Dallas to Minneapolis Road Trip Guide


Widely regarded as the commercial hub of Texas, Dallas is a place where you can have all of the luxuries that come with a modern city while also being a short drive from some fantastic lakes. While the city might best be known for a place where business gets done, it can also be a great starting point for your next RV road trip.

Since Dallas is very centrally located, you can travel in any direction and find cool and interesting things to do, including if you head north. Driving from the south through the middle of the country to the north will give you the chance to experience a range of different environments, attractions, and events. There are plenty of water-based recreational opportunities to enjoy along with way, and if you are a fan of barbeque you will be very happy that you drove through Oklahoma. As you make your way through Kansas and Iowa you can take some time to see some oddities of the midwest before ending in the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota.

Minneapolis makes sense as a final destination on your road trip and you will also be able to visit its twin city St. Paul. No matter what time of year that you decide to travel, this will be a memorable solo trip, so pack your van and hit the road!

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: van
audience: single

Point of Interest

Buddy Holly Crash Site

You are now nearing the end of your trip up north through the midwest of America, but there are still some interesting places to check out in between Des Moines and Minneapolis. One of the most interesting is located at Clear Lake, but it has a tragic history.

In 1959 Buddy Holly chartered a plane to take him to his next gig, apparently because he wanted to do some laundry instead of getting a lift on his tour bus. Unfortunately, this plane ride would be the last for the world-famous singer as himself, two other musicians, and the pilot passed away after their plane crashed.

The crash site is marked by a giant pair of steel glasses to commemorate the singer and the field is often full of flowers and tributes. The site is free to visit all year round, but be prepared for a long walk from the road shoulder since no vehicle access is allowed.

Des Moines Art Center

Welcome to Iowa! The city of Des Monies is a must-stop on your way to Minneapolis, and if you are looking to stay indoors and get a little cultured you should check out the Des Moines Art Center.

First opened in 1948 and open Tuesday to Sunday, the art museum has a large collection of fantastic work and has numerous exhibitions on display all year round. There is a gift shop where you can pick up a gift for a family member, friend, or significant other, as well as the Tangerine Restaurant if you are feeling a little peckish.

You can also participate in some great events throughout the year, so make sure to check out the Des Moines Art Center website before you arrive to see if anything relevant to your interests will be happening during your visit to Des Monies.

RV camping in Des Monies can be done all around the city, with some of the more popular campgrounds being at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, Adventureland, and at Walnut Woods State Park.

Tailgating at a Chiefs Game

Football is all the rage in Kansas City, so if you are in town during the season it's well worth it to go to a Chiefs game - or at least attend a tailgate. This truly American experience is a great way to unwind and kick back after all the driving you have done since you started your RV road trip, so get ready for some fun!

Tailgating is allowed in all parking areas outside of Arrowhead Stadium up to three and a half hours before the start of the game, which means that you will have plenty of time to kick back, eat a hotdog, and drink a beer or two. If you want to experience a more luxurious tailgating experience before entering the stadium you can do so by purchasing one of the VIP packages on offer by the Chiefs. These can include all you can food and drink and special areas to gather, so check their website for more information.


Kansas is full of weird and wonderful attractions, so if you are looking for something unique you won't have to travel far when you are in this state.

After Strataca you can take a short 100-mile drive towards the city of Topeka where you will find a wacky art installation that attracts visitors from all over. Trunkhenge consists of two trucks placed in a field to look like they are heading towards the sky, so it is safe to say you've seen nothing like this before. Originally the owner erected the trucks in 2000 as a protest to members of the local area wanting him to clean up his land, but since then it has evolved into a popular place for tourists to visit.

If you decide to visit Trunkhenge you must call the farm in advance, and you will also get a tour from the farmer who created this unique work of art.


Exploring the midwest on an RV road trip gives you the chance to see some weird and wonderful places. Located around a three and a half hour drive from Tulsa is one of the most interesting museums that you will ever visit. Known as Strataca (and formerly known as the Kansas Underground Salt Museum), the museum is built on salt deposits that are thought to be over 275 million years old.

