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Information About Moreno Valley, CA

When planning an expedition out to the golden valleys of California, there is one valley, in particular, you should check out if you are looking for a dynamic vacation. Moreno Valley and its sister city of Riverside is a beautiful area with tons to explore. No matter which one of the five senses you want to entice, Moreno Valley has the flavor. Choosing to book an RV in Moreno Valley is a great way to really get out and make the most out of this robust, gorgeous city. You can drive your Moreno Valley rental RV to a number of diverse locations or you can take a day off at the wheel and use the Riverside Transit Authority(RTA) bus system to get to where you need to go. Whether its science, nature, mechanics or just a good time that you seek on your vacation with the motorhome rental in Moreno Valley, this city has you covered. You could also head west an hour and fifteen minutes to see the City of Angels, Los Angeles. When you head north for about 20 minutes, you can check out San Bernardino for a slightly smaller big-city feel. There’s so much to do and see that makes having a rental RV in Moreno Valley the perfect way to relax.

The Great Outdoors

California is well known for its beauty and the many natural areas of Moreno Valley will show you why, with multiple options in nature to view and pursue. Hunters should enjoy a trip to the Upland Game Hunting Area, where you can find a variety of game. The Box Springs Mountain Reserve covers 3,400 acres and is home to numerous scenic trails and wildlife. An abundance of beautiful views make this area an amazing spot to really set up and explore. Then you can drive the Moreno Valley motorhome rental over to Lake Perris and enjoy activities along the lake. It’s a beautiful spot for a picnic or some swimming and while you’re there, check out the Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum for an interesting change of pace.

When you rent an RV in Moreno Valley, it allows you to try a different vibe every day with its unique nature spots. Diamond Valley Lake is a gorgeous man-made reservoir with awesome trails to walk and enjoy where man meets nature. Visit the marina or check out the Laselle Sports Park, where you can find fields for pretty much every sport imaginable and enjoy a day in the sun.

You can head over to Mt. Rubidoux Park for amazing mountainsides and a majestic afternoon around this beautiful park full of interesting sights. For anyone with a passion for botany, the University of California Riverside Botanical Gardens is a must-see, with thousands of species of flowers to peruse.

A trip around the area with a camper rental in Moreno Valley isn’t complete however until you have visited California Citrus State Historic Park and traversed its amazing trails.

RV Parks

A relaxing journey around town in your rental RV in Moreno Valley is nothing without an equally relaxing spot to park your RV and plan your next day. There are many places in the Moreno Valley area where you can feel at home.

Head over to Camper Resorts of America in Perris, about 20 minutes away. It’s a nice scenic spot to make your stay. Here, you have easy access to water activities, hiking opportunities and nearby museums and shops to check out as well. You could also head 15 minutes down the road to Grand Terrace and stay at the Terrace Village RV Park. It’s a beautiful place to stay with tons of amenities and a location that allows you to easily access nearby shops and restaurants or even Disneyland.

You can try a spot to park the travel trailer rental in Moreno Valley or you can go with one of the many scenic options nearby. Nineteen minutes down the road in Beaumont, you can find the Cherry Valley RV Resort, with its great activities, pancake breakfasts, and steak dinners. Ten minutes away from two major shopping outlets, this is a five star RV resort.

For a simpler stay, you could also check Mission RV Park in Redlands, California. Twenty-five minutes down the road, this park has good amenities and downtown Redlands is close by for all of your travel needs.

Explore the City

It wouldn’t be California if you couldn’t find numerous options to stop and have a good meal or be sufficiently entertained. Renting an RV in Moreno Valley is a great way to see the city. Check out Round 1 Entertainment for an astounding amount of fun options that are sure to keep the whole family entertained. Head over to Perris Auto Speedway in you have a need for speed. Then take your time to learn from the awesome cultural spots in the area like the March Field Air Museum.

The Western Science Center is another enlightening place to visit and marvel at the universe. Finally, pay your respects at Moreno Valley Veterans Memorial and enjoy the artistic tribute to our veterans. Don’t delay, rent an RV and visit Moreno Valley soon and you will not be disappointed.

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