General Tire 200

The flags are down, and you’re not going to want to miss a thing! Prepare your RV for the General Tire 200 at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.

Event information

Have you been waiting for the right camping season or occasion to take an RV trip? That time could be now, for the General Tire 200 is about to kick off at Talladega Superspeedway in Lincoln, Alabama.

The General Tire 200 forms part of the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series GEICO 500 in April and May annually during spring. Located at 3366 Speedway Boulevard, this event brings the best of the best from across the country for 202 miles and 76 laps of wheel to wheel racing action.

This event has had several highlights over the years, and that’s why tens of thousands of spectators keep coming back for more. The year 2018 marked the closest margin in ARCA Series history with 0.000, while the camping opportunities bring thousands in their droves too.

Those with a need for speed can bring their RV to Talladega Superspeedway, set up camp in one of the many well-established camping areas, or plan a tailgating adventure instead.

If you decide to hang round in Lincoln once the racing is over, you will be delighted with what else there is to do in the area. There are recreational activities galore in Alabama.

You can go walking at Choccolocco Lake, take a day trip to your favorite state park, such as Cheaha State Park, head to the Talladega National Forest, or visit neighboring towns and cities to Lincoln for numerous shopping opportunities. Taking an RV trip can be a fun experience for all, so book your General Tire 200 tickets and get your planning underway!


When the time comes to purchase General Tire 200 tickets, think long and hard about what you prefer. Do you want to reserve seating? What about a grandstand package? Do you prefer single day or multiple-day passes? And what about camping? Before you purchase your tickets, make sure you research your options thoroughly, as there are plenty of upgrades you can make to ensure your trip to the General Tire 200 is a memorable one.

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Lincoln is a tiny city in Talladega County, Alabama, that’s accessible via the main routes of I-20 and US-78. It’s nestled amid other small towns and cities such as Anniston and Pell City and is encompassed by both the Talladega National Forest and the Coosa River. Birmingham sits about 50 miles to the west of the track.

This diverse city is one that’s effortless to navigate in an RV, but can be prone to delays with significant events in the area, such as General Tire 200. If you want to stick to a tight schedule, then consider downloading a traffic app such as ALGO Traffic. You can then have your finger on the pulse of any traffic congestion, accidents, or adverse weather conditions.

As you get closer to Talladega Superspeedway, consider pulling out your ticket information, which outlines the best entry point for access determined by the area you reserved in advance.

Parking areas

Whether you’re tailgating, parking for the day, camping overnight, or have a preferred place you want to park, then Talladega Superspeedway delivers for the General Tire 200. RV-goers can enjoy a VIP tailgate parking area, preferred VIP parking, general admission parking, and the option to camp overnight in reserved and unreserved camping areas.

Due to the sheer volume of parking options, it’s advisable to secure your preferred choice in advance and match your venue entry point to your chosen parking spot before you enter the venue. Talladega Superspeedway offers maps to help you navigate the parking lots effortlessly.

Public Transportation

Public transportation options are limited in a small city such as Lincoln, so be aware that your pilot vehicle or RV will be the most convenient way to get to and from General Tire 200. Fortunately, once you’re at Talladega Superspeedway, there are both trams and shuttle services in operation to zip you around the grounds with ease.

Where to stay


If you’re as excited about camping in your RV as you are the General Tire 200 itself, then you’re in luck. Talladega Superspeedway is all about making sure RV-goers are as comfortable as possible.
Follow the instructions outlined in your reserved camping spot ticket to get to one of the many available camping areas. You can camp in the infield, on the outskirts of the track, or within three campgrounds which have been free in the past.

Depending on where you have booked, you can also enjoy water, sewer, and electricity hookups, permission to have pets and to use a campfire in a pit or ring, and various amenities such as showers and restrooms. Display your permit at all times, park your RV and pilot vehicle within your allocated spot, and enjoy the General Tire 200.