This is the only salt mine that is accessible for tourists in the whole country and within 90 seconds you will be 650 feet underground thanks to the elevator. Once you are inside the museum there are plenty of fun things to do, including going on a guided tour where you can ride through a section of the mine in a tram. You will have to wear a rescue breather and hard hat when in the mine, but it is known to be one of the safest underground salt mines in the world and nobody has ever had to use the breathing device.

Strataca is open Tuesday to Sunday and can be visited all year round barring major holidays.


Since the previous day's drive was on the longer side, you might want to take it easy before you begin to head through the plains of Kansas. Located on the Arkansas River, Tulsa is an awesome city to visit if you are into art deco architecture or have an interest in jazz. The city is full of beautiful art deco buildings constructed when the city was known as the oil capital of the world, and its jazz history is highlighted by the Jazz Hall of Fame.

Since Tulsa is the second biggest city in Oklahoma, you can expect to find a wide variety of food options, but since you are in Oklahoma you have to eat some barbecue if you eat meat. Burn Co Barbecue is a classic, or you could head to Oklahoma Joe's in South Tulsa.

A handy campground to stay at the full hookup or water and electric site that are on offer at the Tulsa NE / Will Rogers Downs KOA Journey. The campground is on the way out of the city, so staying here means you will be able to beat the morning traffic.

Lake Eufaula State Park

Breaking the drive up and taking your time in getting to Minneapolis is important, especially if this is a solo road trip. Located around 200 miles north of Dallas (around three and a half hours drive) is one of Oklahoma's best lakes, so it makes sense to make Lake Eufaula State Park your first stop.

Featuring a surface area of over 100,000 acres, Lake Eufaula has all the water-based recreation that you could ever ask for. Visitors love to go swimming, fishing, boating, or just hang out by the water and watch the day go by. The park is also home to a disc golf course. This will be the best lake that you come across on your road trip, so make the most of it!

The lake is a hive of activity for RV campers with over 100 sites for you to choose from, including some that are equipped with full hookups. Staying at the park also means that you will have time in the morning to check out the Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge that is located next door.

Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

Dallas has so much going on for it that you will be spoilt for choice once you arrive. While there are many bars, restaurants, and clubs to visit in the Deep Ellum entertainment district, if you are a nature lover you should take advantage of the fact that the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens is within the city limits.

Along with seeing the thousands of trees and flowers within the gardens, there are plenty of great festivals happening throughout the year. Depending on what time of the year you are visiting you may get to experience the Food and Wine Festival, Dallas Blooms, or visit the Artscape. During the wintertime, the entrance fee to the gardens is reduced, so you will be able to save some bucks and still get to enjoy this tranquil area of the city.

There are a few private campgrounds that you can stay at on the north side of town, but if you aren't in a rush to leave the next day you should consider the Dallas / Arlington KOA Holiday. The campground is a great first place to stay before hitting the road and is equipped with full hookup sites that are large enough for up to 102-foot rigs.


Your solo RV trip is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean you have to stop having fun. Minneapolis is a fantastic city to visit all year round, but if you are traveling in the winter be prepared to rug up since it does get freezing cold! No matter what you are wanting to do at the conclusion of your trip, Minneapolis will have almost everything you need or would want to visit in order to enjoy your time here.

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is the perfect way to enjoy some peace and quiet, or you could visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art if you are an art buff. There are many professional sports teams that call the city home (such as the Timberwolves, Twins, Vikings, and Lynx) so sports fans will have the chance to watch all of the major sports leagues. The city is known for its comfort food, so be prepared to chow down on some big a Jucy Lucy cheese-stuffed burger at Matt's Bar of the 5-8 Club.

There are plenty of campgrounds to choose from in Minneapolis and its neighboring city St. Paul, but the Minneapolis Northwest KOA Journey is always reliable. Now you've finished this trip, its time to start planning the next!

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