Houston to Del Rio Road Trip Guide


Houston is the most popular city in Texas and there is good reason for it. The metropolitan area is most famous for its Space Center and has lots of attractions and features that intrigue even the most avid tourist. With historic sites, museums, shopping, parks, and entertainment venues, fitness centers, and more, this city has what it takes to surprise every visitor. Besides, with over 11,000 restaurants in the city, one can certainly never go hungry here.

Combine the booming economic activities and a vibrant arts culture, and you’ll realize why the city attracts millions of tourists each year. The city’s architecture and atmosphere give it a good claim to being a really cool place to explore.

The weather here is generally warm, and summer is hot, so you may want to explore other parts of the state by embarking on an RV road trip to Del Rio. Your journey promises to be filled with fun and adventure and innovation.

When you arrive at Del Rio, you’ll be greeted by amazing people, beautiful architectural edifices and plenty of great places to spend quality time bonding with friends. So, why not kickstart your trip by visiting Whistling Duck Wineries?

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: friends

Point of Interest

Whistling Duck Wineries

Here’s a place to have a great time with friends and learn how to make wine using the choicest of fruits found within the vineyard. Start your tour by immersing yourself in the beautiful grounds that make up Whistling Duck Wineries in Weimar, Texas. Look out for how the harvested fruits are selected and processed into wine.

In addition, you could get involved in some wine tasting and see which wine suits your tastebuds. If it pleases you, you could get down to the pond and see some of the ducks and other wildlife available. Gather your friends for a picnic under some of the large Oak tree shades and have yourself a nice time.

Come in on a weekend and enjoy live music and entertainment with a whole lot of southern hospitality while enjoying the different types of wines available. When it’s time to leave, don’t forget to grab yourself a case of wine or two.

Lake McQueeney

The magnificent Lake McQueeney is a reservoir in Guadalupe County that’s dammed to produce electricity in the form of hydro-electric power. The lake is surrounded by lush vegetation as well as scenic trails that you can stretch your legs on while relaxing from the road trip. What’s more, angling opportunities are available to angling enthusiasts, so much so that you can be sure you’ll make one or two catches here. Besides, that’s not all the recreation activity you can enjoy here.

Take a dip in the pool and swim for as long as you can, or just spend the time at the lakeshore watching the birds and aquatic animals that have turned the lake into their habitat.

The Dam Camp is available for RVs and features hookups and campgrounds with several amenities that would help make your overnight stay as comfortable as possible.

San Antonio River Walk

Going through San Antonio without visiting the most popular attraction in the city – the San Antonio River Walk - is definitely something you wouldn’t want to do. The walk passes along the San Antonio River and is laden with shops and stores for anything you want. If you want to enjoy a spectacular sight, visit the River Walk at night.

While you’re here, you can also enjoy palatable cuisines from some of the best chefs in the city. Both traditional American and Mexican dishes are prepared here using original recipes passed down through several generations. Take a boat ride with friends touring the area and enjoy the atmosphere and serenity while you indulge in lots of shopping and familiarize yourself with the town.

Stay the night in the famous San Antonio/Alamo KOA campground, which lies just a few minutes from the River Walk if you need somewhere to park your RV and spend the night.

Aviation Museum

As you round off your RV road trip through Texas, this small but fully-loaded museum in Uvalde should be part of your must-see list. It has a wide range of aircraft used generations ago as well as a room filled with several aviation relics.

This Museum tells the story of the evolution of aircraft that have a war history. The high point of this visit is the Huff Hangar that contains a private collection of aircraft, so do not miss checking that out. Spend some time up close with the aircraft and take a look around them. Spend time with your buddies and have a great afternoon while at it.

After you leave the museum, you may want to go out to town and enjoy the nightlife. There are several entertainment venues in the town that will make your stay here memorable. If you end up needing a place to spend the night, you could visit the Uvalde Memorial RV park where the serenity of the park will leave you longing to connect with nature.


Del Rio is a town that sits on the border of Texas and Mexico, thereby bringing together a mix of both American and Mexican cultures in a distinct dynamism that’s difficult to find anywhere else. The city has a buzzing arts community and there are a lot of recreational activities available for both indoor enthusiasts and outdoor lovers.

Visit the historic centers in the city and learn as much as possible about this border town. The art galleries in the city showcase native talents. Outdoor seekers can visit the Devils River State Natural Area or the Laughlin Heritage Foundation Museum to have some fun and get acquainted with the city. Do make sure you make the most of the time spent here.

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