Little Sahara State Park

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Consisting of giant sand dunes and attractive tourist amenities, Little Sahara state park is the best place to go if you want to have fun in the sand. With over 1600 acres of land, the park is located south of Waynoka in Oklahoma City. It is great for outdoor recreation with endless opportunities for adventures in the vast sand desert of the area.

For lovers of ATV touring and sand drag racing, the park is the perfect place to visit with over 1,450 acres of rideable sand. The park has rideable sand dunes as high as high as 75 feet or 23m to as low as 25 feet or 7.6m. History has it that the sand dunes were created from deposits of terrace and sorted quartz residue from the Cimarron River when it flowed through the land during the Pleistone Age over 11,000 years ago. The result of this is an amazing scenery of well positioned sand dunes which are known to change location constantly due to the ripple effect the wind has on the sand. This feature, among many others, makes it attractive to visiting tourists.

However, in cases of people who cannot ride these sands, you can hike up to the observation point to get a view of the beautiful scenery.

The campground is well suited to meet the needs of campers who would like to stay a bit longer. Little Sahara state park is a great RV venue to visit at all times of the year with its peak season in the earlier part of the year. However, the park is sometimes closed during the winter season due to the damage caused to the sand by rough weather

RV Rentals in Little Sahara State Park

Transportation in Little Sahara State Park


Little Sahara State Park can be assessed easily by a RV or a car. It is located four miles south of Waynoka, Oklahoma. ATV is a source of transport that is also of major delight to visitors. For visitors that didn’t come with their own vehicles, you can rent a vehicle for use at an off-site vendor at the park.

There are rules and regulations to be followed in cases of driving your vehicles on the campgrounds. Some of these rules are that all vehicles must have front and rear lights. Riding double on ATVs is not allowed, except in cases where the vehicle was specially designed for such. The maximum speed limit of 15MPH must be strictly adhered to and not exceeded.

You can move via your vehicle through any route in the campground, but children must be accompanied by adults when driving.

With various heights of elevation in the sand, it is highly suggested for all riders to put on full coverage helmets and always put on their seat belts.

You can park your vehicles on the campgrounds for the period of time you would be staying.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Little Sahara State Park

Campsites in Little Sahara State Park

Reservations camping

Little Sahara State Park Campground

The pet friendly Little Sahara state park has three campgrounds with over 90 campsites available for tents. The three campgrounds are the Main Park located on the south end of the park, the cowboy campground located on the north edge of the park and the buttercup campground next to the cowboy campground.

Fires are not allowed at the dunes but fire pits and grills are available at campsites. Available camp amenities are electricity and water hookups, showers and restrooms are available at reasonable prices for use. Reservations can only be made for campsites and not for tents.

First-come first-served

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Little Sahara State Park


ATV Touring

As one of the best ATV riding spots in the Midwest, Little Sahara state park is a great place to bring your ATV and head out for a day full of adventure. With constantly changing giant sand dunes due to the ripple effect the wind has on the sand, riding through the sand will give you a great view of the vast and beautiful land.

Sand Fest

Little Sahara state park is a great place to get to see or even participate in sand dragging competitions. The annual Midwest fest at little Sahara state park is a must attend for such an event. Various sand drag racers converge and participate in the race at the Golden sand of Waynoka. This event occurs around the September period annually.

Snake Hunts

This event is the biggest weekend event in the park, occurring around the Easter period. Campers stream in from far and near having made reservations from as far back as weeks ago. Visitors are entertained by views of skilled snake handlers capturing numbers of rattle snakes in the area. This event closes with a ceremony to award the hunter with the longest snake. Concessions to provide refreshments and groceries are always located nearby during this period.



If you just want to get away from a very busy life, coming to the park at the off season period is a good way to unwind. There are limited people in the park at the off season period so the park is very relaxing. You could choose to go to another part of the park where you would not meet any other person. The peace of the park after most visitors have gone home is quite special, and provides an excellent way to decompress.


In instances where you do not have an ATV for riding, it is a great idea to have a short hike on the sand. Hiking to the observation center is a great idea to have little fun and stretch your legs. Admittedly, sand is not the easiest surface to walk on, and if you suffer from joint problems, this may not be the best idea for you. But for the rest of us, the shifting sand provides a great workout and a unique hiking experience.

Observation Center

There is an observation center from which you can get a great view of ATV running on the sand dunes.. Binoculars are recommended if you want a close-up view. Watching the riders race their ATVs over the seemingly endless sand dunes is an experience not to be missed, especially if you’re lucky enough to catch the spectacle at sundown.

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