Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend

Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend is a legendary lesbian event held in Palm Springs. The location is ideal for RV campers eager to explore the desert and its surroundings.

Event information

Sunny, palm tree-studded Palm Springs, CA is the site of one of the largest lesbian events on earth, Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend. The legendary event, which was created by Mariah Hanson in 1991 as an inclusive, open-minded, and festive celebration for the lesbian community, takes over a small corner of the famously LGBTQ-friendly Palm Springs for several days.

The Dinah includes pool parties, concerts, comedy shows, DJ sets, celebrity appearances, plus endless opportunities to meet new friends and make lifelong memories with old ones. Attendees must be 21-years-old for this unique event, but all individuals fitting that age category are welcome to attend.

For RV campers, Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend offers an opportunity to experience Palm Springs and the surrounding desert during the beautiful spring season. From touring the mid-century modern architecture of Palm Springs to experiencing nearby outdoor destinations, including Joshua Tree National Park and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, there are no shortage of adventures both at the event and in the nearby vicinity.


Look for tickets to the Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend to go on sale the summer before the event or earlier. Event organizers recommend purchasing tickets as early as possible, as prices gradually increase as The Dinah draws closer. Prices range from as low as $35 to attend an individual party to $500 for a VIP festival pass with admission to all events plus VIP lounges. Expect to spend approximately $225 if you’d like general admission to the duration of the festival. Tickets are issued as wristbands at will call and cannot be transferred.

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Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend is usually held at a hotel in Downtown Palm Springs. The mid-sized city is mostly devoid of the tangled mess of highways you might experience in nearby Los Angeles, but RVs may experience difficulty with one-way roads and narrow roads. If traveling from the Joshua Tree area, be aware of steep, winding passes.

Parking areas

While there is plenty of free or metered street parking in the residential and tourist areas around the event, RV parking near Downtown Palm Springs is almost non-existent. HOA regulations and parking space sizes restrict RV parking in many Palm Springs neighborhoods, so plan on leaving your RV at your campground of choice. If traveling to the event by car, look for street parking or valet at the hotel or nearby.

Public Transportation

Dinah fans will find both free and paid public transportation options in Palm Springs, including dedicated routes that serve the city’s more touristy areas. If you’re camping with your RV on the outskirts of the city or in a nearby town or wilderness area, public transportation will be limited. It may be preferable to utilize a tow vehicle or smaller campervan for local travel needs. The event organizers do not offer a shuttle, but hotels in Palm Springs may.

Where to stay


Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend does not offer onsite RV camping. You will also not find RV parking at this event. The center of Palm Springs is known for its retro-style hotels, restaurants, and shops, as well as its historic residential areas, so do not expect much in the way of RV-friendliness downtown. As you leave the posh Downtown Palm Springs area, however, you will find more options for larger rigs.


Palm Springs is surrounded by vast desert wilderness, making it a wonderful destination for RV campers who love mountains, cacti, and striking sunsets. Look for RV campgrounds in nearby communities like Desert Hot Springs, where you will find the Palm Springs/Joshua Tree KOA less than 20 miles from downtown.

Other RV options include dry camping at Salton Sea State Recreation Area, a fascinating location just 50 miles south of Palm Springs, as well as Joshua Tree National Park and nearby towns, including Cathedral City and Indio.

Getting around

Official events at Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend typically take place at a single hotel in Palm Springs, but other unofficial events are sure to pop up at neighboring bars, nightclubs, and other hotels. In other words, there’s no need to trek from venue to venue, unless you’re in the mood to explore Palm Springs. If so, it’s easy to get around on foot.

What to pack


April in Palm Springs means pool season. Pack a swimsuit (or several swimsuits!) as you will definitely be attending at least one pool party. Have comfortable but fashionable shoes for partying poolside. The weather will likely be hot and sunny, so dress in light layers with consideration for the sun. Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend is also known for its fun theme parties and balls. Make a note of dress codes for those events and pack accordingly.


Bring RV cookware and camp chairs for enjoying the warm weather at your campground. For the event itself, bring your ID, cash, sunscreen, and a waterproof container such as a clear ziplock bag, to protect your cell phone and other items from getting wet at the pool. Beach chairs and umbrellas are not allowed, so leave those at the campground.

Health & Safety

The climate is hot, sunny, and dry in Palm Springs. Even if you’re used to warmth and sunshine, be prepared. Have sunscreen, a loose, light layer to protect you from exposure, sunglasses, and a hat. If bringing prescriptions and medical items to the event, keep them in a waterproof bag and prepare to show it to security when entering the venue.

Where to eat


RV cooking options will vary by campground. More developed campgrounds within city limits will likely offer full hookups and even kitchens. Wilderness campgrounds may only offer dry camping and could potentially have fire restrictions in place which will limit outdoor cooking and campfires. You will find a number of chain grocery stores in Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs, Indio, and Yucca Valley.


The Palm Springs dining scene is known for its gastropubs, poolside cafes, tiki bars, and sleek, upscale eateries nestled in hotel lobbies. You’ll find everything from sushi to steak to pasta within walking distance of the event. Outdoor patio dining is popular in Palm Springs, and April is the perfect time to reserve a table for brunch or sunset-watching in the downtown area.


Food and drink will be available for purchase at Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend. Expect casual options, including fruity cocktails meant to be enjoyed in or around the pool, plus light bites to keep you fueled between parties. Keep in mind that outside food and beverages are not allowed. Have cash on hand for cashless vendors.



Lock your RV or car before heading to The Dinah. Avoid leaving bags unattended by your chair if you go for a swim. Security will be present at the event and will be checking wristbands. Individuals without wristbands will not be admitted, so keep yours on for the duration of the event. Pets are not allowed into the events, so plan to make arrangements for them at your campsite or a nearby kennel.


Weather in Palm Springs in April is normally hot and sunny. Expect daytime temperatures in the high 80s and nighttime temperatures in the low 60s. Precipitation, while rare, can be heavy when it does occur and may result in flash floods. If you’re camped at a lower elevation near Palm Springs, such as the Salton Sea area, plan on even warmer weather.


Contact security or event staff if a medical emergency arises, or if you’re feeling the early onset of heat exhaustion (dizziness, headache, nausea). There are several hospitals in Palm Springs, including options near Downtown Palm Springs. Pharmacy choices are within walking distance of The Dinah. Hotel front desks and gift shops may have some necessities such as aspirin and band-aids.