find plenty of seating areas to relax and grab a bite to eat, not to mention retail stores and quiet areas between roller coasters.

What to pack


Riverside’s semi-arid climate means that summers are hot and dry, and winters are often wet and mild. The best time to visit Castle Park is when it’s warm, and no rain is forecast, so pack clothing to suit these conditions. Anyone visiting the water park must wear appropriate swimwear, while tidy clothing is necessary for the central area of Castle Park.

Anyone who plans to visit during the colder months of the year may wish to pop a jacket and waterproof footwear in their suitcase, too. These additional layers can come in handy for other outdoor attractions, like Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in Trabuco Canyon.


There’s a lot to think about on any RV trip to California, but whether you rent a motorhome or take your own, it’s essential to pack plenty of essentials! Camping and cooking equipment are must-haves, even for those who won’t be camping in the great outdoors.

However, upon arriving at Castle Park, visitors can take only a few essentials into the amusement park. Pop the rest of your gear back in the motorhome and adopt a “less is best” policy with cash, credit, and a mobile phone.

Health & Safety

Castle Park staff take your health and safety seriously, so everyone in your traveling party should take care while still having a great time. On hot days, drink plenty of water and take breaks in the shade. On wet days, be extra careful while walking around, for many surfaces can become slippery quickly!
Outdoor adventurers who feel like a drive through Corona to get to Oak Canyon Nature Center may also see the value in carrying sunscreen, bug spray, a first-aid kit, and extra drinking water.

Where to eat


Camping prep before setting off on an RV road trip to Riverside, CA, can make a vacation run smoothly. Dishes such as chowder, soup, chili, and stew, can all be reheated on propane cookers and RV kitchen appliances. However, there’s also no harm in preparing a meal from scratch, with plenty of grocery stores and convenience stores within a ten-mile radius of Castle Park.


After a full day of roller coasters and other thrilling rides and activities at Castle Park, any avid traveler will be chomping at the bit for something delicious to eat. Even within a few miles of Castle Park, visitors can enjoy grill buffet, seafood restaurants, takeout, and American chain restaurants. Why not pick up something to go, then sit somewhere peaceful to eat, such as Prado Regional Park in Chino?


Fortunately, if amusement park visitors work up a hunger at Castle Park, they don’t have to travel too far to satisfy it. This park offers many different dining options to suit families and individuals alike. The food tent is near the entrance and in the center of the park. Bring cash and credit, and treat everyone to pizza, chicken wings, corn dogs, funnel cakes, roasted corn, and more. Snacks, treats, and substantial meals are all available at Castle Park.



Anyone visiting Castle Park may like to arrive a little earlier than intended to get through the security screening process. Both manual and metal detector checks may be required at the entrance. Visitors that come with bags may like to hire lockers to store them. Otherwise, leave anything bulky, damaging, dangerous, or distracting in your locked RV, out of sight.


Weather in Riverside, CA, doesn’t always play the game, and not every visitor to Castle Park will be treated to perfect conditions. Wet weather may require extra caution by visitors, as surfaces can be slippery. Castle Park may also close in extreme weather, so follow all park instructions in this unlikely event.

Travelers who plan on exploring the greater California area, such as the California Citrus State Historic Park or Irvine Regional Park, may like to check a local weather service before making concrete plans.


Whether someone in your travel group is feeling sick from the sun, or a slippery surface has seen them take a tumble, you’ll be pleased to know that help is on hand at Castle Park. Approach an official for assistance who will lead you to the park’s first aid area. In an emergency, dial 911 or travel to the nearest hospital within three miles of Castle Park. Visitors can also pick up extra first-aid supplies from a pharmacy within a mile of the amusement park.