Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo

Dust off your RV, throw on your cowboy boots and set off in your RV to the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo. This three-day summer event is not one to miss.

Event information

If you’re a rodeo fan from way back, then you’re not going to want to miss the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo at Casey Jones Park, Elizabeth, Colorado. This three-day summer event attracts some of the best professional rodeo performers in the nation, as well as thousands of spectators who attend for a taste of that bucking and bustin’ action.

On the first day of the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo, visitors can expect some of the best bull riding performances around, followed by two notable acts the next night and a Slack performance on the final night. In between times, there will be no shortage of mutton bustin’, team and tie-down roping, saddle bronc and bull riding, steer wrestling, and more.

While Elizabeth comes alive with the sounds of whooping and cheering for the PRCA rodeo, the fun doesn’t stop there. You can also arrive a little earlier in the week for a community rodeo and concert, or stay a little later for the parade. There are also plenty of things to do in Elizabeth and further afield if you wish to extend your vacation a little longer.

Castlewood Canyon State Park within Black Forest is an excellent place to go hiking, birdwatching, and rock climbing. For those with a little less energy to spare, there are plenty of shopping opportunities with beautiful vintage offerings along the main street. Or, why not wander over to Denver for a day trip? The options are endless.

The Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo is about to begin, so prepare your itinerary, book your tickets, and get ready to go.


It’s time to start saving your pennies, for there are some incredible Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo ticket packages available for avid rodeo fans to enjoy. Whether you prefer to attend in the morning or afternoon, there is bound to be a ticket package to suit. Buy a family pack, enjoy military discounts, or try your luck and buy tickets on the day. You can also pay extra to reserve your tickets to the after-rodeo dance event.

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Elizabeth is a beautiful little township in Elbert County, Colorado, a mere 40 miles from Denver. It’s accessible via Colorado State Highway 86, and this road brings you to Elizabeth from Kiowa and Castle Rock.

Driving to Elizabeth from any direction in summer in your RV is likely to be pleasant. There are natural attractions along the way and plenty of places to stop off for a break. However, if you’re on a tight schedule, you may like to make use of CDOT's information to ensure you’ve got time to spare. Upon arriving in Elizabeth, you will find the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo at Casey Jones Park, off CO Road 17.

Parking areas

Because Casey Jones Park is on the outskirts of Elizabeth, RV-goers usually do not have problems securing an on site day parking space for their big rig. There are both dirt and grass parking areas for visitors to park on, and attendants may be able to guide you to the best place to store your vehicle for the day. It is then a short walk from the parking lot to the main attractions.

Public Transportation

Elizabeth is a small township that doesn’t boast all too many public transportation options. Your primary mode of transport will be your RV. Fortunately, the wide, open streets and easily-accessible rodeo venue mean this shouldn't be a problem. You can then save the money you would have spent on taxis on what the vendors have for sale instead.

Where to stay


While onsite camping is not something that Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo offers, that doesn’t mean RV camping options are not within a convenient distance of the rodeo grounds at Casey Jones Park. As you plan for and book your rodeo tickets, be sure to book a spot to camp nearby at the same time.


Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo is within a nine-minute walk of Casey’s RV Hideaway, a year-round campground in the heart of Casey Jones Park. Nestled amid Ponderosa Pines, it’s an ideal spot for RV campers and tenters. This RV campground, which you must book in advance, also boasts restrooms, a dump station, and both water and electricity hookups.

If you don’t happen to secure accommodation at this RV campground near Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo, then there are privately owned RV campgrounds nearby, too. You may have to travel from a little further out, but plenty is accessible with a large RV. Denver East / Strasburg KOA may already be on your route if you plan to travel along I-70.

Getting around

Upon arriving at Casey Jones Park for the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo, you can park your RV in the grass or dirt lots and wander into the rodeo grounds on foot. Everything is well laid out for easy navigation, and you won’t need to make use of your bicycles or other wheeled transport during your visit to this event.

What to pack


As a rule, Elizabeth turns up the heat in summer, often just in time for the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo. While you can pack warmer layers for those colder nighttime temperatures, it’ll be light, breathable layers that get you through the day. Don’t forget to pack your best cowboy boots and hat, along with a flannel shirt that screams country.


There won’t be a lot of room in the rodeo stands for bulky items, so upon exiting your RV, leave as much as you can in it before you lock it, including your camping and cooking supplies. Bring a small bag into the rodeo grounds with a few sun safety supplies, your tickets, cash and payment cards, and any other must-have items.

Health & Safety

Sun safety protection is going to be your most prominent health and safety concern when you attend the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo. You can purchase bottled water from the information booth, but it also helps not to forget to bring your sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, best rodeo hat, bug spray, and anything else that will keep you fresh and comfortable.

Where to eat


RV camping rules can change from one season and city to the next, so it pays to be well-informed before you start cooking those hot dogs. For example, at the nearby Casey RV Hideaway, you can’t use charcoal grills or light fires, but you can use propane fire rings and grills. Many other RV campgrounds nearby are the same.

Check before you light, and when in doubt, use your onboard RV kitchen appliances. You can also pick up all the food supplies you need within a short three-mile drive of Casey Jones Park.


Elizabeth is a quaint township, but that doesn’t mean it won’t cater to visitors and residents with delicious food. From hearty American fare and Italian to sandwich stores, Asian, and more, there’s plenty to enjoy. You won’t go hungry as you explore this beautiful town at any time of the day.


Vendors at Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo will surprise you with their offerings. As long as you bring cash and payment cards, you can fill your hungry tummy while also stocking up on merchandise such as t-shirts, umbrellas, rodeo hoodies, hats, and more. The vendor area is where you will also find a silent auction and official Stampede Store.



Each entry and exit point of Casey Jones Park will have a smiling security official ready to take your ticket and welcome you into the arena. These same people may also ask to check your bag and can be your source of information if you have any questions or concerns. Outside of the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo, you may also receive help and advice from the friendly police just one mile from Casey Jones Park.


Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo graces the calendar in the middle of summer, which means visitors get to enjoy beautiful sunny days and blue skies. Colorado often experiences typical daytime temperatures around 79 degrees-Fahrenheit but can drop to about 50 overnight. Rainfall is also typical in June, so pay attention to your weather app to be prepared for anything on your travels.


Whether you've tripped and fallen, come down with a cold, or have a painful sunburn, it’s helpful to know where you can access help. While onsite first aid assistance is available, you can also access care and supplies in Elizabeth and surrounding towns and cities. There is a hospital within 22 miles in Parker, and a pharmacy a little closer to home within two miles of Casey Jones Park. Remember to dial 911 in an emergency.