Enterprise to Mount Vernon Road Trip Guide


The city of Enterprise, located in Coffee County in the Wiregrass region of Alabama, has a peaceful, suburban charisma with a rich history. It is an ultimate travel destination for most people and you can count yourself lucky if your road trip is starting from this gorgeous city. When in Enterprise, make sure to check out the Depot Museum and learn all about Alabama’s history and what went down during the 19th century in these regions. The Boll Weevil Monument is another unique attraction of the city. After all, how many towns have a monument to an insect?

A road trip during the weekend straight from Alabama to Kentucky is the smartest way to see some of the best attractions along the way. Especially attractions that are enlightening and educational. Stick on the US-231 highway and for the best route to your destination.

There couldn’t be a better place to bring your epic road trip to an end than Mount Vernon, located in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. This little city with its town-like ambiance is a cozy and comfortable retreat. While the town hasn’t much to offer in the way of flashy attractions, it is still a place where you can find plenty to do with its little villages, musical heritage, and natural retreats found in the mountains and next to the stunning Lake Linville.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: all

Point of Interest

Rosa Parks Library & Museum Children’s Wing

Make your first stop in Montgomery, AL, at Rosa Parks Library & Museum Children’s Wing at Troy University. The museum is not located far from the very place where Rosa Parks was first arrested for taking a brave stand against racial segregation.

This museum is a great opportunity for both kids and adults to learn what it was like living in the 1800s and the hardships and challenges that came with it. The museum specifically focuses on relaying what went down during the famous Montgomery Bus Boycott and the accomplishments of all those who were involved.

Another interesting exhibit in the museum is that of a time machine where you can enter and find yourself transported back in time and witness segregation with your own eyes. Spend the first few hours of your road trip in this educational and enlightening stop, before heading off to the next city.

Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

If you have a little affinity for all things haunted ‑ or made-up haunted ‑ then you’d love this stop in Birmingham, AL. Birmingham would also be a good choice to spend the night with its many RV friendly parks. Sloss Furnace National Historic Landmark is home to the Sloss Furnaces, the pig iron-producing blast furnaces that were in work between 1882 to 1971.

This historic site is significant because Sloss Furnaces was the first blast furnace in Birmingham. They are also the only blast furnaces in the US open to the public. After their restoration, they were listed as the National Historic Landmark and the site is also used as a museum to educate the masses about the iron industry. While the entire site is not restored, you can still see the massive furnaces, a web of pipes, and the tall smokestacks standing upright to this day. Additionally, many concerts, festivals, haunted tours, and metal art programs are also conducted here.

Ruby Falls

Hit the road early in the morning so by the time you reach Chattanooga, Tennessee, you can behold arguably the world’s most beautiful cave waterfalls, Ruby Falls. At 145 ft, it also happens to be the largest underground waterfall.

Interestingly, this stunning natural feature was discovered by accident when cave explorer Leo Lambert was trying an alternative way to access the Lookout Mountain Cave. During the construction of an elevator, someone drilled and was surprised to find the opening of another cave, which was also home to these amazing falls.

You can take an elevator down to the caves and learn all about rock formations as you make your way towards the fall. At this site, you’ll also be able to visit above ground and visit Rock City that reaches up to an elevation of 1700-ft. For some splendid view for your eyes and your camera, make sure to head over to the Lookout Mountain.

Market Square

Spend the last leg of your road trip in gorgeous Knoxville, TN, and do not miss out on the historic Market Square. In fact, it is kind of hard to miss the heart of the city with all its energetic vibes, opulent restaurants, cute cafes, and soul-stirring live music. The square also puts on quite a show with its Water Play Fountain and lures locals, students, and visitors to enjoy the lovely show from the sidelines.

Depending on the time of the year you’re visiting, or time of the week, you can also enjoy the city’s Farmers Market, Public Festivals, and seasonal ice rink. The city also honors Tennessee’s role in women’s suffrage through a statue that stands high in the Market Square and draws attention. This entire downtown area has a lovely vibe where outdoor diners, strollers, and anyone can sit back, relax, enjoy good food, and fall deeper into the magic of live music.


Mount Vernon, KY, the final destination of your road trip is a gorgeous city nestled at the base of Cumberland Mountains. The city, with its tall mountains, friendly locals, and cute houses has that little town vibes we can’t help but fall in love with. Additionally, this city has a lot to offer to its visitors, starting with the music. The city has a rich musical heritage and is celebrated around every street corner. Don’t miss out on the BitterSweet Cabin Village to learn all about the Appalachian lifestyle in Kentucky. Kentucky Music Hall of Fame & Museum, Thacker Fields, and the stunning Lake Linville are not to be missed either.

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