Sometimes, a bit of distance between where you sleep and are entertained is ideal for some families. If you would prefer to camp somewhere else, then you are not going to have to travel too far. Along Speedway Boulevard and I-20, there are RV campgrounds and RV parks galore. If you book these spots in advance, you will be within a short walking or driving distance of Talladega Superspeedway.

Getting around

Talladega Superspeedway is a sizeable venue with expansive grounds for camping, entertaining, and action. On foot, all that ground to cover can seem quite daunting. However, if you’re up to speed with the available transportation options, then you won’t have to pound the pavement for very long. You can jump aboard the trams, take the shuttle service, and get from A to B with relative ease. There are also shuttles running from the camping areas to the main entertainment and hospitality hubs.

What to pack


Weather conditions in Lincoln, Alabama, can be a mixed bag during April and May. Therefore, packing a variety of clothing is going to be a smart choice. Bring wet weather gear, long-sleeved shirts, and pants, and even think about winter woollies in case the colder nighttime temperatures affect your comfort levels. Fortunately, there are plenty of shops in surrounding townships to pick up garments you might need for additional comfort.


With tens of thousands of people descending on Talladega Superspeedway for General Tire 200, it makes sense to pack light and leave most items at your campsite. The less you bring, the less you have to carry around and potentially have turned away at security screening.

You won’t be allowed any large canopies or flags, fireworks, signage, drones, or non-licensed motor vehicles in the camping areas. Once you enter the grandstands, you will also be asked to leave bulky and prohibited items behind, such as strollers.

You can, however, bring soft coolers, outside food and beverages, hearing protection, scanners, headsets, cameras, and soft-seat cushions into the grandstands, as well as cash and payment cards for purchases from the vendors.

Health & Safety

While attending the General Tire 200, you can rest assured that Talladega Superspeedway staff put your health and safety first. They provide designated smoking areas away from other patrons, and many restrooms throughout the facility to cater to your needs. There is also a guest services area if you need help.

For those who will be spending quite a bit of time outside in the elements, it’s worth bringing your sunscreen, additional drinking water, a sunhat, and sunglasses. Keep toiletries, prescription medication, and a first aid kit in your RV.

Where to eat


One of the joys of primitive RV camping is that you get to cook on a campfire. The beauty of the General Tire 200 is that even though you get to enjoy the luxury of service hookups, you can also use fire pits and rings to treat yourself to camp-style cuisine.
There’s nothing better than enjoying close racing, then following it up with loaded potatoes, s’mores, hot dogs, and other traditional camp foods. If you run out of supplies, there is a convenience store in Lincoln within around six miles of the race track.


If you’re tired of burnt hot dogs, then why not venture into Lincoln and let the local restaurants fill your hungry bellies? While there are only a few options, what the city does have will appeal. Dine in or take away pizza, order tacos, or why not start the day with waffles? A quick trip around Lincoln will undoubtedly unearth some potential options.


For those who want to stay put at Talladega Superspeedway for the entirety of their vacation, then the vendors will surprise you with their offerings. There is a hospitality area set up with both permanent and event-specific vendors to sell almost anything you desire to satisfy your hunger and thirst. Remember to bring both cash and payment cards, and don’t pass up the opportunity to purchase merchandise to show your support for your favorite driver.



If you strike any trouble during your time at the General Tire 200, then you can rest assured security officials are available to help. You can take advantage of the Talladega Superspeedway texting service to alert security to a problem or hail someone down for assistance. Security will also be at each entry gate to check your bags and possessions. Once you are in the facility, you are more than welcome to leave and come back by scanning your ticket.


We haven’t yet learned how to control the weather, which means that even during a popular event such as General Tire 200, rain is a possibility. Even in recent years, this event has been shortened by rain, so it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the event’s cancellation and rescheduling policy. You cannot get a refund for shortened races, but there may be options to reschedule for other races. Parking and camping passes may not be eligible for refunds.


First aid sites are located all around the race track for peace of mind. Whether you come down with an illness or an injury, there is someone at the venue to help. For anything serious, dial 911. There is also a medical center within 15 miles of Lincoln in Talladega, and a pharmacy for supplies within six miles of the track.